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100 Greatest Debut Albums (Uncut Magazine)

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I think the list is weakest in its assessment of the last decade or so... this is in agreement with Mongo's comments.


Boy is the only U2 record I can still listen to. I think it belongs.


Tragic Kingdom is not No Doubt's first record, putting aside the dubious proposition that it belongs.

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are the first elliott smith album and massive attack's "blue lines" on the list? depending on whether you count "the trinity session" or "the caution horses" as the first cowboy junkies album one of them should be on there. no "exile in guyville"? how about "she hangs brightly" (the first mazzy star album)? ...


Some good ones there, and I would have included Counting Crows' August and Everything After. Simon and Garfunkel's first album is pretty good too, but overshadowed by the later work.

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The Cars should be on the list.

Thank god I know you're being satirical.


I'm assuming the same about the mentions of Boston and Meatloaf.

I don't know much about Boston, but considering the success of that album, I don't know how it could be left off. Especially considering that most of the list consists of drivelly bland British bands putting out pretty much the same album over and over.


Meatloaf is a great album. It may be over the top, but it's got great songs with a wide range of style.


Boy may be the only U2 album you can listen to, but if U2 never put out War, would anyone know Boy was released? I doubt it. (Sure, I know, you all bought it and loved it before U2 became big . . . )

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Haven't you ever seen him on the street, g.? He and Paulina live very,very close to you.

No -- he's still alive, isn't he.


I have seen John Stewart on my block three times in the last month. Each time carrying a small child on his shoulders, presumably in a vain attempt at looking taller.

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Counting Crows. Ai yi yi. Eek.


Yes, they have that effect on some people. Don't know why.


Because they, especially Adam Duritz, are incredibly annoying?


To be fair, I had a fairly insane boyfriend (an attorney who had 2 cats :P to tie this in to another thread ) who was a big fan and he played that CD over and over and over.

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