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  2. Yeah, I remember calling for a reservation (I don't remember why) and the person who answered the phone told me who I was and where I lived. Guess they had Resy.
  3. Wilfrid


    Unlike almost everywhere else I've checked out recently...
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  5. I’d be glad to be rid of them!
  6. I’ll gladly take them off your hands😁
  7. I've gotten from Encina Farms a few times--the quality is really excellent.
  8. I don't know how to break this to you, but salmon is expensive fish.
  9. Can't speak for Bittmann's sauce, but egg sauce with salmon loaf was one of husband's childhood memories. Essentially creamed chopped hard boiled eggs with generous helping of chopped onion. Dill, too , if you're inclined. This is really good on any bland fish, but I'd not waste expensive fish for it.
  10. But they don't lose money on each one! At the same time OT has been growing rapidly abroad. I guess they figure Resy's terrible client data handling will block them from EU at least.
  11. This syncs with your taste for wet martinis.
  12. Trademark looks good, thanks.
  13. I had a drink here recently while waiting for our karaoke room tee off time a few months ago and it might be an option. We did not dine: https://trademarktaste.com/#menu-venue I was also going to suggest Keen's but they don't do lunch on weekends
  14. Stickiness. Not free anymore but every cool restaurant has it. They've also been working on pos / kitchen integration which not surprisingly make it as expensive as opentable
  15. AMEX can buy my List if JP Morgan doesn’t.
  16. When I'm looking for a reservation at a specific restaurant I now automatically go to Resy. It's a rare surprise that I find I have to go to Open Table instead.
  17. Maybe Vox are hoping Amex will buy them too. How did Resy win NYC? Free service for two years.
  18. Resy can't even get an Android app to work. Never mind getting it to search NJ.
  19. Top sirloin was something the butcher was mentioning.
  20. I skimmed Eater's adoring coverage of Resy today, looking for a single mention of how Resy's interface is absolute garbage for trying to find a place to eat. Not one. I wonder how much Resy paid for all this!
  21. small h


    We go about once a month, most recently on NYE. They now have a full liquor license, which is nice. And the prices went up, like everywhere. Service at the bar is way better than at the tables, as has always been the case. Food's still great.
  22. small h

    Death Pool

    I remember you not liking them, not sure whether I'd also come to that conclusion yet.
  23. Together they appear to have published around 20 books. I only have a combined 9 or 10 books from the 2.
  24. Wow - over a year since the last activity here. There are literally reservations available here every day, at any time. Go now!
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