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  1. Big deal...even I'm sexier than oregano. "your too sexy for your oregano..."
  2. I love oysters and I wish I could meet you, but, unfortunately I'm not free on Tuesday evenings. Have a wonderful trip beachfan!
  3. tsquare, sending positive thoughts to you and best wishes...
  4. Wonderful news GG, Congratulations!
  5. Thanks Eden and Wendy! I've just found more free stuff Krispy Kreme Free Ben and Jerry's scoop of ice cream from 5-8pm, and more... Free Election Day Stuff
  6. I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but KIROtv.com reports that today Starbucks is offering a free tall cup of coffee to anyone who comes in and asks! I think I'll stop in when I'm out. Free Starbucks Coffee on Election Day
  7. Happy Birthday to Stephanie and Screamie!
  8. Sami (my cat) and I are sending positive thoughts to BooBoo for a speedy recovery.
  9. I'm just catching up with this thread and late to the party, but hopefully not too late for voting... I got a horse and will keep voting in the days ahead if it's still on... good luck peppyre!
  10. Happy belated birthdays to Miguel, Charcoop and cdh and Happy Birthday to Joiei!
  11. Sorry to hear of the devastation. Where did the rest of the posts go? There should be a link on this thread to them.
  12. I was able to buy lots of big juicy blueberries at the West Seattle Farmer's market on Sunday.
  13. Congrats Monkeymay, what a perfect diner, loved the slide show ... wish you were here!
  14. What a lucky pup! Congrats Squeat!
  15. Peter and Jaymes, I am glad you are safe and am sorry for the devastation and loss to your area, including your homes. I was heartened to read about the excellent response of Lowes, which I would have not known about had I not read it here... thanks.
  16. I second that! Looking forward to pictures and hopefully even recipes ... It sounds like it was a wonderful party and I was sorry I could not make it.
  17. I've never thought of using melba toast as a crispy crumb coating for pork chops, but it sounds and looks delicious and will have to try it.. Stay safe Peter... Give a shout out when it's over and you are back online so we know you made it through ok... I recall you are right on the beach at Houston, which I believe is where the hurricane is headed?
  18. I didn't watch the show, in fact I completely forgot about the show, but while channel flipping, I did see the re-play of that day on MSNBC of events as they unfolded, something I had avoided doing for the last several years. It brought back some tears and those awful feelings of watching it unfold. I feel, though, I might be ready to watch a documentary about it now.
  19. We will be away on Sunday and won't be able to come, unfortunately. Have a wonderful time and I'll look forward to hearing about it!
  20. Thanks Cathy, Priscilla and peppyre! I just ordered one!
  21. Does anyone here have experience with the FURminator deShedding Tool? Amazon.com has a very good sale on them today HERE . So far everything I have heard about them is very good.
  22. Happy belated Birthday to The Princess, hope you had a good one yesterday!
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