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  1. Amidst all of the planning for the kitchen renovation and purchasing of stuff (appliances, cabinets, etc. are running on a 2- to 3-month delivery timeframe), our water heater now needs replacing. We have hot water just fine, but the heater has a slow drip leak and it's over 11 years old anyway. Just one more thing to think about, and pay for.
  2. Now that N is fully vaccinated and I've had my first shot, we finally felt comfortable enough to have our first dining experience (sitting down at a table, with servers) in 13 months: outdoors at our favorite tiki bar, having drinks and guac & chips.
  3. We don't refrigerate lemons, but then again we go through them so quickly they don't have time to dry out (unlike the dessicated bag of limes).
  4. One of the worst bouts of pain I've ever had in a doctor's office was when I got a splinter (ineptly) removed from my heel.
  5. N got Moderna #2 yesterday and it hit her like a ton of bricks today: nausea, slight fever, thirst, and every muscle and bone in her body aching. Since I got Moderna also, I'm anticipating dose #2 to hit hard too. At least I'm getting the 2nd dose on a Saturday, so I have Sunday to get through the worst of things.
  6. I liked the ramen at Noodle Bar.
  7. We're de Young members, so once the museums opened up at 25% capacity we booked (free) tickets to the Frida Kahlo exhibit whose run got extended. Unfortunately, between the time we booked and the time we went this past Saturday, SF expanded museums to 50% capacity, and frankly it seemed like there were no capacity limits at all. If it hadn't been for the fact that everyone was wearing masks, you could have thought it was like the before times: no distancing, people crowding around the art, standing in the middle of a small gallery space to look at the tour on their phones, etc., etc. N said
  8. It was really nice, even using plain old Applejack rather than the fancy Bonded Brandy.
  9. Hop Diggity DIPA from Mother Earth Brewing Company out of Vista, CA and Nampa, ID. Part of their Resinator series, it was as juicy as the label indicated, and just on the edge of too bitter without tipping into the bro beer zone that a lot of West Coast DIPAs fall into. However, it did go well with the red beans & rice we had for dinner, and even though it was 8.2% ABV it didn't feel that strong.
  10. https://spolshy.com.ua

    1. OraliaThili



  11. Even though I had an appointment, I arrived like an hour and a half early (we had been out doing stuff) and they let me in. This vaccination center was at a local school, and the vaccines were being given in a big gymnasium. I showed my confirmation and my driver's license to prove I live in this zip code; they scanned the bar code on the confirmation and checked my ID. I then went into the gym where there were 8 vaccine stations set up. Got the shot and then waited 15 minutes in a cordoned-off part of the gym with chairs 6 feet apart. In and out in 20 minutes.
  12. Going to start on the new Ken Burns series about Hemingway. I still have the (autographed) companion volume to the Hemingway travelogue Michael Palin did in the late 1990s.
  13. My zip code was designated a high-risk area by the county, so that suddenly moved my eligibility up and I was able to get an appointment through the county's Website for tomorrow, and at a location in my own town less than 10 minutes from me. I was even able to schedule the 2nd vaccine.
  14. Especially when you include a pork product.
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