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  1. That list makes me salivate. It's good to see you're still here, Jan! I see Lauren daily on Facebook, but have not talked to anyone from here for a few years! If you want to hit Tacoma in the summer, I'm happy to organize. Is Connie still around? If so, maybe we can co-coordinate. My current burger infatuation is the Walker Burger at Maxwell's. BOTM already paid worship to the Asado burger, which remains one of my favorite burgers in all of Tacoma land, but they have a burger dip now that absolutely makes me swoon (and the yuca fries. Oh. God. The yuca fries! I want to make disgusting chom
  2. Monday the 20th is a good day for me too....and so far for everyone else I think. How about we choose that? I think I could do 20th, too. or 21st or 22nd.
  3. Anyone up for a BoM outing next week? I'm open the 22nd or 23rd. Let's go with the 23rd. Anyone else in? What time works for you Lauren? We're flexible... Anytime 6:30 or later works for me. Paul will probably come too. Ack, I didn't see this. Is it too late to sway you back to the 22nd? I can only make that night. If not, I'll just go on my own or with a later group. the 22nd works better for me, too.
  4. It was a fun evening at Maggie Bluffs the other night, but sorry the weather didn't cooperate and we had to have our burgers inside! Crazy weather! Also the location was a bit tricky to get to, but the view is great once you are there. The burger and fish n chips were good, but the burger not nearly as good as other places we've been. Eden and I asked for ours Medium Rare and it came out more like Medium Well, and on hindsight, I think the server did say at the beginning they are all cooked the same, medium, but we were hoping for some leniency. The cheese was a little skimpy and over
  5. We'll miss you Rocky. Ok, we'll see the rest of you next Tue, Aug. 31 at 6:30pm! I'll get there a bit early to try and grab a table (no reservations taken), or if someone else gets their first, please grab a table! This is the list of who we've got going so far. If anyone else would like to join us, please do! Lauren & Paul Sally Simpleton +1 Eden & Bill Leslie Maggie Bluffs 2601 West Marina Place Seattle, WA 98199 Phone: 206-283-8322
  6. We're in. 630 or later is better for us, but we can work around early if needed. quick update: Bill has to work, so it it's just me & I can do any time that works for y'all. 6:30pm works for me, too. Does that time work for everyone else? We can make it at 7pm or 7:30pm if that is better...
  7. The 31st works for me, too! I'm flexible on the time, too, what time works for you all?
  8. Maggie Bluff's is great for an end of summer pick while the weather is still good as they also have patio dining. They don't take reservations, but said the waits aren't usually more than 15 or 20 minutes when they are busy, even for a group. I can go early to secure a table.
  9. I've been tagged and sorry I have not gotten something organized yet for this month, it's flying by! Do you still want try for this month, or should we extend this one into Sept? Let me know! I'm free Mondays through Thursdays of each week usually. Tavern Law was recently mentioned as a possibility, and Five Guys was the favorite inexpensive burger recommended by the author of the article Fred linked to. They are in Northgate and Renton, I think. I'm also interested in the burger at Talouse Petit, which is advertised as a mix of rib eye, skirt steak and short rib. Eats Market Cafe in
  10. Thanks da goose, that sounds perfect and exactly what I'm looking for, a platter of different cookies. I'll give them a call!
  11. Thanks Lauren! I will try those places. Today I tried an assortment of Bakery Nouveau's cookies (I had high hopes) and they were good but not great, and a couple fell apart in my hands, they are so big. I prefer some smaller ones if possible.
  12. I'm free the 28th and would love to join in.
  13. I need to buy an assortment of cookies for a large family reunion. Which bakery(ies) in Seattle do you recommend for delicious cookies?
  14. I'm in! Looking forward to seeing you! I'm happy with any place you or Rocky chooses!
  15. If I'm in town I would love to meet up with you again!
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