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  1. Great tip, thanks. Love their story, including the scoop being featured in a permanent MOMA exhibit. Wanted to order one, but all models sold out (maybe I’ll try Amazon, grrr)
  2. Really nice read, Joe, this and the Portland post. These kinds of travelogues have gone by the boards with the decline of food boards. Once a staple of, e.g., eG, they exist no more, and we’re poorer for that.
  3. If you push further on to the Lido, you can visit the Pasolini Monument, commemorating the spot where he was murdered. The space is pretty sad-looking (well, it was December when I visited) and the surroundings are pretty dreary, at least at that time of year. So worth a trip only if you’re a PPP fan, I suppose.
  4. Sorry, man. Those are olive ascolane, common in my neck of the woods . I could only find a Wiki link that was apt. Always enjoy your Nola posts - keep ‘em coming
  5. Yellow Magic Orchestra was on my turntable a lot in 1978. Also dug the Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence soundtrack. Did not know he scored The Revenent. Liked this quote from Ratliff’s obit: “Mr. Sakamoto’s attention to sound suffused his daily life. After many years of eating at the Manhattan restaurant Kajitsu, he recalled in a 2018 interviews with The New York Times, he wrote an email to the chef saying, “I love your food, I respect you and I love this restaurant, but I hate the music.” Then, without fanfare or pay, he designed subtle, tasteful playlists for the restaurant.” It’s apparently sti
  6. I did want to add that my humble recommendations to Mongo are in the spirit of giving back to him for his extensive London reporting on My Annoying Opinions, which I used to great purpose while in London. Trishna was a standout, and I quite enjoyed the Lahore Kebab House, among others. I even went so far as to make a map with Indian and other restaurants, as well as pubs, with links to reviews (including MAO). Perhaps someone might find it worthwhile. Map of London eateries/drinkeries
  7. I'm sure Mongo has figured out where he wants to eat pizza in Naples, but if the family has time on the morning of Day 3, I'd recommend Underground Naples. It's terrifying and exhilarating at once.
  8. I'll suggest da Enzo in Trastevere. Excellent Roman food, spartan, small space.
  9. Perhaps Mongo has already figured this, but given the limited time in Venice, I'd save the sit-down meal (s?) for dinner and eat cicchetti at bacari during the course of the day. I generally graze at bacari based on what's on display in the window, but the wine you can't judge till you're inside. All things considered, I really like gia Schiavi and do Moro, but it all depends on where you are when you're hungry/hangry. Here's some links that I use when I go up there, some with maps (in Italian, but fairly obvious): https://www.scattidigusto.it/2015/04/22/bacari-migliori-venezia-sestieri/
  10. My second visit to the Scrovegni Chapel was in 1987 with a headful of acid. Entrance meant paying the guy standing next to the door- yes, you just walked through an open door back then - something like 500 lire. There was hardly anyone else there that day - thankfully I guess given my condition.
  11. https://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24927-the-pete-wells-thread/&do=findComment&comment=1181098
  12. “And I rarely order a burger. There’s so little you can do to a burger that will really knock me out.”
  13. The pork neck you reference may be cinta senese, a really terrific heritage breed. Back when they were running the “Distinti Salumi” festival in Cagli (Marche), you were certain to find farmers selling it, including arrosto to go! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinta_Senese
  14. Yes yes yes: it sucks for all the unpaid/underpaid workers, but they’re all just there to better serve our pleasure, right? Atlantic weighs in
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