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    I agree. But if this is a way to (a) do away with all the inequities of tip-based compensation while (b) appearing to keep prices down for the people who are too stupid (or selfish) to think clearly and would react badly to raised prices that reflect actual costs, I'm all for it.
  3. Wilfrid


    That's horrible. I expect administration, like rent and electricity, to be included in the prices. Just put your prices up.
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  5. sweatshorts


    That auto 20% seems to be becoming the norm. This was my favorite explanation that I've seen, from Fulgurances in Greenpoint. They have different definitions of "gratuities", "required", and "expected" than I do.
  6. Amazingly, down 25 points, the Clippers came back and beat the Jazz to get to the Western Conference finals for the first time. Now, the injury issue is Kawhi for the Clippers and the Covid issue is Paul for the Suns.
  7. See what a fraud I am, if you cut off the top half inch, I could chow them down without a blink.
  8. To be clear, tonight's Scialatelli absolutely did NOT have eyes. For better or for worse.
  9. paryzer


    Mrs. P went above and beyond today by preparing filet mignon topped with blue cheese and sautéed onions, with a side of roasted delicata squash with smoked andouille sausage. On top of that she made Mr. B’s inspired BBQ shrimp and guacamole. It all went great with an excellent 2015 Barolo. We enjoyed it outside on the deck on a beautiful evening.
  10. See, I love angulas. I think that for me, "fried" overcomes any concern with eyes. I eat gusanos in Oaxaca (not fried, unfortunately) cuz you have to -- but I'll admit I don't love them.
  11. I'll fess up. I turned down a noted Basque chef's off menu offer of angulas. I wasn't sure I could carry off consuming "spaghetti with eyes". I didn't feel so bad after reading a noted foodie's ordering it and having to pass it off to a table-mate. Sometimes discretion is.....
  12. Fred Hersch: Songs from Home Fred Lerdahl: Spirals/Three Diatonic Studies/Imbrications/Wake/Fantasy/Etudes (Vitala/eighth blackbird/Beardslee//Yoo/Galante/Epstein/Odense Symphony Orchestra/Argenta Chamber Ensemble/Boston Symphony Chamber Players) Chopin: Waltzes Nos. 3 & 9 "L'Adieux"/Scherzo No. 1/Mazurka No. 13/Etude Nos. 5 "Black Keys" & 27/Barcarolle/Ballades Nos. 1 & 4/Polonaise No. 7 "Polonaise-Fantaise" (Horowitz) Martin: Ballades Nos. 1 & 2/Sonata de Chiesa (orchestral & chamber versions) (Pahaud/Piemontese/Berndt//Fischer/Orchestre de la Suisse R
  13. Leftover Scialatelli with tomato duck/mushroom sauce. With leftover roasted baby broccoli with Calabrian hot pepper spread. This was going to get a Chianti, I figured. 2015 Fatorria Corzano e Paterno Chianti "Terre di Corzano" Pretty good vintage in Tuscany, right? This is a Sangiovese/Canniolo blend, thank God. But it isn't a sprightly Chianti. You might even call it a little dour. So it has that Chianti black cherry -- but really black. And the dusty Chianati tannins are kind of brooding. Maybe it's still too young?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Nice meal here last night. Started with croquetas, always a good choice. Our apps included the fritos de calamares y sepia, nice frying here. Our second app: I thought was weird; cured arctic char, over "ensaladilla Rusa" with paddlefish roe. All sounds nice, but then some sort of honey concoction was drizzled over the char. Unexpected. And while the ensaladilla was excellent, those overcrisped crisps added nada. By losing the drizzle and the crisps, this app would've been a winner. For our platos pricipales, Significant Eater had macarrones con hongos... Quite
  16. Bromakase doesn't have a corner on this personality. I've had as many meals diminished by the idiots at an adjacent table as by disappointing food.
  17. Nobody's moaned about missing bromakase (except the bros).
  18. And people moan about how they've missed being out among people. How much for take-out and the civility of your own dining room?
  19. 94 degrees here yesterday, so your basic gin & tonic.
  20. Redmond O'Hanlon's Into the Heart of Borneo hilariously recounts a hiking excursion O'Hanlon took in a remote sector of Borneo with his best friend, the poet James Fenton. At one point they're chowing down on what they think is a tasty pasta dish prepared by their local cook/factotum, Leon. "Uhhh Leon," Redmond asks. "Why does the spaghetti have eyes?" "You know those little snakes that live in the stomachs of fishes?" Leon asks in response. "JESUS! WORMS!" Redmond exclaims. "Yes yes," Leon replies happily. "Jesus worms! Very delicious." I don't think I'd hav
  21. The Three Stooges come upon a great heaping turd on the sidewalk. MOE (sticking his nose into it): Smells like shit. LARRY (sticking in his fingers): Feels like shit. CURLY (taking some on his tongue): Tastes like shit. ALL THREE: Good thing we didn't step in it! ********************************************* I have no idea if that was actually part of the Three Stooges' stage show (it couldn't possibly have been in any of their movies) or if it was created by some genius in my middle school, where it had great currency. If the latter, I hope and expect that p
  22. It would be interesting to hear about what else they do Or how they became so entitled.
  23. You'd be amazed (or not), but more than a few people make such reservations using disposable credit card numbers, leaving the restaurant with empty seats, dead fish, and no recourse.
  24. Reminds me of being in a restaurant with my daughter in London. I ordered a shared appetizer called on the menu "A Load of Old Bollocks." After she's eaten some, I asked her if she knew what "bollocks" were. A kind of fish was her guess. I told her, and to her credit she continued eating.
  25. Went looking at Grand Delancey for it yesterday. They didn't have it (though have had it in the past), but fortunately were loaded on Suarez stuff, so I picked up 2 cans each of 3 varieties.
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