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  1. and it's a part of the cantonese canon writ large, not just (or also, depending on how you read the sentence) the chinese-american canon.
  2. re owamni, it is probably fair to say--as i noted in my review--that the version of the menu we had in february may not have been the best showcase for what they do. it was a prix fixe four-course meal. the rest of the year they do a different kind of thing and it may well be better. but most of what we ate was so bad that i am not in a hurry to go back and put that possibility to the test. and i really wanted to like it.
  3. i got yelled at a lot online for that one. (on a twin cities fb food group.) you might note that the new yorker article also has little to say about the food served by the restaurant beyond describing a few dishes.
  4. try being a single malt whisky drinker dealing with american liquor store employees. i got so accustomed to mispronouncing the names of distilleries to move things along that i did it even when in the u.k. at berry brothers & rudd in london the manager made what i think he thought was a sly joke at my expense. he'd given me a bit of an auchroisk to taste and i made a comment about how distilleries like auchroisk make good whisky that flies under most american whisky drinkers' radar. he responded saying something like, "yes, so much so that most people don't even know how to pronounce their
  5. but i get likes out of it?
  6. currently dancing to it on tik tok.
  7. email? no, grandpa, we saw it on instagram.
  8. i cannot believe that editors at the ny times food section don't know about injera or dosas.
  9. see, i didn't know that. wouldn't it be nice if an aside in the piece prodded me to look for more info on all that?
  10. today i saw a very nice piece (with recipe) by yewande komolafe in the ny times on sinasir, a nigerian dish. if it's a very nice piece why am i mentioning it here? only because i am struck by the fact that it seemingly did not occur to anyone in editorial to make any note of the similarity of sinasir--in form, preparation, appearance or function--to the south indian dosa. shouldn't this similarity be of enough interest to at least be noted, given that one dish is from west africa and the other from south india? nor is there any mention of injera, which is also made in a similar way (albeit wit
  11. ah, too bad. i'd hoped to take the missus whenever we next got up to the bay area. neither of us has been up there since my first and only dinner at manresa in 2007. to think we paid $200/head (with wine, tax and tip) then for the tasting menu... (i've sadly also parted ways with the friend i ate that dinner with.)
  12. mongo_jones

    The Beatles

    well, you can hardly blame me for the mixup when your secret love of mantovani and his orchestra is also well-known.
  13. mongo_jones

    The Beatles

    look, we know you were really watching kenny ball and his orchestra. it's okay: you don't need to take your shame out on the beatles.
  14. mongo_jones

    The Beatles

    well, there was a video of pete townshend in 1965 or something talking about how none of the english rock and roll scene would have been possible without the beatles. i can't remember why/how you dismissed that one but you found a way.
  15. mongo_jones

    The Beatles

    i've been looking for that dylan quote for a while (saw it referenced in an interview a long time ago). dylan is obviously confused as well.
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