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  2. How to snow day in Corona. We headed up to the local hill with sled and mini's in tow. Also two thermos cans of glögg and a bunch of mugs. Indeed, neighbourhood didn't let us down, ran into 3 sets of neighbours on the way. Socially distanced merriment.
  3. I did like them, but I had expected something more experimental from what I'd read about them.
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    Here's a recipe for the pickled cabbage. Tastes very very close to my "go to" place in Philly: https://thewoksoflife.com/asian-pickled-cabbage/
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  6. Hot diggity dog ramen. With Brooklyn Cured franks. Pickled cabbage with the leftovers of braised cukes and celery atop. As Jewish delis used to do in New York (and possibly elsewhere) with coleslaw and pickles, some Chinese restaurants would put out a small plate of pickled cabbage to nosh on (Significant Eater and I used to go to a place on 2nd Avenue in the 70s, whose name I've long forgotten; it purported to be, if memory serves me right, Shanghainese, and did this), while perusing the menu and waiting for food to arrive. This is a version of that.
  7. Lemonade? Sage butter with lemon juice? That sounds like you're following a recipe exactly.
  8. Ifukube: Sinfonia Tapkaara/Ritmica Ostinata for Piano and Orchestra/Symphonic Fantasy No. 1 (Saranceva//Yablonsky/Russian Philharmonic Orchestra) (yes my current Godzilla obsession has taken me this far) Vellard/Ensemble Gilles Binchois: Amour, Amours: Florilege des Chansons Français du la Renaissance Nubya Garcia: Source
  9. Cheeseburger. More fancyass this time: aside from cheddar, a steakhouse slab of bacon, some mushrooms, and green-tomato ketchup and mustard. (Martin's bun, duh.) Fried jerusalem artichokes with sage butter on the side. I had a wine pairing picked out. But I had a problem: the sage butter for the jerusalem artichokes required a teaspoon of lemon juice. What was I going to do with the rest of the juice from the lemon? I thought about it, and it occurred to me that a Whiskey Sour might go well with a cheeseburger. Whiskey Sour (no egg) Pour 2 oz. Bourbon, 3/4 oz. lemon
  10. It's so stupid. I always heard of Scouse coming to Liverpool by way of the Hamburg shipping trade, and for no reason at all I figured that had started in the steam era. But why would THAT be?
  11. It's really good. We had a couple of slices when it came, then put the rest in the freezer because we're currently making our way through another big dessert.
  12. Another RTBC: getting 5 gallons of Meyer lemons for free from someone on Nextdoor, made even better by the fact that I thought I was getting regular lemons. It may sound like a luxury, but if you have a fruit tree or two here having way more fruit than you could ever use is a common problem. In San Jose, there are gleaning services that will harvest your extra fruit (including any that grow very high up on the tree) and distribute it to food banks.
  13. My sister recently posted her first King Cake on Instagram. I expect there will be more. It has an external baby, which I don't think is allowed!
  14. My favorite King Cake. I order one from them every year. Mine's coming next week 🥰😊
  15. toppling goliath double dry hopped king sue double india pale ale - 7.8% abv. sue stands for citra in toppling goliath speak, and while this doesn’t specify that it’s single hopped it definitely does. the aroma on this one is pretty intense, there’s the unmistakable orange, pineapple, and mango you get with citra, and it tastes the same way it smells only there’s a little bitter pine, a slight amount of sweetness, and nothing else. citra usually has those three flavors plus some other stuff, this is really focused on those three fruit flavors in a way that’s unique in my experience, although I
  16. did you like those neurosis records? I saw them a year or two after enemies of the sun came out and loved it.
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  18. I'll bet they washed it down with Coca-Cola.
  19. Probably some of the stuff I get at Union Square hasn't been hanging around that long. I know the oysters I got from Pura Vida yesterday were excellent (and very hard to open! but I persevered).
  20. I trust you, and that's more about where you are than what you can procure here. I've had clams, mussels, scallops, tuna, striped bass, crab all out of the water less than a few hours - in Provincetown.
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    Why does all your food start with C? Is this a coded message???
  22. Not so far. It was also probably less than a few hours from the water, which I'm sure made a difference.
  23. It's more than just finding a place to buy stuff. For example, if I got 100g of uni, it would spoil before I could eat it all, and no one's gonna ship me 15g, which is probably all I can eat at one time. I can (and did) get a single serving of Hokkaido uni at the Tsukiji fish market, but how often am I in Tokyo? Just once, so far, in more than half a century. Note that I have already spilled something on myself, and it's probably not even noon. So yes, it's theoretically possible, but it's very, very impractical. I suppose I could also start a restaurant and get ingredients that wa
  24. What parts of this dish struck you as so amazingly sourced? Could you not find seafood this excellent or fresh? The other ingredients are pantry stock.
  25. Caviar, chips, chives, crêpes, créme fraîche. Lazy person chicken wings. On a sheet pan, tossed with duck fat, sweet potatoes and red bliss creamers.
  26. You know, I'm gonna take a wild stab here and venture a guess that it's really not too hard to get most "cheffy" ingredients. And I'll also guess that, in certain cases, we can get better stuff.
  27. https://shop.yamaseafood.com/market?q=Uni https://www.carolinescooking.com/spanish-black-rice-paella-arros-negre/
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