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  2. Something called a garlic confit sausage over Tepary beans. (I know that most of you would call the Health Dep't on me for how long I let those beans sit in my refrigerator. Let me tell you that they have reached a point of deliciousness over that period that is almost staggering. But don't worry: I have a series of meals planned that will accelerate my completion of them.) Some mustard spinach (which resembles the Holy Roman Empire in that it is neither mustard nor spinach) sautéed with green garlic. I managed to achieve a middle ground between the way I like my leafy greens cooked
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  4. Osteria Antica Mescita San Niccolò would be another nice choice for a reserved dinner. And will get you a little out of your neighborhood - but still walkable (up a hill, at least on the way there). Do get up Oltrarno, if anything to at least check out Santa Spirito. The old classic la Casalinga won't let you down, either. I know of, but not any more, which of course means nothing.
  5. la cucina del ghianda is literally right next to the flat. done.
  6. oops, i'd forgotten about that thread--will take another look now. our flat is very close to mercato sant ambrogio (<5 minute walk) and so i am sure we will hit it up at least once. even closer is a pizza place, la divina, that appears to be well-regarded. i'll be shocked if it isn't the source of an easy dinner one night. from googling i've also made a note of the following: buca dell'orafo; osteria vini e vichi sapori; osteria nuvoli; trattoria sergio gozzi. any commentary on them welcome from those who know them.
  7. I'd like to know whose jarred artichoke hearts they are using (they squeeze and bake them to dry them out a bit), because I'm not a fan of most jarred artichoke hearts, and the really good Italian ones would make that sandwich cost way more than $9. As would the giant grilled ones, sold by the pound, at places like DiPalo's.
  8. To enhance my post ex post facto, La Cucina del Ghianda and Trattoria Sabatino would both be good for casual lunches. As would Mercato Sant Ambrogio.
  9. Yep. Saw it and made notes of the places you went in case we go back anytime soon (no plans to do so). Since our time there was now 10 years ago, I didn't feel it would be of any help to name the places we liked even though (obviously) the CH thread where they were posted is no longer easily available. However, I do agree with you about the Central Market. Even back then (before the major renovation) it was in decline over our previous visits. We liked the one near us, in Santa Croce, much better.
  10. Filling in details, a roast turnip salad with sour cream; an enormous portion of pork shoulder with lentils; an unremarkable wedge of Camembert. Everything is basically portioned for two hungry people. I barely got halfway through the pork. Wine comes in generous quartinos; I ordered the cheese because I still had plenty of red. ISC pet nat from Illinois (pink and a bit too sweet) Bodegas Cuevas orange (excellent) A Catalan red I can’t find on the online list (Can Suriol I think) The list of dessert wines (includes aperitifs and digestifs) is wild.
  11. In Sienna I once stopped into this random place cuz it was there and I was hungry. I had a dish called something like Rusted Automobile Parts. It turned out to be the best rabbit stew I have ever had. The place was on a street somewhere. Highly recommended.
  12. I must have walked past this place about a million times. Little did I realize . . . . https://www.bonappetit.com/story/artichoke-parm-history-new-york
  13. Ended up at the West Loop branch of Avec. Inside, almost an exact carbon copy of Momofuku Ssam Bar, but with Mediterranean food. Nice service, good food, very interesting wine list. Preceded by drinks at Moneygun around the corner. Dive bar with classic cocktails and, again, nice service. Sad that Avec sits right next door to the very closed Blackbird.
  14. I'm sure you saw this, no? (it's from the last 6 months, not 10 years ago)
  15. Yes, yes you are. This was part of my adventures in sous vide back in April.
  16. please suggest places to eat in florence. looking for casual lunch places where we can stop between touristing, and dinner places that are preferably bookable (online or by phone). our flat is at the intersection of via dell'agnolo and via michelangelo buonarroti but happy to walk/cab anywhere within reason. and if you have particular places you'd recommend for lunches in san gimignano, siena, voltera, montalcino etc.--or for that matter, in pisa--let me have those as well.
  17. Song of Women by The HU & Lzzy Hale
  18. Fresh Pacific wild king salmon, salted ( a la many, though Kenji likes to pretend it was his idea) for like 6 hours, pan cooked. Skin got nice and crispy this way. Tater tots. Cucumber, tomato, avocado, radish deconstructed salad
  19. So basically the championship series is over unless Spoelstra can get the Heat to defend well and drain threes. Can he?
  20. It's funny. The dinner I was planning for tomorrow is in many ways very different from this -- but in other ways really similar. I think I'm going to need to interpose something between the two.
  21. Copper River Sockeye. I was thinking of smoking it. But the last thing I needed today was more smoke taste in my mouth. So, rubbed it with dill, fennel pollen, salt, and pepper, and then butter-poached it with spring onion, lemon, and capers. Every recipe I've ever seen for butter poached salmon tells you to discard the skin after you remove it upon completion of poaching. Because I'm just like @small h, like hell I am. I crisped the skin in more butter. It was a nice bacon-like side dish, delicious dipped into the ramekin of surplus sauce. Also on the side, asparagus s
  22. allagash tripel belgian-style ale - 9.2% abv. apparently this was the fourth beer that allagash sold the public back in 99, which is interesting to me because I had no idea this was relatively new when I first had it. this is a terrific example of a yeast driven beer. there’s a pleasant malt sweetness underneath everything that works well with the eatery yeast notes (pear, something I can’t place) and a little bit of hops. this doesn’t have the depth that the best belgian beers examples do but this is nice and I’m sure I’ll buy more of this soon.
  23. Steve R.


    Great pictures of a great meal. Unfortunately, there was no chicken. Moreover, one mistake in the above report, probably caused by Bonner's ortolan comments. The special food we finished off was the percebes, comp'ed by Ori/Sivan to everyone at the bar until they ran out. I think they said something about getting some more in on Saturday? Very glad we went. They even found me a natural white wine to drink by the glass that wasn't cloudy, cider-y or fizzy. The folks at the bar to our left had some very nice looking chops that Ginny would've loved to sink her teeth into. Soon. Co
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