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  1. I can so imagine a baby with Mr. Tuna's hair & specs. Heh. He's neither supertall nor superheavy - 75th percentile for both. And he's changed quite a bit since that photo was taken, but we haven't bothered to upload the pics yet.
  2. Doesn't he? After packing him around for 39 weeks and going through 14 hours of labour, I'm a wee bit chagrined to discover that I have left no discernable imprint on him whatsoever.
  3. I've had my hands full lately...
  4. Sneaky recessive genes. Congrats Adam, he's lovely. And he appears to be good at the self-soothing thing already!
  5. Ms J

    Rosemary Lane

    As the pregnant woman in question, I find it hard to imagine that my labour kicked off a week early due to a trip to Rosemary Lane.
  6. Strange, my grandfather used to say exactly the same thing to me.
  7. Someone smashed one of the window panes at the front of our house last night. They didn't manage to get in, mainly because our lovely old window frames are painted tightly shut. Even if they had the alarm would have gone off. But still, I had to spend this morning cleaning up glass, filing a report with the police, warning the neighbours and ringing glaziers, which made me late for work.
  8. I am delighted to see that jon is still up for preparing feasts of baroque generosity.
  9. Thankee, all. This year we went out for a quiet dinner, and since I started falling asleep by 10pm B called for the cheque and took me home. Rock n' roll, man.
  10. Heavens - it's soon, isn't it!? MyKong, you sound like you're well in control of everything. Your flowers sound amazing (LOVE the limes & hydrangeas), as does the dosa station, as do the double wedding days. I suspect that you'll be really glad to have had two full days of wedding when it's all over. I was happy just to have had a quiet civil ceremony the day before my "real" one, as it kept the whole event from flashing by too quickly to be remembered. Sleep well over the next few nights and enjoy the champagne on the days. All the very best to you both. And btw, like Lippy
  11. Strawberries. The problem is I've already eaten a punnet of them for breakfast.
  12. I don't want to be a downer, but many 16 year olds have a hard time deciding between Batman Returns and seeing Sith for the 10th time...and often diecide on one or the other based on their peers opinions. I'd hold off offerring that option until they are a bit older..just my opinion! I think Miss J means that in the UK, a 16 year old is free to do those things as a matter of law, rather than parental option-offering. Yes.
  13. I kept my surname on marriage. I was over 30 and established in my field, so no matter how I sliced it changing my "brand" would have been a bad move for me. We had originally talked about hypenation (our surnames work quite well together that way), but my husband had an attack of the heebie-jeebies at the last minute so we stuck with the status quo. Mini-J will be hypenated. When Mini-J is 16, he or she is free to do whatever feels right - marry someone and change his or her name to the spouse's name, drop one of the names and only go by one of them, or change the whole flaming thing by d
  14. Damn. Now I've gone from wanting photos to wanting menu samples. Clearly internet development has a way to go. Do you have menus you can post yet, MyKong?
  15. Waiting for the train today, I saw a vixin and her kits wandering around in the bushes. In true urban fox style, they barely reacted when the 8:45 to Blackfriars rolled in.
  16. Mongo, you wouldn't be available for yearly lectures on this topic starting in about six months time, would you?
  17. Heather, I'll see your competitive mothering and raise you a paranoid-competitive-prospective-mothering. The following is an exchange between me and an otherwise sane friend: Otherwise Sane Friend: Oh J, now that you're pregnant make sure you get rid of all your underwired bras right away and get unwired ones instead. Me: Really? Why's that? I bought new bras after getting properly measured for my wedding, and they're still fitting really well. I'm a bit loathe to just get rid of them. OSF: Because the underwires are really uncomfortable and could cause pain. Me: So when my br
  18. Attacked on online discussion boards? Pingarina, after everything else that's so horrible I can't even begin to wrap my head around it. I'm so sorry your family is having to go through the media frenzy as well as your grief.
  19. My first day back in the office after a very enjoyable holiday. Not only is my long sought-after subordinate joining us in less than a month (which will do wonderful things for my workload), but I've been awarded a wacking great promotion. And yes, my boss does indeed know I'm off on maternity leave as of December. Clearly I am due to be run down by a bus any second now.
  20. Well, that's the thing AmpleT. If you drink a lime & soda everyone suspects, but if you take an alcoholic drink and just wave it around everyone assumes you're drinking it. That's England for you.
  21. Ms J


    Survival cooking: Spaghetti with EVOO & garlic Green salad This means our fridge is empty and we can go on holiday tomorrow.
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