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Mouthfuls is a non-profit-making discussion site devoted to food, drink and other lifestyle topics. It is a moderated site, and compliance with some simple Guidelines is required. Furthermore, Mouthfuls does not guarantee that it will entertain any kind of discussion about any subject; there are a plenty of chat rooms on the internet dealing with every subject under the sun; topics suitable for Mouthfuls are indicated by the forums which the members have created.

These are the revised Guidelines, and they govern the conduct of all members of Mouthfuls while using Mouthfuls. Members should familiarise themselves with the changes. Mouthfuls has tried to keep the Guidelines as simple as possible. Interpretation and application of the Guidelines will be at the discretion of the Administrators, with the approval of the core members. The Guidelines may only be amended by a vote of the core members. Further details of the site's governance are available on request from mouthfuls@mouthfulsfood.com.

1. Members must comport themselves in accordance with the User Agreement (below).

2. Mouthfuls prohibits illegal posts (including but not restricted to defamatory posts and clear breaches of copyright).

3. Mouthfuls prohibits flaming (not only outright abuse but also persistent and systematic personal attacks), and also prohibits any abuse or harrassment of members through the Mouthfuls PM system.

4. Mouthfuls does not permit members to start threads about politics or religion or to raise politics or religion as topics for discussion (including making critical comments or jokes which in the judgment of the Administrators may provoke such discussion).

5. Mouthfuls encourages constructive criticism of opinions published anywhere, but prohibits personal attacks on managers or members of other food web-sites or attacks on the sites themselves.

6. By posting content on Mouthfuls, members grant no rights whatsoever to Mouthfuls to re-publish that content in any form without the member's permission.

7. Mouthfuls does not seek to place any restriction on members' participation in other food web-sites, or indeed anything else members choose to do outside this site.

8. Mouthfuls requires anyone applying for membership to supply their real name and a functioning e-mail address. Anonymity may be preserved online if the member wishes.

9. Mouthfuls cautions that the full text e-mails sent via Mouthfuls are visible to the Administrators. The Personal Messages, however, cannot be read by the Administrators, and should be regarded and treated by all members as private.


By becoming a member of Mouthfuls, you agree to be bound by the site's "Guidelines" and by the final decision of the site's Administrators as to the interpretation and application of those "Guidelines". You also agree to take responsibility for the content of your own posts and to avoid making illegal (including defamatory) or offensive posts, and agree to indemnify your fellow members at Mouthfuls, including the Administrators, against any actions, claims, proceedings or liabilities arising from your posts.