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    Paris Apartments

    Splinky.If you're still looking for a rental apt in paris a very good source is www.vrbo.com. You deal with the owners directly with no agency fees Good luck
  2. I have eaten Paella Valenciana for many years.I was curious to have the real thing ,so even before arriving to Valencia, I searched for the best .Restorante levante and Casa Roberto were the ones mentioned.I requested a solo reservation through email ,but there was no response.So ,when I arrived in Valencia recently, I called them ,still no success.The problem is that Paella is cooked for 2 people,which means a solo can not eat Paella in Valencia.So How can I leave Valencia without having savored one of the most famous dish in the world.I found the 3d best place close to the hotel and ea
  3. A week ago,I dined at these two restaurants.L'hedoniste was much better.L'accueil was warm and the service very attentive.For instance, They offered a few wines to taste before choosing the white and red glass of wine to accompany dinner.I had the St jacques with legumes .An innovative treatment ,meaning contrasting flavors and very tasty.The main was canard roti,rather classic but delicious.Total cost of food alone without wine was around 50 euros.I guess lunch is a much better deal. Les Bistronomes was empty on a wed evening.Another diner came later.He was chinese,so we spoke about china
  4. Recently I dined at Septime and Akrame.They both fell in the innovative category and as such interesting to compare.Septime was much better.Each dish was beautifully designed,Contrasts between flavors were more distinct and each bite from the same dish was different.An amazing experience similar to the one's I had a week earlier in Barcelona at Alkimia and Cinc Sentis. Akrame is not bad . Its more like noise and thunder, rather than the real thing and some dishes were better than others.i,e the duck was quite decent ,while the celeri salad was ordinary.
  5. . Restaurant memorable week I ate at some amazing restaurants recently .Often one is lucky if 50% of the restaurants are exciting but but a 100% satisfaction is a record. Mon night was at Le grand Pan.(15e).20 rue rosenwald,01 42 50 02 50.Ate at the bar.Had a mouthwatering cote de veau with crispy house french fries.Walked 35 min to get there. Tues had lunch with john .John spends 9 months in Paris ,discovering new restaurants of merit.He is a great resource.The restaurant was Rech,62 ave des termes(17e),01 54 72 29 47. Seafood is the thing here and it delivered with fly
  6. I was looking forward to having dinner at this new restaurant. I had been following on this board, Christine's effort to create a restaurant of merit. Picnic is a small and attractive. We started with New England chowder and crabcake with herb remoulade. The crabcake was delicious,but the sauce was boring. The chowder,quite tasty, was unfortunately a bit sandy. Christine was very apologetic and did not charge me. The main dishes were walnut crusted halibut and pan roasted duck with fig and blackberry compote. The halibut was a winner,rich and crunchy. The duck with its crisp skin was flav
  7. Another important element is Pricing.In Paris there is a new trend by young up and coming Chefs of offering 2 or 3 course lunches or dinners at an attractive price 15 to 20 euros (1 euro=$1.33) and 25 to 30 euros for dinners.Total cost includes taxes and service. This approach ,specially in today's economy has been successful .I have spoken to many of them.Its an issue of being a good manager in controlling costs and motivating employees.I believe ,there is a great opportunity for such as restaurant in NJ that offers an attractive menu at a reasonable cost.
  8. Good quality ingredients, simply prepared Versus pretentious preparations.BYO . Good luck
  9. The article appeared in the travel section of the new york times(4-15-10).Indeed.Voyageur is right its hardly news. L'agrume was discussed on this board 3 months ago .Incidentally its the best out of the 5 reviewed and Jadis likewise was talked about a year ago. ITs amazing that mouthful seems to be ahead of the new york times
  10. Thanks for the good info on KGB and L'Agrume, Pierre. But it would be helpful if you also commented on your disappointing meal at Mets Gusto. FWIW, here is Mets Gusto's company line. I had lunch with a foodie friend of mine at Mets Gusto's. Actually it was his suggestion.I started with poulpe and needed a loupe to find the pieces,followed by st jacques,which was not bad but not worth the money.This is a pretentious place with very little merit.
  11. Recently I had dinner at these 2 restaurants and Mets Gusto,touted as the best 2009 bistrot by Pudlo guide .It was an excellent way to see the difference between the good and the lousy.Tells you that guide books are not always reliable KGB(6th arrondissement).The name stands for kitchen gallerie bis .Its an offshoot of Ze kitchen by its chef W Ledeuil.Its very well done fusion cuisine, the inspiration is modern french with asian influence.The result is delightful such as the appetizers of 4-5 small mouthfuls,followed by wild duck with various cooked vegetables.Count on spending around 50 a l
  12. UP in the air is not only entertaining but also a commentary about today's society.Families no longer the focus of our lives , The impersonal nature of our relationships,from the menu driven telephone responses to text messaging and the pursuit of fast kicks and the lack of caring about others.
  13. You're right.The whole thing is meant for the average citizen .They feel safer ,assuming that the government protects them. Unfortunately.Its difficult to safeguard against any future new approaches by determined Bad guys.Actually this is nothing new.They have always existed;e,e the anarchists ,etc.However ,the mindless bureaucracy is not very effective either.
  14. Victor, What did your technical guru tell you as to how you became infected? I was told that you can get the virus from many sources I.e emails,opening a file from google search,etc. They said its new and bypasses many installed anti virus system. I tried to delete it in a safe mode from my registry and various files.It was well hidden and I was not succesfull I am glad that not too many people on this board have been affected so far.
  15. That's horrendous, Pierre. Are you running windows and internet explorer, or a different combination of platforms? Yes I am running window XP with internet explorer. Also Sohos is the antivirus protection on my laptop,which obviousely was ineffective.
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