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  2. The pre-Marcella Marcella!! Great books.
  3. Surfers waiting for the perfect wave ... Oqunquit Maine
  4. i spend a lot of time explaining to a 9 year old that we don't order in things we can easily make at home. i made the same faces at her age when my grandmother told me the same thing. the exception is when it's very good and cooking it at home is too smelly or messy, then i cave. i think now people are mad that ordering popeyes from uber eats costs $50 so if a nice fast casual is in the hood, they'd rather give it to them and dine in or pick it up.
  5. Actually, his uncle's restaurant Peking House. PH used to be pretty popular but the neighborhood has more Thai restaurants now
  6. I was thinking of slawing it, but it would make such a dramatic presentation cut in big pieces. I already thirded it, or I could've made it into a sort of vegetarian tomahawk chop. I wonder if there's some use for it other than regular broccoli stuff.
  7. Do you mean as a food item? Or...something more nefarious? I'll bet the stem is good once it is peeled.
  8. small h


    Not sure what you're thanking me for, but you're welcome!
  9. Yeah - how about $14 for the fries at Corner Bar?
  10. Fuku is about the same I think but fries included. I am more worried about $10 fries than the sandwich. Is that right? (Okay, website says $7.)
  11. I don't think they do, actually. Would clash with the concept.
  12. That’s about the going rate (maybe even a little low) for Trendy Gen-Y Chef Asian Chicken Sandwiches. That’s the same price at Double Chicken Please, while it’s $19 at Nowon, although the latter is notably larger The chicken sandwich at Saigon Social (RIP) eventually hit $22 - though that included tater tots or (dreadfully inferior) shoestring fries. But I’d happily pay $16 or more for the sandwich alone if she would put it back on the menu. (I actually don’t think I’ve been back since she dropped it, which might be me holding an unconscious grudge.) Comparative deal: bun aside (th
  13. See, once you break it out like that, are the prices really that outrageous? I'm guessing more like $25 for a good chicken sandwich and hopefully good fries. Using ketchup or mustard (which I'm assuming they have and is "free").
  14. small h


    I read the NYT review of Chambers, which mentioned eggplant parm made with cheddar and sungolds. And I have all those things, plus oyster mushrooms, so mine is better! Also string beans fried with onion and hot pepper. I picked out the skinniest ones for this.
  15. (They DO give you unlimited free water.)
  16. (I should note that they have almost no soft drinks -- and absolutely no palatable ones.)
  17. It's funny but I was going to (should have) asked @Sneakeater for the breakdown. $13 beer $10 fries $16 sandwich???
  18. This is like Wilfrid's complaint that the universally acclaimed and imitated Ssäm bar buns were twelvety times more expensive than the gnarly things sold under the Manhattan bridge. That $13 beer doesn't help.
  19. Like you, I don't eat much in fast casual places; oh sure, I'll grab a slice or two of pizza (and believe me, $5/slice aggravates me as much as it might shock your mother). I've never set foot in a popeye's, hence I don't know what that's all about. So I don't know what aggravates me more; your type of experience, or the $21 they (currently) charge for the Plymouth Martini I had the other night. On the one hand, I KNOW I can make the Plymouth Martini at home, and it will be the same (or better, because I'll have some snacks with it - an olive even) than the one served to me. But I al
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