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  2. The fish was great. Excellent. Superb. Our deferential waiter was very adept at steering my date, a very timid eater, away from the fillet mignon that I was unable to dissuade from ordering.
  3. Oh dear. I wish that happened to me at airports (when we were traveling).
  4. The sustainable sushi counter down the street from me is entertaining a handful of guests at the counter, and the chef is wearing a mask. Hopefully gloves.
  5. Yes but how was the fish? Or did you order wrong?
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  7. I am curious for counter-service type places what the chefs are wearing as far as PPP. Someone posted pictures at Noz and all he is wearing is a plastic shield that only covers his nose and mouth. And he blows on the food! No thank you! Have not been able to find pictures of any of the other similar places that are open (other sushi counters, atomix, brooklyn fare, etc).
  8. They pull you off the voting line and tell you walk right in cuz you look like you're too old stand that long.
  9. There's a South African candy bar called Peppermint Crisp which is often used to make a type of fridge tart. The bar was never available in the US, probably due to the fact that the dye used to turn the center a brilliant Kelly green wasn't allowed here. They can now be imported here, so I guess they changed the dye. I love Peppermint Crisp tart (had it in SA, and in the US made by people who smuggled the bars in), so I bought 5 bars for N plus the cookies used in the tart, Tennis Biscuits (light tea biscuit with coconut). You layer the Tennis biscuits with whipped cream that has caramel/d
  10. This machine seems to be selling at a very low price - either a mistake or who knows what?Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker, 27-Pound, Metallic Silver
  11. He passed away this morning. At least the one daughter at college was able to come home last night, and given all the morphine he was taking he probably wasn't in much pain.
  12. Behemoth


    Leftovers: leftover artichokes and a couple slices of prosciutto in a frittata. Old soft cheese made into Obatzda, eaten on whole wheat “pretzel-style” Knäckebrot. Castelvetrano olives. Kids had Nürnberg sausages because while they profess to care about animals and the environment, they don’t care so much that they would be willing to eat vegetables.
  13. small h


    Vegetarian meatball soy sphere parm, and penne with carrot greens pesto. Trying to get the freezer under control. This might take a while.
  14. My first try at... Japanese curry, not made from a purchased curry brick or purchased curry sauce. I did, however, use the S&B curry powder, along with home made roux, and stewed the other ingredients (carrots, peppers, onions, turnip, chicken thigh) in both dashi and stock. Over Japanese short-grain brown rice. Soon, will use this stuff in lieu of the S&B powder to make the curry powder and bricks...
  15. I'll try to dig out some later Boulez. I was indeed prompted to listen by Aucoin's savage review of Boulez's essays in the NYRB.
  16. Food any good? I have a slightly different perspective on formal service, which is that the entire set-up of somewhere like Le Bernardin has historical roots in performance -- or feigning, one might say. That tradition of dining was a representation of how the gentry ate in their stately homes, democratized for the urban middle (and upper) classes. The uniformed servers are playing the role of servants; guests are playing a role too (which they should dress up for). Within those roles, command and deference make sense. This relationship does not, of course, exist outside those roles. I ag
  17. I think $40mm of that is for guys who didn't play...David Wright, Cespedes, Strohman, Syndegaard. My point actually is about spending money wisely.
  18. Ours likes to do that in order to swat the unsuspecting passerby. We call it "troll under the bed." Tablecloths are also useful.
  19. We keep a top sheet on the bed so that the cats can sleep on the bed without us having to clean the comforter every week. One of our cats likes to hide under the sheet, but on the floor.
  20. Not that he has anything to do with Martin Amis anyway.
  21. Heller, maybe, but there was just the one big novel before he turned fifty. See with Salinger, he just stopped publishing fiction. Genet stopped publishing novels, and turned to the theater. I am looking for a novelist who kept right on publishing novels, but with a sharp decline in quality. Kingsley Amis, ironically, actually started publishing godawful rubbish about his mid-forties, but he came back much later with his best work (and he wasn’t a major novelist to start out with).
  22. Yesterday
  23. Looks like the Mets have a pretty hefty payroll. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/tax/
  24. It's been a half dozen years. I'd guess Ancho and New Mexico.
  25. Elgar: Symphony No. 1 (Davis/London Symphony Orchestra) Schmidt: Symphony No. 1 (P. Jarvi/Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2//Widmann: Inermezzi for Piano (Widmann/Schiff) Widor: Organ Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2 (Roth) DAOUI: MESSAGE FROM THE DAOUI Clipping.: Visions of Bodies Being Buried (OK, so we have to accept the fact that the best hip-hop band this side of RTJ is fronted by someone who starred in Hamilton) (although he was in Clipping. first)
  26. It has been a very entertaining series so far - I have no skin in the game, and the Dodgers did happen to beat the team we really loathe the most. I don't like the Dodgers for other reasons besides bragging rights with a best friend. They spend all the money, while the Mets sit on their asses and bank accounts. Here's hoping that will change on that front. I wish more baseball was played like these two teams play the game. Small ball. Big ball. Like - can the Mets get the batting coach from the Dodgers? 7, 8, 9 pitch at bats are just great. And look how productive they are. Shortstop
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