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  1. plummeting productivity seems like a positive development to me.
  2. could the variable be how cold the eggs were on the two occasions when they went into the pan?
  3. i just love the idea expressed by the police surveillance: that anyone would want to watch porn without jerking off.
  4. i was trying to remember what his sex/arrest scandal from 10 years or so ago was about and came upon this great sentence: "Jafor says business has been slow because of the police inspections—despite such film offerings as King Dong Vol. 2 and Nut Busters." from here.
  5. ignore, keep going. it'll catch up.
  6. i was being coy. steve had mentioned he would probably send my pork and beans recipe (made with large white limas) out to their bean club. i look forward to alison roman making a few changes to it and rebranding it.
  7. hmmm i wonder which pork and lima recipe that is...
  8. we have a great little nursery in town who've been able to get me most of what i want in past years. alas, the ownership changed in the early spring but the new owner has apparently been working with the previous to keep things ticking along as they were before. i've given them my wishlist and am hoping they'll be able to get it all.
  9. for the first time in five years i am looking forward to the growing season. in 2016 we moved from a house where my garden got 8 hours of sunlight to a house where i'm lucky if it gets 5. tomatoes and peppers have been abject failures every year. this year, i finally managed to get a plot in a community garden about a 10 minute walk away. the plot is larger than any garden i've ever had and gets a minimum of 10 hours of direct sunlight a day in the summer. deer are apparently an issue but i'll take that. planning to grow a LOT of tomatoes and peppers along with some cauliflower and maybe some fancy radishes in year 1. i'll also be looking to plant some berries with a view towards next year. the garden at home i think i'll turn into a full-on herb garden.
  10. dylan paid tribute to little richard specifically at his hall of fame induction speech. he also demolished in a couple of sentences mike love's assholery from a few speeches prior (the beach boys were inducted the same evening).
  11. but yeah, i'm not that into the privileging of the voices and perspectives of chef/owners like this guy or hamilton over the situations of their workers, who they often talk about in paternalistic ways. there are very few restaurants whose specific closings will be actual catastrophes and all these chef/owners will be fine even when they close (which is not to say that these closings may not be sad). but every worker who slides into poverty or gets sick and dies will be a catastrophe. let's hear (from) less of/about the former and more from/about/of the latter.
  12. shouldn't his personal wealth be already separated from the corporation that presumably owns the restaurants?
  13. re tea: it's very big and also very shallow--what kind of teapot or cup would that go into where the leaves would actually steep?
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