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  1. my apologies to your employers at the newark tourism department. tell them you can’t put a price on the secondhand smoke high we got from walking around washington square park.
  2. well, we ended up leaving a bit early to leave enough time to repack a bit before heading to the airport. got into the uber at the corner of chrystie and hester at 2.30 and were back in the hotel at 3.05. driver said 3.30 might have been cutting it too fine for 4.15.
  3. got the sushi deluxe combo. excellent value at $43. pedestrian rice but more than decent fish.
  4. and our uber driver says 3-3.30 departure from manhattan to make it back by 4.15.
  5. too late. we’re off to manhattan. also, we need to burn the day.
  6. manager at hotel breakfast said, leave manhattan at 3 to be safe.
  7. mongo_jones

    tomo 21?

    thanks to lufthansa, we are stranded in newark for a day. we’re heading to manhattan after breakfast and are hoping to eat sushi for lunch. is tomo 21 decent? their menu seems like it will appeal to the younger boy who is not a fan of sushi. and if so, things to do in the general vicinity before or after before heading back to the airport hotel in the late afternoon to pick up our bags? speaking of the return to the hotel. we need to be back there by 4.15. when should we plan to head back to be back safely in time? we’ll be uber’ing. if very bored, you can read about our trave
  8. this is another entry in eater's patented genre: barely re-written press release masquerading as an article.
  9. though, of course, i've always rooted for argentina against england. both because i root for everyone against england* but also because it upsets the english so much when they lose to argentina. *unless it's the u.s, in which case i root for both to lose somehow.
  10. easily the best world cup final i've ever watched--and i've watched all of them live since 1986. agreed: i've rarely rooted for argentina, even when they had individual players i loved, on account of their general cynical approach. but i was rooting for messi. hard to slot this game into my usual europe vs. the global south schematic--where i always root for the global south team (unless it's argentina vs. holland in the pre messi era). france's team is essentially a global south team; less white than argentina.
  11. was there just one official feed? we watched on youtube tv (with 4k). i don't know if they didn't show it or i just missed it in all the tension but the argentine goalie's shenanigans during the penalty shootout were quite something. he got a yellow between the 3rd and 4th kick!
  12. some very good covers on the soundtrack of i'm not there. really like john doe's "pressing on".
  13. penalty shootouts involve a lot of skill and psychology and are very exciting.
  14. the braised meats were the most successful dishes at our owamni dinner. not that that is saying very much given how bad most of the rest of it was.
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