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  1. mongo_jones


    i find the backstory of how the chef came up with the dishes more than a little dubious but harmlessly so. more likely, at some point they noticed that pan-regional restaurants had become common and successful in india and england, did some recipe research and gave it a test run at adda and then decided to push it further at dhamaka.
  2. i too am opposed to bowls but it appears that this may be the form in which indian food finally gets "indigenized" in the u.s.
  3. i am afraid i have sadder news to report. we said goodbye to alu last wednesday. she was 16. a long life, the 15 years of which spent with us were very happy (her first year before she came to us less so). she was old and in march she was diagnosed with a tumour of the spleen. she made it four months after that and was herself till the very end. and we are in the process of selling our house in colorado, which means that part of our life--when it was just us and the dogs--is now all but at a close.
  4. mongo_jones


    the mutton at dhamaka is sheep meat? where do i report this outrage?
  5. mongo_jones


    lots of people i trust are raving about them. hopefully they'll still be good whenever we come to nyc next.
  6. i carve mine from king oyster mushrooms.
  7. from blog traffic this morning i have learned that egullet is still a thing.
  8. i just wouldn't worry too much about the colour. make sure you cook the tomatoes down, use a chilli powder you like and you're fine. but if you do want to make it redder without making it too mild, do a mix of ground byadgi chillies and whatever the hottest chilli powder you have is. if you don't have byadgi, kashmiri is fine but it's milder still.
  9. i was going to buy a big expensive ceramic grill/smoker last year. then i asked myself- a la bonner--how many times i would actually use it. and also whether i really wanted to make bbq at home that would--at my level of ability--probably be only a little bit better (if that) than what's available in the twin cities. the two answers together saved me about $1000. we are happy with the occasional burgers and hot dogs on our old workhorse weber kettle.
  10. really missed my opportunity to call this recipe "belly of the beast".
  11. i don't think epicurious is trying to force you to do anything.
  12. they are not even erasing their own past beef recipes just making a statement going forward. will it have any effect? who knows? but it really doesn't bother me.
  13. as epicurious is a very popular site for some groups of americans this may make some kind of further dent in their consciousness?
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