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  2. I used to eat Manischewitz gefilte fish straight out of the jar. Anyone ever dressed them in Nantua sauce? A stretch too far?
  3. baked branzini with potatoes and onion braised zucchini and cherry tomatoes apricot and peach galette for dessert. there’s a layer of homemade frangipane between the fruit and the crust.
  4. My cousin Jonathan’s bar mitzvah in The Hamptons? And in answer to your other question, I’d probably eat gefilte fish no matter how it was shaped.
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  6. I would like to acknowledge the huge contribution of Burlap & Barrel Buffalo Ginger Date Sugar (gifted to me by @Jesikka) to this dish.
  7. Imagine how the person who wrote that must have felt. You can probably STILL hear them laughing from wherever they are.
  8. Bluefish with red currant sauce. I made it up, and it came out pretty much as I intended yo. (Well I was hoping it might look better.) Sautéed purslane (with LOTS of green garlic) on the side. This time I intended to open a Feinherb. And I did! 2013 Ratzenberger Bacharacher Riesling Kabinett Feinherb See I wanted a wine that wasn't bone dry, but wasn't so sweet that it would make the berry sauce seem cloying (even with berries as tart as red currants). (Or maybe what I mean is, a sweeter wine would have made the berries seem even tarter -- whereas a totally dry wine wou
  9. Right, but did you look at the Ensslin "Cocktails" I listed? Your definition would exclude at least a couple that he included.
  10. Our cherry and grape tomatoes are coming in, so we had mini-sandwiches with tomato slices on pain epi "leaves" with unsalted cultured butter.
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  12. I'm looking for a place that I can get into this Thursday that has nice enough nigiri for Mrs AB and I, but also has a roll collection that a six year old who thinks she really likes sushi would be satisfied.
  13. Yes, my bad, it was a traditional Maine split top bun, which has no sides to it and just looks like toast once it’s loaded up. The price was around $30; with a beer and tip/tax it was close to a $50 snack, a little less. At least there was a serious amount of lobster.
  14. I made pancakes too (photo is the leftovers hanging out in the fridge).
  15. First Sunday since February where we weren’t rushing to one of the boy’s sporting activities meant I had time to make pancakes for breakfast.
  16. Reminds me of when hippy parents of our son's pre-school friend invited us to dinner. Dessert was this drop-dead delicious bowl full of lemony custard and huge cheezy globs. "This is wonderful!" I crooned. "What do you call it?" The mother looked at me blankly and answered, "Cheesecake".
  17. spaghetti di mezzanotte (midnight spaghetti), glass of white wine
  18. Parents should limit their kids’ Googling capacity.
  19. No sooner do I note that Pete Wells is arguably the longest serving regular restaurant critic at the Times than I see Platty is hanging up his bib after 22 years at New York magazine.
  20. How about if it was shaped like a burger and put on a burger bun? In an ice cream cone? Just what are your boundaries? I can't remember who did it or where it was when I had gefilte fish that was molded as a fish & served w/a "side" of horseradish. That worked.
  21. How much was it? Lobster rolls have been the worst victims of inflation lately.
  22. When Red Hook had a location on Extra Pl., in the EV, we had lobster rolls there a few times. Always served on a toasted split top bun. In @Wilfrid’s case, I think the roll fell apart, which can sometime happen when overloaded with lobster, leading him to think it was just toasted bread.
  23. are you sure that's toast? looks like a traditional split top bun to me.
  24. kings county brewing collective the blork has landed oak aged wild lager lager aged in wine barrels halleratu mittlefrüh, tettnang & saphir hops barley & rice - bottled 8/21, 5.3% abv. this is a solid example of a bretty beer - there’s a bright set of not to acidic flavors that taste more like beer that’s spent time in white wine barrels than anything else. there’s basically one big flavor that not that detailed (lemon meringue, brett, white wine) and I don’t know why they used a lager to make this, but it’s pretty pleasant and so on.
  25. --Grilled lamb shoulder chops --Frisee and grilled peach salad --Leftover curried green beans --Half-size G&T to drink (only 1/2 oz. gin per cocktail)
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