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  1. I'm sure, but I'm not a big coconut fan. 😉
  2. I had a gin-based cocktail last night. Guess that shows I'm not Scottish. 😉
  3. Made meringues for the first time. Since I hadn't beaten the egg whites as stiffly as I should have, the mixture was a little runny, which was good because they were chewy in the middle and I love that. I added almond extract at the end, and also placed dried cherries and sliced almonds on the meringues themselves before they went into the oven.
  4. Have you seen the movie version of "Ragtime"?
  5. Speaking of Burma Love: Burma Love Rationing Signature Tea Leaf Salad Due to Supply Chain Issues - Eater SF
  6. Depends where. In Europe, the best hunting grounds were often off-limits to anyone but kings and nobility.
  7. Yeah, onions and turnips aren't all that exciting. We had pancakes yesterday, made on the center griddle of our new range.
  8. Soup with Italian sausage (trying to clear out the freezer supply backlog), RG mantequillas, and broccoli greens from our garden. The mirepoix also came from our garden, and the "stock" was just the bean broth.
  9. That was a helluva game. I thought GB getting a TD on their first drive was going to signal a blowout, especially since Jimmy G looked terrible. And then those last 5 minutes were what makes football worth watching (sometimes).
  10. I got there early, and was already on BART back to the East Bay by 10:15. I never liked the later crowds, even pre-COVID.
  11. Other than a small bunch of grapes, everything I took home from the SF Ferry Building Farmer's Market today was a baked good.
  12. We had a kabocha squash that was nearing the end of its usable life, so N made chicken and squash tagine (in the Le Creuset) over couscous.
  13. And I don't shop at WF for the same reason. I try not to buy anything directly from Amazon either. The Eastern European stores by us are locally owned and they have a good breadth of smoked fish and meat offerings. Today's "2nd breakfast" came from the Ferry Building Market: a tea-smoked egg from Imperial Tea Court and a "not cross" bun (no icing) from Acme.
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