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  1. There's a South African candy bar called Peppermint Crisp which is often used to make a type of fridge tart. The bar was never available in the US, probably due to the fact that the dye used to turn the center a brilliant Kelly green wasn't allowed here. They can now be imported here, so I guess they changed the dye. I love Peppermint Crisp tart (had it in SA, and in the US made by people who smuggled the bars in), so I bought 5 bars for N plus the cookies used in the tart, Tennis Biscuits (light tea biscuit with coconut). You layer the Tennis biscuits with whipped cream that has caramel/d
  2. He passed away this morning. At least the one daughter at college was able to come home last night, and given all the morphine he was taking he probably wasn't in much pain.
  3. We keep a top sheet on the bed so that the cats can sleep on the bed without us having to clean the comforter every week. One of our cats likes to hide under the sheet, but on the floor.
  4. This is the first place I've ever lived with a fridge that had a water dispenser & ice maker. They're convenient, but the mechanics take up so much potentially usable freezer space. When we replace this fridge, we're not going to bother with the water dispenser, but we may look for one with a bottom-freezer ice maker.
  5. He's gone into serious cognitive and physical decline in the last couple of weeks. Not sure he'll make it to November 1, let alone Thanksgiving.
  6. This might explain Bloviatrix's situation a bit: https://www.washingtonpost.com/road-to-recovery/2020/10/22/appliance-repair-services-pandemic/.
  7. Not nearly as bad a situation as Bonner's but....the doorbell + camera connected to our home alarm system went down a couple of weeks ago. We ended up needing to have a service call from the security company's technician, who said it's an electrical issue related to the transformer. And where exactly in this house is the transformer? Who knows. Time to get the knowledgable but odd electrician out here again. I hate the wiring in this place.
  8. No dark beers at all? Not even in cold weather?
  9. I could happily spend some time quoting "Stripes", one of my family's favorite movies.
  10. Oh man, PC Richard. I had a bad, bad experience with an AC repairman from them.
  11. They didn't used to. 😞 Regarding vegan Chinese, is Vegetarian Dumpling House on Pell still open? Been there for years, and definitely not hipster. As for tonight's dinner....we were gifted an enormous spaghetti squash a couple of months ago, and today N cooked it with RG's Ayocobe Amarillos (firm and meaty), loose Italian sausage, tomatoes, and spinach, with a a bit of shredded Parmesan on top after serving.
  12. I was dying to take home so much of what I saw in the Berlin markets, especially the smoked and cured meats. At least I could smuggle home some cheese.
  13. The type of meal that negates the "being vegan is healthy for you" concept....
  14. Thanksgiving heritage turkey and apple crumb pie have been ordered. Almost makes up for the fact that in a just world, I wouldn't be having Thanksgiving in CA at all.
  15. More pasta today: linguini with smoked salmon, capers, lemon, and parsley, in a light cream and white truffle butter sauce. (We're still going through a few things from the Costco D'Artagnan box from Christmas 2018.)
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