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  1. Correct on both statements. But as I said in the first post - we're (this group) is not the average American. I do wish someone, anyone would read what I write instead or pulling sentences out of context. It's not the first time this has happened. A good friend of mine just recovered from CD19, he is a lucky one - now he's immune unless another strain forms. On the other hand we have to survive the next several weeks or months while worrying.
  2. There will be a small percentage that will suffer long term ptsd but most people recover in about 3 weeks. Yep. That's just crap and you know it.
  3. ...and you of all people should know better than to compare 1918 to 2020.
  4. By they way these are also the same things that were said to me when in early February I was criticized for saying this would be very serious. And that was based on strong medical information. Fantasy is nice - reality is what gets us through the day.
  5. There will be a small percentage that will suffer long term ptsd but most people recover in about 3 weeks. If you really believe that - there's a bridge I'd like you to buy.
  6. It's hard to believe people can't tell the difference between 9/11, 1918 and this - that's just myopic.
  7. Missing the whole point of my comment. It's not about money or wanting. How long will it take a 4-top to feel comfortable sitting next to another 4-top, sitting next to another 4-top? How long will it take people to feel comfortable to go to those very, very close theater seats. How long will it take people to fly in close quarters? How long will it take people to sit in a closed arena to watch a sporting event? How long will it take people to visit a friend's home for a dinner party of six or eight? Could go on and on, but remember, the foodie population here is a l
  8. Why would anyone assume there will be restaurants in a post-Corona world? We may get so used to not having them, that we may realize we don't need them.
  9. So Russia (if one believes their numbers) has only 1852 CD19 people and they have done little to contain. What are they doing right that the rest of the world isn't?
  10. ...and if you come to Staten Island, I'm preparing an Easter Feast. Leaving most of the food in the lobby for people to take as needed. God bless all.
  11. Well if you want to visit Midwood and/or Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you can still experience the real thing. CD19 not allowed there(s).
  12. Rich

    Today I played...

    Beach Boys - Kokomo. Always thought it was their most underrated song.
  13. Found this new show on re-runs - "Law & Order" - it's very good and there are 456 episodes to watch.
  14. Parsley pesto is very nice - add a bit of nutmeg. Dill - buy a fresh salmon filet and - well you know the rest.
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