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  1. looks good. but what does this have to do with new jersey?
  2. what, you have to imagine the cheese now?
  3. mongo_jones

    Jim Brown

    can't believe the one from the dirty dozen isn't on there.
  4. and just to clarify, i am looking for recommendations based on recent personal experience. google even i have access to.
  5. thinking lunch on day 4 might be better done at mercato testaccio.
  6. we will have four dinners and three-four lunches available in rome. it's not clear that we'll eat every one of those meals out (as opposed to bringing goodies back to the airbnb on an evening or two) but assuming we do, this is what i am currently thinking (based on reading various blogs etc.): dinner, night 1: a few hours after arrival from naples we are booked for dinner at santo palato; feel free to advise against or in greater favour of someplace else lunch, day 2: will almost certainly be pizza after finishing up with touring the colosseum etc. thinking antico forno roscioli
  7. well, in those cases i wouldn't expect them to have heard of those writers (we do read fisher).
  8. yeah, i'm not sure about the palio at all. our italian friends said we should do it but the more i think about it the less appealing it becomes. maybe if the boys were older. on the fodors forum--which seems quite solid--the thinking seems to be that it's better to leave the car at the parking at the station at poggibonsi and take the train or bus to siena. of course, that would rule out an onward drive to montalcino.
  9. worth a day on its own or does the stopover on the way to milan make sense? (i am just opposed to zero displacement travel.)
  10. okay, everything is pretty much set. here is the near-final itinerary: day 1 (monday): arrival in naples in the evening day 2: wander naples; visit the museum day 3: off to pompeii first thing in the morning, dropping bags at the station luggage drop; return to naples in the late afternoon, pick up bags and take train to rome, arriving in the early evening day 4: rome: colosseum etc. (tickets purchased) day 5: rome: vatican city (tour purchased) day 6: rome: ostia antica*? (please advise on best way to get there, how much time to spend there etc.) day 7: rome
  11. ...when you're discussing anthony bourdain with your food writing class and only some of them really have more than a vague idea of who he was but many of them say their parents were really into him.
  12. i hope to add an average of one entry per year in this thread going forward. first up, i want to recommend kathiyawadi kitchen in sayreville. look, i have a terrible sense of new jersey geography. i only recently learned that new brunswick is not in southern new jersey and that half the goddamned state is below it. so maybe some of you who live in new jersey are in fact relatively close to sayreville. i can say that if you are, kathiyawadi kitchen is very much worth a stop. they specialize in the food of kathiyawar, one of the major regions of gujarat. the correct move is to get the kathi
  13. well, the 120 days of sodom is our family's favourite movie...
  14. 300% is the low-end of normal, i think, for non-high end bottles. could be wrong. i would not have been surprised to see a higher markup at a place like that.
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