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    The cinnamon-raisin bread didn't rise much, but it smells great. Still waiting for it to cool down enough.
  3. After husband found a $1.75 credit card charge, albeit many decades ago, he threw the entire household budgeting and payments over to me to balance. We operate on a don't ask, don't tell basis. Works for both of us.
  4. tired hands ourison saison - 4.8% abv, crowler! I've posted about the bottled version of this before, but beer like this is often better on draft, which might be true here. this is their year round saison, saison hands, conditioned in a foudre for a long time, although I don't know if they did the equivalent of the bottle conditioning in the bottom of the keg. this starts out with a bright lemon note that's a lot more pronounced than the way I remember the bottled version, that gives way to some muted sour notes that have a little bit of grain underneath and the finish has a nice version of traditional saison yeast profile with some very clean brett. there's also some unpleasant lacto notes in the finish, which doesn't ruin this very simple, very pleasant beer.
  5. Among the more arresting features of this amp is the ability to toggle between triode and ultra-linear at the touch of a button. (Without going off the hyperboring deep end, triode is a tube output mode giving ultimate character and intimacy, whereas ultra-linear is a tube output mode giving ultimate oomph.) What's fun is that after a very short while you get a solid feel for which mode will be best. So you can just listen to music without toggling constantly. Chamber music/chamber orchestra/acoustic small-group jazz/acoustic instruments w/vocal: triode. Amplified music/electronic music/studio pop: ultra-linear. The interesting middle ground is large orchestra classical/big-band jazz (with or without vocal). Then, it depends on your mood and the nature and character of the piece/recording. So I guess you still have to toggle.
  6. I Woke Up Like 'Dis 1.5 oz gin 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz ginger syrup 2 dashes lime bitters (I used grapefruit) Shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with lemon peel. Meh. I don't think I'll be making this again.
  7. Cardoso: Requiem/Lamentations/Magnificat/Motets (Toscano/Cupertinos) (starting yesterday out Portuguese, knowing it was going to end Portuguese) Four Tet: Sixteen Oceans (his best in a while) Ruthann Friedman: Constant Companion Aluna/Princess Nokia/Jada Kingdom: Get Paid Gary Byrd: Presenting the Gary Byrd Experience Herbie Hancock: Inventions and Dimensions Couperin: Troisème & Cinquème Ordres de Pièces de Clavecin (Carole Cerasi) (I'ma form a Carole Cerasi Fan Club is what I'ma do)
  8. Lamb chop served on a bed of raw mustard greens with a sort of chanterelle/sorrel sauce. This sounds very fancy, but it took almost no work at all. Reheated leftover curried okra/eggplant/tomato on the side. This all seemed to cry out for a Cab Franc. 2015 Domaine Fabrice Gasnier Chinon "L'Ancienne" Maybe something has happened to energize my grape receptors (that isn't a symptom of COVID, is it?), but this wine, like last night's, tasted exceptionally grapey to me -- and that is not part of the usual Chinon flavor profile. Beyond that, though, we got the usual Chinon stuff: red berries, vegetables, herbs. This was (is) a very pleasing bottle. I don't think it cost very much, either.
  9. Yesterday
  10. The last guy I spoke to (not this summer, maybe last) was catching blackfish. And I've had gizzard shad sashimi! Now I wanna grab a rod and reel.
  11. I've got to say one of the positives of the whole quarantine situation is that many of the greenmarket vendors have started to take credit cards. The downside is the spouse is seeing just how much I spend every week.
  12. Yep - but whatever they're catching might just be for personal use at this point. There are quite a few species, but I'm guessing those fisherfolk are after stripers or blues.
  13. There were plenty of fisherfolk in East River Park when I took a stroll there yesterday afternoon. Dunno if they're catching anything.
  14. THANKS ISAIAS. Yes, I feed my herbs. But plants (mine, anyway) are unpredictable. Sometimes I get a basil hedge (like this year, pre-hurricane season, anyway). Sometimes, not much of anything. Cilantro and dill were complete washouts this year, for instance.
  15. Looks like probably no drainage.
  16. Too much sun? Too hot? Too much water? My neighbor’s plants are beautiful. do folks feee their herbs? I don’t know why all my pics get rotated.
  17. You can definitely tell that my speaker placement is not optimal. No question about it. But that doesn't mean that my system doesn't do 3D stuff and all. Just not as well as it would if I privileged acoustics over life.
  18. AaronS

    My Amplifier

    I have a nice stereo system and a very small living room and you can definitely tell that the speakers are too close to the walls.
  19. voyager


    Or like the other morning when I apologized for using too much butter in the hash browns. Husband just stared at me.
  20. Sneakeater


    "Over-steamed cauliflower" is like "too much garlic".
  21. I seriously thought you had a listening room! Rubber Soul?
  22. Paella last night, lacked a little oomph as I rushed it a bit...gotta really let your sofrito cook down slowly. Still good enough for a Monday night. With some steamed (possibly over steamed except for Sneakeater) cauliflower alongside.
  23. 1. Don't let my pretentious language fool you. My listening room is my living room. And it isn't set up to maximize listening; it's set up to maximize being a living room. I recently read some audio engineer saying that if your listening room isn't set up to maximize acoustics, it's not worth buying excellent audio equipment. I think I have disproved that. 2. As for having to upgrade your other equipment, depends on what you have now, right? For me, my amplification equipment was the weak link. 3. I prefer vinyl, but I rarely listen to it: too much work. So yeah, you can tell the difference between Pet Sounds on vinyl and Pet Sounds on CD just like you can tell the difference between anything on vinyl and on CD. (I once long ago spent an afternoon at a stereo store comparing CDs and LPs of the same albums. It was amazing how much better the LPs were.) I do have to check to make sure the phono stage of this new integrated amp is working (and to see how it sounds). Guess what LP I'll use?
  24. You mean this... That same hack wrote about hyper local fish years ago. Locavore, Schmocavore
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