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    Wild gulf shrimp. Anson Mills grits.
  3. The only location we’ve ever been to is the flagship in Madison Square Park which is three blocks from our apartment. We like the burgers and fries as well as the frozen custard. Neither of us likes lettuce and tomato on our burgers so no ShackBurger for us. I get a simple cheese burger while Michael gets a double no cheese and requests raw onions. Countless visits since it opened in 2004 (!) with never a complaint. A new location is about to open (they’re doing training) in Freehold, a 5-minute drive from our house. There’s a very nice outdoor seating area with umbrellas! Looking forward to going there.
  4. Wilfrid


    Half a Zabar meatloaf from the freezer with a fresh lettuce salad. Livarot. I am so tired.
  5. That looks great but I am the guy who would make that filling in a dish without the pastry crust. And maybe I will.
  6. What is scary is that I know them from William Hartnell (I was a toddler I swear and would hide behind the armchair from the Zombies) through Sylvester McCoy. After that I give up. I needn’t explore the impact of assistants like Katy Manning and Elisabeth Sladen on my development. It’s marvelous that such a seemingly simple idea is still going. Also, whatever the theme music sounds like now, pause to worship Delia Derbyshire.
  7. Lunch on the first day of Shavuot - Dorie Greenspan's Lower East Side Brunch Tart. Cream cheese, lox, onions, capers, tomatoes, and dill in a custard filling. I decided to try my hand at a yeasted tart dough.
  8. Didn't have time to make my regular cheesecake for the holiday so I made a Basque cheesecake so as not to disappoint the boy.
  9. Pizza! King Arthur dough recipe. With caramelized onions, sauteed peppers, vegan sausage, and a ton of fresh moz.
  10. @Wilfrid - The show rebooted in '05 with Christopher Eccelston as the ninth doctor (boy watched that single season). And then Tennant replaced him as the 10th doctor. He actually made a re-appearance in the current season as well. (Tennant was followed by Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodi Whittaker, and now Ncuti Gatwa - it's scary that I don't need to look this stuff up, I actually know it) What's interesting about watching the shows from the early aughts is that in some they deal with the concept of the multiverse although they don't use that term. And there's one episode where everyone walks around with ear buds where they constantly download information fed to them by a giant corporation that is intent on global domination.
  11. Good maxim. Too many people choose multiple beans per pod because of the pod waste, and by doing so wind up with large, over the hill favas.
  12. the one in the fulton mall and the one by the atlantic center have been the same the entire time they’ve been open.
  13. I didn’t want to type this twice but see below. Honestly welcome to be told I am wrong (math is not my best). Footnote the MTA is paying consultants fortunes to fix the fact that half of bus users aren’t paying and big numbers of subway users too.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I got fava beans from Halal Pastures this week. They were excellent because they were picked earlier than most of what you see in the market, good enough to eat raw, terrific sweated with a bit of butter and tarragon. Two beans to the pod 🤣
  16. I'd be sending a picture of that to Danny Meyer.
  17. If I want lettuce that looks like that, I'll eat at home.
  18. I don't doubt it. I think Varick is their "experimental" location, where they roll out new stuff, so maybe that's where all the competent people work.
  19. Just a reminder of how inconsistent they are compared to when they had outstanding staff, training and product. They are so hungry to be taco bell they forgot what made them good to begin with.
  20. Very nice at Citi Field when we went, surprisingly. Today, my Shack burger had slimy lettuce. My cheese fries had no cheese. Total suck.
  21. Huh. My most recent visit was at the Varick St. location, and no complaints at all. Ordered at the kiosk, took a number-on-a-stick (no idea what to call that), food was delivered to me in about 3:00. I guess I lucked out!
  22. Oh, I wish!! There's a "new" shack in the location where Schiller's once was. We tried it one night before a show at the Bowery Ballroom' let's just say - Never Again! They're nicer at the airports, if you can believe that.
  23. Met my brother for a quick work lunch at Shake Shack in downtown Brooklyn. Ordered a Shack Burger, fries and a soda. $18. Sat at a table near the counter. Never heard my name called. Went up to the counter and checked for my order, no one asked if I needed help. No order there. I really used to appreciate the buzzer that told me to go to the counter. No more. After 25 minutes, I asked about my order. They couldn't find it on their screen. I said I needed to get back to work and maybe I could cancel it. Eventually the guy grabbed a drink and a bag and literally threw it on the counter saying, "Yo. We called your name," turned around and walked away. Without decent customer service and with their complete disregard for quality, Shake Shack isn't even better than Checkers at this point. In and Out for life at this point. Never going to the Shack again.
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