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Made watermelon & feta salad to take to a party last night. I was out and bought ingredients without referring to a recipe, and realized when I got home that the Nigella stand-by recipe calls for red onion and lime, neither of which I had in the house. Undaunted, I proceeded using vidalia onions and sherry vinegar instead. An improvement, if I dare say. Very good.


A number of idiots at the party remarked on the deliciousness of the “tomato salad.” Imagine my secret thrill when someone asked what those unusual tomatoes were (so sweet and crunchy!) and I was able to say “watermelon.” Ya moron.


This was the same party at which someone said of the bread, a perfectly ordinary garlic bread, redolent of, uh, garlic and butter, “this tastes just like escargots!”. Yikes. All part of the impetus behind this post.

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I have just bought my second terrible watermelon in a row. Barbie-pink on the inside, no flavor, absolutely useless. I know that for best flavor, I should be going to my farmer's market for seeded, local, varietal, yadda yadda. Well, screw that: seedless and grown in California are what I can get right now.


So. How do you pick out a good watermelon?

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I am waiting for the ladies from Henrietta to show up with their Black Diamonds. They were sooooo good last summer. I would buy 3 at a time each week.

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