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  1. can someone suggest a pattern for a crochet tea cozy?
  2. why not try using tea paper filters and loose tea
  3. I started to receive my 2015 seed catalogues and I am making a list of the herbs I want to grow!
  4. I live in Hallandale Beach but would be willing to drive to Boca
  5. I am a recent transplant from Northern Bergen County, Nj I originally was searching for fish for gefilte fish- with no success but I did find Triar Seafood Company 2046 McKinley Street Hollywood, Florida www.triarseafood.com bay 7 if u visit tell Peter Jarvis that the "gefilte fish lady" wrote a post here.
  6. i am going tomorrow to the festival- does anyone have comments about the festival from previous years?
  7. is this restaurant owned by the same ppl who owned the short lived one in North Arlington- just curious
  8. jpr54_

    Mother's Day

    Suggestions for Brunch would be appreciated-
  9. I am going down again in mid-May are there any good new restaurants which opened in the area-
  10. I unfortunately, know very little about cigars in nj there is a cigar room in Lyndhurst on Ridge Rd. does not look fancy-I have never been in it-
  11. On Sunday there will be a grand opening celebration=
  12. My son will be getting married June 7, 2009- kosher style but not necessarily glatt-etc. nothing glitzy or pardon the expression goyish
  13. East Fountain 62 Ridge road N.A., NJ 201-246-8688 I live around the corner from this new restaurant-so I have been observing its remodeling into Kaiten sushi bar /Japanese Asian Restaurant The restaurant opened today at 11am- I was in restaurant at 12:45 and there were 4 patrons-we were all waiting for the rotating sushi bar to start- some minor gliches like not having pickeled ginger and wasabi at counter, etc. The fish was descent-nothing out of the ordinary but definitely worth another visit-The prices were not bad- The owner and manager are Chinese-owner pre
  14. The restaurant will be opening the first week in February- The interior has been remodeled-there will also be a tatami room as well- The place is a conveyer type of place like East in Teaneck
  15. At the site of the former restaurant Uva and others-there will be opening a Japanese restaurant- I hope they have more success than the others
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