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  2. unless, of course, some savior / savoir appears before the coming apocalypse and offers an awesome outdoor option ...
  3. My friend has gone a few times post-covid and he said his last couple of meals were "quite good" ... but he's much more apt to grade much higher than I ... I don't think he cooks AT ALL so if he's comparing the resto to his default eating option then it surely would be "quite good" ! ETA - but he eats out at lots of good places so he should know, kind of sort of I sent the wine list to my "personal sommelier" in Spain (Madrid, to be exact) who knows (and sells) these wines very well and with whom I was hanging out earlier this month, living (and drowning in) La Buena Vida ... and aft
  4. It's hard to say these days - maybe they're back to normal - but during covid the food was actively bad, like if you told me the palatschinken were catered by the corner deli I'd be much more likely to believe you than if you told me they came from a Michelin starred kitchen (we've been many times before, and it was much better than boring "good"). p.s. I've heard that Ikumi holds a couple of seats back but if it has to be outdoors that's irrelevant anyway.
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  6. Ugghh ... is it actively bad or just kind of boring, "good" Austrian-ish (as we say in French, "correcte") Because I have now been informed that we kind of sort of need to eat outside 😨
  7. Sushi Ikumi seems like a very nice option … but impossible on short notice … darn Yoshino has a very informative website ... not ! Seems like it opened a couple of days ago and is surely a “Let’s send Chambo there and have him take one for the team before we spend our hard-earned bitcoin on a super expensive, unknown NYC entity that’s still working out its kinks” type of place. Oh yeah, it’s also impossible to spend my $400 per person on short notice … darn again ! $400 and then beverages ... double darn !! Wallse has now been floated for dinner because of its geo-convenience and it
  8. My question would be what other dogs seem to enjoy the base of that tree.
  9. small h


    You probably mean coriander. And that is likely the correct word. But I got these seeds when my cilantro bolted, so some flexibility on terminology is warranted.
  10. Not to be pedantic (God forbid), but isn't there a word for cilantro seeds?
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    I'm giving myself an A for effort here, and a B for execution. Stir-fried squid and oyster mushrooms with miso over rice. Needed more ginger and less salt. Braised Romano beans with pickled cilantro seeds and lime and sungolds. Needed more braising - too tough. It's good to experiment, especially if the results are at least semi-edible.
  12. IMHO, $40/lb at my local super is cheap at twice the price.
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  14. Check https://mushroomobserver.org/ And the space time continuum is working today. My friend's kid just texted me to ask if I know anything about foraging mushrooms.
  15. Go to Sushi Ikumi, it's nice. I haven't tried Yoshino yet, but I'll bet that's nice too, although more pricey.
  16. Little Mad. That bff place Sneak and others like a lot. Wildair has been quite good lately.
  17. First, a question ... would the wife be more likely to sue or offer a reward if she had a deceased husband ?
  18. I was strolling around the new hood with the dog, and at the base of a big oak tree, I spied some large hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. A little past their sell-by date, but if they looked fresh, are they safe to eat? Any poison look-alikes?
  19. I didn't say it's for tonight ... I did say short notice ie not next week or later, nor the impossible weekend-y amateur hours I'm open to suggestions ... and I'll note that the ressie would be for 7.30pm plus or minus a tiny bit ... normally I'd scream about eating so early but since I'm jet-lagged I've graciously opted to be very accommodating timewise ...doesn't have be Asian either but it could be Asian ... I'm a very open-minded, equal-opportunity type of guy ... just make sure it's good ... and I'm not looking for fancy ... I want good ... ETA - last night I just grilled some v
  20. Maxwell: Embrya Charlie Parker: Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve (DIsc 1) Albinoni/Corelli/Galuppi/Stradella/Torelli/Vivaldi/Ziani: Concertante Music for Trumpet (Keohane/Ecklund/Segal//Bania/Tarr/Wasa Baroque Ensemble)
  21. It's Monday night. Everywhere might suck. You could probably have a decent time at Hawksmoor, and Monday is practically BYOB night. I'm guessing you want Japanese. bff I assume is closed tonight?
  22. I was going to say that it isn't terrible but not as good as the chef's resumes would call for. But now it would be redundant.
  23. We went once. It wasn't terrible but also not as good as the chefs' resumes would call for. Also they forgot that they were having some sort of promotional event upstairs that evening and still took reservations, sticking everyone in the not very nice basement, which turned it into a uniquely poor experience, so I wouldn't tell you to go or avoid based on it. (it might be worthwhile finding out who is still involved. I know they lost the sushi chef from Amane, but not if anything changed in the mifune kitchen.) p.s. Maybe their owners "Tokyo Restaurant Factory" have indeed develope
  24. I need some help here because the plan B at the moment is to blow off this “fine dining” flight of fancy and go to Chinese Tuxedo … which you can also get into on short notice … hmmm I wonder why …
  25. But is the food good … or very good ? [crickets] … [and more crickets] … because, frankly, the place is a bit geographically undesirable for me (would prefer to be below 14th and, if above, above on the west side … but you don’t always get what you want, do you) so my guest and I don’t really want to diagonally hike there unless we’ll be happy when we exit I mean the food sure should be darn good given the Cast of characters involved I mean all these people know how to cook and they know what a good resto is and the, ahem, “Menu Producer” is very experienced and very talen
  26. Well I guess that’s kind of sort of a relative plus, right 😳 ?
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