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I'll be going next week. Where do I need to eat?

I certainly had fun at Cochon, but I wasn't knocked out by anything. Briskly made, decent food. I did eat the rabbit dumplings. I would struggle to say it's a destination.

Quick New Orleans wrap up:   Cochon- Jazzfest kick off dinner for 15 people so we went with the #FEEDME menu which included most of the top hits served family style. This included Boucherie platter

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I went to Mother's for breakfast before flying home, as I wouldn't have had enough time to get to my other favorite breakfast greasy spoon, Clover Grill.  I can see it being a zoo for dinner in the evening, but at 7:10 AM on a Tuesday there were maybe 3 people ahead of me.  Got the early bird special of scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, grits, a biscuit, and coffee--a lot of food for $7.50.  The biscuit was enormous--it was freshly made, still warm, and beautifully flaky (and great with blackberry jam), but there was no way I could finish it.

However, the coffee only reinforced how much I dislike the coffee-chicory combo.  With milk it's passable, and without milk it's awful.  Thankfully, Revelator Coffee was just a short walk away.

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