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  1. Had no idea about the DC Comics logo.
  2. Ugh, I don't even want to think about our crummy range hood. It's not really a hood at all, but whatever vent you get with an over-the-range microwave, which I really don't like. We keep getting small deposits of what I think is lubricating fluid at the back of our stovetop (fortunately on the granite and not on the back burners). I hate this kitchen and its layout and its too-small wall oven and its fridge with not enough storage space. I told N that we are going to replace the fridge NOW, come hell or high water--I don't care how new it is.
  3. My sister's kid in Florida has been going to his usual summer day camp, run out of either their temple or the preschool they send him to (also Jewish-affiliated). He's apparently been having the time of his life, but every day my sister lives in dread that the FL nonsense will cause it to close early.
  4. You do have a lovely cat! For N's birthday on Saturday, we had one person over: the same person she's been seeing nearly every day (he's her writing coach and good friend). We hope to have an outdoor BBQ next month with 2 friends whom we visited a few weeks ago. That's going to be it for a while
  5. Drink from the Schweppes site: Place 1 1/2 oz. London dry gin, 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier, 3/4 oz. lemon juice (I only had lime juice), and a few dashes of orange bitters in a tall glass and stir with a bar spoon. Fill glass with ice and top up with Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Not too strong actually, which was nice for a change.
  6. The Lithuanian restaurant in Alameda, the only one west of Chicago, is closing because the owner is going back to Lithuania to run for Parliament and he doesn't trust anyone else to run the restaurant.
  7. StephanieL


    I'd be happy to declare victory if none of the filling leaked out.
  8. Indulging in the huge tray of BBQ chicken our caterer neighbor brought us just because (along with mac & cheese and individual cheesecakes).
  9. Can't corks be composted? That's what we do with ours (first making sure they're not the plastic ones).
  10. Hope he got to escape that devil.
  11. So we've had a bottle of Schweppes Bitter Lemon for months, and last night I was finally inspired to try the Navy Grog recipe on the label. I did have to make a few alterations and adjustments: (1) I don't have Navy Strength rum (yes, it's a specific variety), so I used the Cruzan Blackstrap; (2) it calls for 3 tsp. of "runny honey" per drink; I used 2 tsp and the honey congealed after being shaken with the ice; (3) the Angostura bitters came out a bit faster than I expected. In the end, I think what I produced was much drier and sharper than what I should have gotten, but to me it worked out well.
  12. Yeah, it's like buying 6 oz. of loose tea.
  13. At 91, due to the after-effects of a fall.
  14. Thank you all! It tastes really good, and I feel like I've picked up a bunch of new skills.
  15. It's a Costco-sized bottle of Jamieson's, so yeah I've got plenty left. 😆 And bloviatrix, you must get Gosling's to do a proper Dark & Stormy!
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