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  1. they "published" a booklet of indian bean recipes by some asshole who doesn't even know that indians don't eat curry.
  2. rancho gordo jumped the shark last evening.
  3. and my last report. 7. gates bar-b-q
  4. now the neverly brothers.
  5. a link would be useful. here it is: 6. voltaire.
  6. mongo is lazy and is not really doing research for these seat of the pants write-ups that are written in just about the time it takes to type them. actually, that's true of almost everything on my blog. penultimate kansas city write-up today: of dinner at voltaire of which i say that it presents "a kind of portable and seemingly highly replicable global eclecticism that seemingly takes cues from everywhere and is everywhere but is not of anywhere: a menu that has hummus, Thai curry, Moroccan sausage, Spanish octopus, fish tacos etc. alongside each other; all of it passed, of course, throu
  7. that first blog post covers all the touristy stuff we did. other than waldo thai the only entirely non-barbecue meal we had was at voltaire.
  8. we spent a few days in kansas city towards the middle of july. probably a nice city to live in but not a very interesting city to visit. the nelson-atkins museum has a very impressive collection and the jazz and negro leagues museums (housed in the same building) are good too though very small--and in the case of the jazz museum very limited in scope. if the kids were older we would have gone to a jazz club or two and maybe that would have been of interest too. the main reason to go, of course, is the barbecue, which is very good. but we also had a very good northern thai meal. i've been
  9. costco carries mega-packs of mexican coke. or at least they used to. i stopped drinking coke on the regular a couple of years ago and haven't looked in a while.
  10. mongo_jones


    i find the backstory of how the chef came up with the dishes more than a little dubious but harmlessly so. more likely, at some point they noticed that pan-regional restaurants had become common and successful in india and england, did some recipe research and gave it a test run at adda and then decided to push it further at dhamaka.
  11. i too am opposed to bowls but it appears that this may be the form in which indian food finally gets "indigenized" in the u.s.
  12. i am afraid i have sadder news to report. we said goodbye to alu last wednesday. she was 16. a long life, the 15 years of which spent with us were very happy (her first year before she came to us less so). she was old and in march she was diagnosed with a tumour of the spleen. she made it four months after that and was herself till the very end. and we are in the process of selling our house in colorado, which means that part of our life--when it was just us and the dogs--is now all but at a close.
  13. mongo_jones


    the mutton at dhamaka is sheep meat? where do i report this outrage?
  14. mongo_jones


    lots of people i trust are raving about them. hopefully they'll still be good whenever we come to nyc next.
  15. i carve mine from king oyster mushrooms.
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