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...an update from your friends at dish gourmet

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July 4, 2006


Dear Friends and Family of Dish Gourmet,



Words really can't describe how we felt when we

entered our beloved dish early yesterday morning

to see thousands of gallons of water pouring out of our

ceiling. We stood there shocked, dumbfounded and

completely helpless for a brief moment before quickly

gathering our wits to call the fire department, grab

Rachel Z's oil paintings and Stacey's grandmother's

framed recipes from the walls. Upon their arrival,

the fire department quickly determined the culprit of

our devastation…a broken water pipe in the condo above

us, of which the owner had gone away for the holiday



For those of you who know us well, you know how much

we love dish gourmet and how long we dreamed of

opening it. We knew for years before we opened, that

such a concept would be perfect because of Brian's

love of cooking and our passion for good food.

However, prior to opening we never anticipated that it

would be you, the loyal dish customer, who would be

the driving factor and inspiration to us each and

every day to make great food and keep smiling. Your

support has been overwhelming. Thank you from the

bottom of our hearts for making our dream better than

we ever imagined it could be!


Sadly, the water did significant damage to dish.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the restoration crews

arrived within a couple of hours to begin drying us

out and rebuilding. But the early prognosis is we

will be forced to temporarily close our doors for at

least a couple of weeks. We will post updates on our

website (www.dishgourmet.com <http://www.dishgourmet.com> )

and will try to stay in

touch via email. We want to assure you that we will

be back and when we are…your favorite sandwich will be

waiting for you!


Please feel free to forward this message to friends.

We will see you shortly, but in the meantime please


When life hands you stinky cheese…eat it!


Our sincere appreciation and love always,


The Dish Gourmet Crew

Chef Brian, Stacey, Chef Dave, Chef Matt, Lana, Amber,

Margaret, Carey, Carlos & Marco

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To the Dish Gourmet Crew -


We are really sad to hear this and wish you a quick recovery. Since I am completely addicted to your sandwiches and sides now, please post here again and let us know as soon as you have a re-opening date so we can stop by for our "fix."


Best wishes,


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