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  1. And we're back to indoor mask mandates in the Bay Area (except for Napa and Solano countries) regardless of vaccination status, starting today. This includes offices with shared cubicles, so the collective, semi-unspoken agreement among the 11 of us in the SF outpost of my company is to go back to working from home full time.
  2. Bread salad using the end of a sourdough loaf (not homemade) that had gone stale while we were out of town. N include the last of the RG ceci neri, lots of garden vegetables, fresh basil, and some bacon for the heck of it.
  3. Those savory Dutch babies look amazing. Do you make them in individual cast iron pans?
  4. N taps on her loaves a lot, holding them close to her ear.
  5. On Sunday, N made a "base" of RG ceci neri and roasted eggplant & cherry tomatoes. Dinner was a dressed salad over frisee (I added tinned sardines to the leftovers last night); tonight we'll have the base over penne.
  6. When he started his comeback shows in the 1980s, I swear my father, our other male relatives in their 40s, and the guys from our synagogue quoted his routines ad nauseum.
  7. This was really, really good. We don't find too many recipes that specifically call for blackstrap rum (we have the Cruzan brand). The Campari helps to cut the sweetness.
  8. Care to share the name? N and I are going up to Truckee this weekend, smoke conditions permitting.
  9. Adding very ripe strawberries to a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich is just as tasty as adding jam, but with less sugar.
  10. The absolutely fascinating documentary The Games, 1912, assembled from hours of recently restored footage shot at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics by a Swedish & American filming crew. It's a historical record of Stockholm at the time, summer fashions, the aristocratic era that would end 2 years later, and the types of events which used to be held at the Olympics, like military 3-position shooting (standing, kneeling, prone) and tug-of-war (the gold medal was won by the Brits, a team comprised of London bobbies). The diving and water polo competitions were held outdoors, on the waters near S
  11. A NYT recipe that I've been holding on to for many years: Brown Butter Nectarine Cobbler/Cake. Basically, you cook down some fruit, brown butter and put that in a pan, make up a pancake-like batter (no eggs, so not a clafouti), and add it to the butter along with the fruit and some toppings. You can also use peaches (or a combination), and we had a bunch of peaches we got from someone near us who had extra. I definitely want to make this again, with really ripe nectarines.
  12. Pan-seared boneless trout with garlic, sauteed zucchini, and a warm salad of roasted cherry tomatoes over frisee. Almanac Beer's Hypernova Vol. V sour ale to drink.
  13. N probably won't admit it, but I think she took way more apples on Sunday than she intended, and because she can't waste anything not actively rotten the kitchen has been a hive of activity since then. Apple jelly, apple conserves, applesauce, apple cider, apple-blackberry jam, Russian apple marshmallows, etc., etc. And we just got several pounds of peaches, so more jam-making is to come very soon. (I'm skimming off a pound to make a cobbler this weekend, though.)
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