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  2. Yes, it's the tower where the Wine Angels fetch the bottles.
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  4. Is that a picture of Aureole in Vegas? I have a vague memory of something like it when Palmer opened a # of years ago.
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  6. GerryOlds

    Damon Baehrel

    The New Yorker resurfaced their 2016 profile on Twitter for whatever reason and my curiosity about what DB is up to these days led me to this article from 2019 with accompanying video: https://hvmag.com/food/damon-baehrel-the-man-the-myth-the-menu/ Strange guy!
  7. Amidst all of the planning for the kitchen renovation and purchasing of stuff (appliances, cabinets, etc. are running on a 2- to 3-month delivery timeframe), our water heater now needs replacing. We have hot water just fine, but the heater has a slow drip leak and it's over 11 years old anyway. Just one more thing to think about, and pay for.
  8. i cashed out for an amazon giftcard
  9. I think we'll issue our own cryptocurrency and Sivan will give one Foxcent with every sandwich.
  10. Finally had to ask for a rather hefty sum of cash back from City Winery. I had tickets to at least four shows when the rug was pulled out. They weren't that forthcoming with much info, other than to say my tickets would be honored at the rescheduled shows. When and if those shows are finally rescheduled, and when and if I think it's ok to attend them, I'll just rebuy. Haven't even looked at Open Table...figure I'll start from scratch with that.
  11. A possibility. Sending husband down is no solution.
  12. It’s been many years since they invented cd changers that could load over 100 cds and play them as desired with the touch of a button or two. So, isn’t it time to find someone to invent a Rube Goldberg contraption for your wine cellar that would fetch a bottle from a numbered shelf space and bring it up to you thru your newly revamped dumbwaiter? or just hire a dumb waiter?
  13. At my age, that work for me! The wine's in the cellar! The stairs are oak.
  14. So voyager: only walk up and down clay/har-tru stairs.
  15. The tennis players that I know who’ve had the shots in their knees tell me that it’s pretty much an annual thing at most. One guy said that there was a year that he had to get another after six or so months. I almost got one 5 years ago when my knees were aching and clicking after tennis, but I stopped playing on hard courts and started only playing on clay/har-tru. The problem abated almost immediately.
  16. We didn’t think to ask for an extension & “cashed them in” for the discount certificates. We now have a year to identify places & use them. At this point, there’s no way I see doing so for 6 months, as now is not the time to ask any restaurant to take a hit. Does Sivan give points?
  17. Behemoth


    Weather has been really cold and bleh lately. - German style potato soup with pretzel croutons and optional sauerkraut. - Marcus Samuelsson Swedish meatballs, with boiled potatoes for the kiddies, and braised Belgian endive with verjus for the grown ups. Pickled beets for me as nobody else eats them. i am so looking forward to: 1. the end of winter cooking 2. going to a restaurant again, especially (as much as I love them) a night out without kids. Neither looks to be happening anytime soon.
  18. When he's not in the kitchen at Manresa, Manresa is still there. As is, most likely, his CdC, et al. I'm excited to see/taste as well (then again, I'm excited to go to Katja at this point); but I've set my sights a bit lower after experiencing one or two meals at Intersect in the style of their (insert name here) flagship restaurant, after dining at the flagship.
  19. Considering that I am enjoying 100% relief, it was/will be worth "whatever" at twice the price. I live in essentially a three story house since much of the pantry and freezer are in the. basement, and I'm now doing stairs without pain or hesitation. Or hills, that I have been avoiding as descent has been excruciatingly painful. I am REALLY happy, and only wonder how long this will last. eta, this guy is the lead orthopedist for one of the Bay Area's major league teams, so he doesn't need me to pay the rent.
  20. Points alert I haven't booked a restaurant through Open Table in the last year (the very few I've booked have been on Resy, or I just texted Sivan). So when I went there today for some information, I discovered my massive backlog of points had been expired. Clicking on help and, I think, contact us, Open Table has realized that expiring points during a period when it's hard to dine out is unfair. Members in good standing can request to have the points restored. I did. It takes seven days. Just posting this because others may be in the same boat.
  21. I'm not so concerned about whether Kinch will be cooking or not. Maybe he's always in the kitchen at Manresa, but name chefs (as we all surely know) are often not in their kitchens: they're capable of training their teams to cook in their absence. So we'll see what he's able to do with the Intersect team and the ingredients available.
  22. Lana del Rey, Chemtrails over the Country Club
  23. joethefoodie

    Pio Boffa

    At 66. Of Covid. https://www.italy24news.com/News/22189.html
  24. And you know, now that you mention that I mentioned it, I think you're onto something. though I can't find any stories about it.
  25. Without the shot, how much can he actually bill insurance?!
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