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  1. reading back, it looks like i got off easier than you did the first time and my second shot exhaustion is what you got both times. yeah, moderate jet lag is how it felt: brain a bit foggy, moving a little slower.
  2. i got my first pfizer on march 19. barely felt the needle go in. had minimal arm soreness the first night, a bit more the second day and then it went away. no fever, headache, chills etc. on the second day after i felt a bit dragged down but given how little sleep i get on the regular i just ascribed it to that. only realized it was a side effect when the missus experienced the same two weeks later when she got her first pfizer shot. got my second last friday. again barely felt the needle*. again had minimal arm soreness the first night and then a bit more than the last time the next day
  3. upgraded from undead to dead.
  4. people named dickstein, you mean?
  5. i have not ready this thread since the first page or so. is daniel still a vegan? i'm confused by his instagram feed.
  6. mongo_jones


    that's what robert clive told siraj-ud-daula.
  7. mongo_jones


    look, the last time we indians trusted white people with cash transactions you stayed for 300 years and took over.
  8. mongo_jones


    this is basically adda 2, right? the menu looks to be from the exact same template. which can only be a good thing. by the way, friends i trust recommend a place called veeray da dhaba for far more old-school punjabi food.
  9. this sounds like a moral failing on your part, not something the vendor needs to deal with.
  10. too late: it's summer here. a max in the high (positive) teens today.
  11. is it safe to say now that peanuts was highly overrated?
  12. mongo_jones


    i suppose i should be embarrassed to note that i had not heard of sophie till sophie died.
  13. i forgot to mention that i recently posted a sequel to my regional indian cookbooks list.
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