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  1. given how full of piss and vinegar i am it means a lot that i have more contempt for kenji than anyone else in the food world who has not been accused of/is guilty of criminal behaviour against other people.
  2. that led zeppelin article is unbelievably bad.
  3. a renowned lover of iraqi children.
  4. which is not to say that i miss egullet.
  5. also: i think i missed when egullet closed.
  6. for some reason i'm only just seeing these responses. yes, he's clearly singing "beautiful baby of broadway"--god knows why the title is listed as "baby of bombay".
  7. wait, everyone didn't enjoy the everywhereist piece? i knew you were all dead on the inside but i didn't know you were so dead on the inside.
  8. look, i hate to break it to you but I tried my best to revelry this instrument but was unable to do so. and how dare you call me artlessly weird?!!
  9. i am, of course, kidding. i believe you all when you speak of sondheim's greatness and importance. but for whatever reason i am unable to connect with the american/british musical theater tradition, leave alone make meaningful distinctions within it. i've begun to think in the last few days--as i've been trying to listen to original cast performances of sondheim's songs--that it might have something to do with the manner of vocal delivery.
  10. so he was better than andrew lloyd webber?
  11. almost had to cancel thanksgiving tonight. first mrs. jones came back from the grocery store with boxes of jiffy honey corn muffin mix. then when i went to exchange them for the regular they didn't have any. no soofle, no thanksgiving. fortunately, they had a few boxes of store-brand corn muffin mix. shit better be substitutable.
  12. i don't think heaven's door is a distillery (yet). and even if it has opened i doubt they are selling anything they have distilled. right now they're probably bottling sourced/contracted spirit with their branding/labels.
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