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  1. Alsterwasser. Mmmm. Summer. Gotta first beat the carbonation outta the 7-Up equivalent before adding the beer vom Fass. Best enjoyed at that outdoor bar place, ovs, on the (Innen-) Alster. Go there every time I'm in town.
  2. The epidemiology experts and the price-to-dreck kenners weigh in. Thank you for this guidance. It's so self-satisfyingly reassuring/reinforcing..
  3. I am planning to try this weekend to recreate Joe''s beautiful foccacia. I'm certainly not claiming that the discussion has been pointless, just that it tends to the attenuated. I'd like to see more Daniel and less $$$-creations.
  4. The level of home protein cooking consumption I’m seeing on the MF threads make me sick. Really: your freezers are bursting, forcing you to cook more animal proteins so you can order more, to fill up your freezers again in advance of the (potentially) coming wave of supply chain breakdowns. I don’t understand this obsession with eating as much as possible on a day-to-day basis. JTF’s recent post about roasting a chicken to make a pot pie and using the bones for a stock is heartening – have to say, I’ve been doing that since like forever. Some of you claim that home cooking is like
  5. Good, but not Luger good (using Mongo-like pictorial references). Daniel being a Luger fan would of course will be the ultimate arbiter of that.
  6. Here there is discussion of testing for antibodies: if you have them (serum test), you qualify for mobility. If not, well.. We've been in (admittedly in our personal case, idyllic pastoral) isolation for six weeks now. We're probably antibody-free. So, what will that mean for us? No idea, but I'm a hermit anyway. Italy's on the front line. These decisions are coming for every other country.
  7. That TOPs set is killer. Eno was particularly alien, as you say. So, too, though Manzanera. Ferry, as crooner, set the contra-pointe.
  8. Others here know much more than I about the economics (e.g. Bonner), but it seems like the "delivery future" discussed here isn't really viable for restaurants. And per Eater, the take-out model during the pandemic is putting restaurant workers at risk due to the lax attention being paid to distancing rules, so restaurants are shutting that down, too. Maybe Daniel has a different take.
  9. Mary Ann with the Shaky Hand on Sell Out is priceless. Wouldn't prolly do so well today in the MeToo moment.
  10. I generally tend to pessimism. The landscape will certainly look much different everywhere. I for one will be hesitant to enter a close-quarters environment for some time. Chang is definitely worried (per the NYT piece that I can't seem to link to). Landlords are currently unwilling to come down from rent demands. I can't see how places will be able to relaunch. The costs in what is certain to be a tight credit market are likely insurmountable (at least under the"old" model). Am I being Cassandra-ish?
  11. The cover by Minor Threat is, dare I say, superior to the original. This from someone who considers the first two Wire albums to be among the best of all time. Well, and the first two Roxy Music records, which Julie Burchill proclaimed to be (IIRC) "the only truly timeless music in the universe".
  12. I watched him put a screwdriver through his penis at a Psychic TV show in Hamburg ca. 1988. Had hoped to have him at our Cut-Ups@60 conference this fall. Alas...
  13. What the fuck does that mean - I guess I don't get the inside joke, like with Malta. I was on Cyprus in October and had some pretty good meals.
  14. Don't know about this Maltese stuff. I found the food to be mostly Italo-ordinary. The Valletta harbour tour is nice enough, but Gozo's the place to be for riding about and local snacking. We quite liked Ta'Frenc (http://tafrencrestaurant.com/), but I don't believe there was much Maltese about it.
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