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Skylake is out - 6700K and all that.


Tempted to build myself a new desktop. Current one is, like, bordering vintage at this point - i7-975X (that's right, Nehalem!), and 2x GTX 480 in SLI make for more of a noisy space heater than anything else by now.

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After two Win2k reinstalls in as many days (the result of a winnt/config/system corruption), I'm going to throw in the wintel towel.   Christ on horseback! Even the servicepak 2 download and instal

Which email program?

i suggested thunderbird only as a transfer vehicle. it can import outlook mail in windows and since a mac version exists of it the files can be transferred easily.   as for your mysterious troubles

My Google-fu has been coming up short, and I seem unable to confirm that the latest video cards [eg AMD's Radeon R9 380] implement DisplayPort 1.3. Signs point to no. It does seem most of the newest cards definitely do not support HDMI 2.0. [sigh]


What I've been able to find out about Skylake motherboards suggests most will implement DisplayPort 1.2 and Embedded DisplayPort 1.3. I don't quite understand eDP, but I think it's only for internal monitors [ie a notebook screen]. I'm not sure if it will apply to the iMac.



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just defected.. I just bought a surface book pro 4.. sorry, waiting too long for the new Mac Air. Plus. someone with glasses told me that the Surface is better.. We shall see..

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There's no shame in this, sir. ;) An Apple was my first computer, and it was the last one I purchased too, but I've plenty of machines running Windows [though most of them I assembled myself]. From a 'horsepower' perspective many of the Windows ultrabooks are superior to contemporary MacBooks [which can lag up to a year owing to Apple's extremely infrequent update cycle]. Build quality is another matter, but many of the current Windows notebooks seem to far superior to their ancestors of only 3-4 years ago in fit and finish.


The Surfaces I've dealt with have been fairly painful, but those were almost all early-generation models. Reviews for today's Surface Pro [and the 'Surface Book'] are generally very positive.


I'm just waiting for the 'MacBook' [Retina] v 'MacBook Air' situation to clarify before I purchase my next notebook.

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yeh, i am happy so far with this computer... It doesn't have the ridiculous complexity that other Window products seem to have had.. As somenone who spent several hours trying to get something to print 20 years ago, they have come a long way.. Getting random messages about ports not working and can't seem to sync the calendar from my Iphone, and the battery life doesn't seem super great but, all else seems to be working fine.


the main reason I need a laptop and not an IPAD is because my sales program is hooked up to a scanner that I need to physically hot sync the data off of.. The sales program is about 18 years old, still runs on old palm pilots, I purchased it for 10 thousand dollars and is still going strong.. The company is still in business and is selling a similar replacement program for close to 100 k.. They charge per uploaded order as well and there are yearly fees too.. Also, additional licensing per new scanner. I bought mine for a one shot deal as I was their first customer in the US and ultimately sold them perhaps 10 systems to people in my industry.. But, still, I paid 10 g's one time and haven't given them a dime since..

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