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  1. Probably. The Portuguese were the first Europeans in South Africa, and of course Mozambique is right next door. Many products sold in South Africa have ingredient lists, etc. in Portuguese on the packaging.
  2. A South African sandwich called a Prego roll: grilled steak and Prego sauce (think chili-garlic) on a Portuguese roll. Dutch Crunch substituted for the Portuguese roll, and we shmeared garlic butter on the grilled bread.
  3. I was gobsmacked when I read that article. Sherry-Lehmann used to have an impeccable reputation.
  4. Thank goodness. I really dislike the QR code menus.
  5. The RG Christmas Limas with fennel and sausage (sweet Italian, in this case). More like a soup than a stew, but very good. The recipe says that you can add chicken broth if you need additional liquid, but I'd use the broth anyway--it adds richness.
  6. I saw her on that tour as well, at the Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. What a show! (But who thought of Wang Chung as the opening act??)
  7. Difford's and Punch have recipes with a split base of gin and brandy (or cognac), which seems more likely than bourbon for a drink created for Brits. And yes, it was invented at Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo during WWII.
  8. Inspired by the "recipe" in this week's Times Magazine, I made a Rob Roy. Not using those proportions, though: I went with a 2:1 ratio of Scotch to sweet vermouth, and used Peychaud's rather than Angostura. A 3:1 ratio would have been way too much Scotch for my tastes.
  9. I came down with a cold last Sunday evening, and between the sore throat and the endless hacking (my usual MO during the later stages), my voice was in no shape for me to be able to sing with my chorus at our concerts this weekend. All that rehearsing for nothing.
  10. Warm salad with lettuce from our garden, halibut filet, mushrooms, boiled new potatoes, and a sort-of bearnaise sauce.
  11. Shakshuk, with za'atar bread (obtained at the farmers market) on the side.
  12. Oh, I miss those boozy annual meetings. 🙂
  13. Point Reyes' Bay Blue continues to be amazing, especially when it's a little older.
  14. Nursing a cold, so a bowl of Greek trahana soup.
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