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  1. https://lecoucou.com/menus/dinner/
  2. There is now another option other than waiting. https://www.rosesluxury.com/reservations/
  3. Band of Bohemia has had a fairly recent Chef change.
  4. I recently heard of the passing of Liz Haskell. She will always leave a impression upon my family’s heart. Truly, she was a rare human being. Much love! RIP, Liz. ❤️
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  6. I love both Little Serow and Bad Saint. If I had to guess I would say the line/wait at Bad Saint would likely be longer then Little Serow. Only because Bad Saint is the hot restaurant at moment. Though even with Little Serow I suspect it's all depends on the day you are visiting. Also you may want to consider Himitsu.
  7. I went a few weeks ago. Throughly enjoyed it, and expect the Michelin man will also this fall.
  8. Call Schwa in the early afternoon. Allow phone to ring a few times. Hang up and immediately call back.
  9. Some photos from a recent meal at Roses Luxury. I absolutely love this restaurant! https://www.flickr.com/photos/84954050@N00/sets/72157645031390333/
  10. I can't imagine Saison being past its prime as its only been in its new location a bit more then a year. Everything I've heard recently is outstanding.
  11. While having my first cup of coffee this morning it occured to me who the yellow king is may be. With only two days to go I am unsure if I am proud of myself or angry. The subtle hints were there all along...Damn good show though.
  12. The same law has been on the books in New York State and others for years. Rarely enforced, unless the inspector is having a bad day.
  13. Talk about high expectations. This past July I went on a family road trip to Austin solely to visit Franklins. (With a pit stop in Chicago) Got there at 6.15am and still was third in line. 4000 miles later, I think it was worth it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/84954050@N00/9390867936/
  14. Looks like lobster cassoulet will be appearing on the menu.
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    Her recent tweet made correction. http://insatiable-critic.com/Article.aspx?id=1815
  16. Schwa is like having a very unpredictable boss and never knowing the mood he/she will be in. I've been 5 times and each time as been very different. Doing your homework and research before going is essential, as its not for everyone. Glad you enjoyed! Edited. So glad you did not bring Jamison. No doubt they have a stash that will last until 2062.
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    Wouder if the pork was sous vide prior to grilling.
  18. Well you best check his Instagram account also. Last photo 15 hours ago was flying over Scotland.
  19. "Oh yeah...the foie gras came out frozen!!!!" http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-elm-williamsburg?sort_by=date_desc
  20. I simply think he could care less how much Bordier butter is placed before him. From Stupak to Dufresne, from wine at 71CFF to L' Ambroisie. I could be wrong, but I always had the impression that if he was going to rip you one. You had a better chance throwing a lobe of foie at the mexican cartel to ward them off. With that said. We have never met in person and only my observation from afar.
  21. I'm not convinced that is something Steve ever had difficulty with.
  22. Recent Serpico review. http://www.philly.com/philly/food/20130929_Crazy-wonderful_food_presentations.html#Wx3fLlRX6BgGhcMw.01
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