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  1. Our cherry and grape tomatoes are coming in, so we had mini-sandwiches with tomato slices on pain epi "leaves" with unsalted cultured butter.
  2. --Grilled lamb shoulder chops --Frisee and grilled peach salad --Leftover curried green beans --Half-size G&T to drink (only 1/2 oz. gin per cocktail)
  3. Hell, even in the early 1980s Mad Magazine was doing Gilbert & Sullivan parodies.
  4. I went to my first beer release party yesterday, given by 21st Amendment Brewing for the release of their new DIPA, Close Encounters of the Hops Kind. It was alien-themed: spaceship balloons, people encouraged to come in costume, cheezy sci-fi on the TVs, etc. The beer itself was very well-balanced for a DIPA, and not overly piney or astringent. They had the hops supplier there displaying all of the hops used, including an experimental one with no name, just a number. Apparently, experimental hops are grown if a brewer will commit to using them for at least one beer; if they're successful,
  5. It does, and it won't cost me much besides hotel parking fees and anything we choose to do not covered in the package. We also get a Red & White cruise, which is to SF what the Circle Line is to NYC. They've been running Bay excursions ever since the Golden Gate Bridge opened.
  6. Last night, I just threw together Lillet Blanc, soda water, and ice. Worked for me.
  7. Fisherman's Wharf, believe it or not. I won a contest run by Boudin Bakery that involves a weekend in the city, hands-on bread making at Boudin, dinners, and a bunch of other things.
  8. Folks at the dinner party we went to liked it a lot, so it was a success in my book.
  9. Someone else asked her that, and yes she does. She also gets a mild euphoric feeling after the wavy lines go away.
  10. Mango pie from the NYT recipe, though I made it in a 9 x 13 pan since I don't have two pie tins. And even though I'd read the user notes, followed the recipe exactly, and made sure to soften the cream cheese and blend thoroughly, I still ended up with small lumps of cream cheese in the final mixture.
  11. --Boneless chicken thighs marinated in chutney, then skewered along with red pepper and apricots and grilled --Curried pickled green beans --Pickled mustard greens left over from our Laotian dinner
  12. Before I saw the Carlin documentary, I'd assumed that his Hippy Dippy Weatherman character (which my dad used to imitate) dated from his longhair days, not his earlier clean-cut period. (Though apparently he'd been smoking pot since he was a teenager.)
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