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Witherspoon Grill

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Princeton has never been a dining desitnation. It still isn't, but if you find yourself in town and it's time to eat, there are places to go.


A newish (since February) restaurant in Princeton, Witherspoon Grill, is one of a group of four in town, each with a different menu and personality. It bills itself as a steakhouse, but offers quite a bit more. I had crabcakes, 2 big ones laden with big lumps of crabmeat, sauteeed, and napped with well-made but unnecessary beurre blanc. I should have eaten just one and taken the other home for a second meal, but they were so good that I ate both. Crabcakes are one of those dishes that I regularly order and complain about most of the time. These were really good.


R. had a hamburger that, while quite lean, arrived medium rare, as requested. The accompanying French fries, however, were pedestrian.


My MIL, whose choices are severely limited by a low-sodium diet, ordered a mushroom and asparagus risotto after consulation with the very helpful waiter. It was a little tight, but delicious, with only a sprinkling of parmesan on top.


She and I each had a glass of a Washington riesling that might have been a tad swwet for most entrees but was perfect with our choices and R. had an interesting beer (can't remember which one.) You can't always count on any wine or beer in a restaurant in NJ, much less an acceptable wine list, so the offerings here came as a pleasant surprise.


The restaurant is casual but attractive.


After dinner, we saw another new-ish restaurant on Palmer Square, Mediterra. It has a sister restaurant in New Brunswick featuring Latin American food that we have enjoyed. I was happy to see dining choices expanded in Princeton.

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3 hour waits are not unheard of. No resos, but I heard they were considering letting folks call in a name to add to the list. Ridiculous. Terrible service, in general, although Lippy seems to have gotten a good waiter.


I can't figure out how the wait continues to be so long,s ince everyone I know who went has stated they would never go back.

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