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i'm holding off installing Yosemite and IOS 8 until all the bug fixes are done. my mac is yosemite compatible but possibly 1 year too old to take advantage of every feature that i most like about yosemite. i am loathe to buy a new macbookpro after only 4 years and if i take that plunge and get the fastest 13" mbp, i might as well buy the too big for my delicate hand iPhone 6 and have all the new features. i think if i trade in my 5S and accept a 2 year contract from att i can get the 6 for free. sigh.

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After two Win2k reinstalls in as many days (the result of a winnt/config/system corruption), I'm going to throw in the wintel towel.   Christ on horseback! Even the servicepak 2 download and instal

Which email program?

i suggested thunderbird only as a transfer vehicle. it can import outlook mail in windows and since a mac version exists of it the files can be transferred easily.   as for your mysterious troubles

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So I purchased the first Mac Air all of those years ago.. Despite a really scary dent, the thing has held up very well. The thing is on it's last legs.. My question is, is there a new Mac Air coming out. I like to hold on to these things as long as possible so, i want to wait until the newest one comes out.. Has a new Mac Air come out recently.. I have very basic needs for the thing.. I need for it to be able to switch to Windows, i need a couple of ports and thats about it.


Does anyone have any advice as to when a new Mac Air is coming out or has come out.. Or if there is a new Mac Laptop series that I should look at.

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It would have been lovely if Apple had released the long-awaited MacBook Air Retina. Instead they created an underpowered 'MacBook' with a single USB [C!] port. It's the only way to get a Retina screen on a non-Pro MacBook, but the cpu is equivalent to a four-year old MacBook Air. You do get to order the new MacBook in gold, silver, and grey...


It's unclear at this point if the MacBook Air line is finished [ie all future non-Pro notebooks will be the new MacBooks].


I will point out that the current MacBook Pro is pretty thin and light...

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