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  1. So while we thought everything had cooked through, it really hadn't. Lots of the beans are still al dente, the meat is done but not super tender, and the greens could use more cooking too. The leftovers have been in the fridge for a few days at this point--do you think they can be salvaged if we cook them for longer in the microwave? Would like to avoid any more bad cases of heartburn like the one I had last night.
  2. Ooh, that looks great! We're hoping to be able to go out for dim sum again soon. We have a dim sum place not too far from us (usually less than 10 minutes drive if the traffic lights are good), so maybe if we do takeout not much will be lost in translation between restaurant and home.
  3. That's really scary. I'm glad you're safe now.
  4. The latter is what I'm referring to when I say "chemical" maraschino cherries. Still love 'em, though.
  5. Impeachment: American Crime Story. I just finished Episode 3--great acting by Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson. Though I wonder if Monica Lewinsky was really that naive, and if LInda Tripp really did everything she did because she wasn't respected at work (though she seems like a humorless grouch who was deluded about her own importance) and had no life other than work.
  6. Heh, I loved those chemical maraschino cherries. Still do.
  7. An Old Fashioned. Really an excuse to break out the fancy bar cherries we were gifted a couple of months ago.
  8. Oh nice. I picked up some fuyus at the market yesterday, along with grapes and late-season plums. N is going to be planting a couple of persimmon trees at some point.
  9. Another slow cooker meal: Persian ghormeh sabzi, with lamb shoulder and RG pintos. All of the greens, herbs, and onions are from our garden. Can't make rice, so we'll have it with bread, and probably the rest of the Spier pinotage/syrah from last weekend to drink.
  10. I had a couple of meals there pre-pandemic. The Castro is usually too far for me (I live down in the East Bay); fortunately, we have two good fishmongers nearby.
  11. Progress is happening. Next week: the cabinets! FYI: those are vinyl tiles from Lowe's. Easy to clean, and hopefully things that fall on the new floor won't break so easily (our old porcelain tiles were hard).
  12. As things start to open up here, church fests are happening once more. So N and I split a lamb sandwich from the Castro Valley Greek Orthodox church's annual festival. By the time we got the sandwich home, all of the lamb juices had soaked into the roll--so good!
  13. That's how I've experienced Brett in beers. Funky and sour fruit heavy.
  14. Tonight will be an easy dinner of frozen mushroom & roasted garlic ravioli (picked up at a farmers market) and jarred onion & garlic pasta sauce. We have a microwave pasta cooker that N used to use at work.
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