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  1. Yep. Saw it and made notes of the places you went in case we go back anytime soon (no plans to do so). Since our time there was now 10 years ago, I didn't feel it would be of any help to name the places we liked even though (obviously) the CH thread where they were posted is no longer easily available. However, I do agree with you about the Central Market. Even back then (before the major renovation) it was in decline over our previous visits. We liked the one near us, in Santa Croce, much better.
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    Great pictures of a great meal. Unfortunately, there was no chicken. Moreover, one mistake in the above report, probably caused by Bonner's ortolan comments. The special food we finished off was the percebes, comp'ed by Ori/Sivan to everyone at the bar until they ran out. I think they said something about getting some more in on Saturday? Very glad we went. They even found me a natural white wine to drink by the glass that wasn't cloudy, cider-y or fizzy. The folks at the bar to our left had some very nice looking chops that Ginny would've loved to sink her teeth into. Soon. Co
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    Yeah, pretty much. https://mailchi.mp/1f45e7f38605/super-bowl-hot-chicken-16873588?e=cc6fb45370
  4. https://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29169-joe-beef/page/12/#comments Scroll down... your post seemed familiar. 😇
  5. Not that I would ever root for the Celtics, but that last game was cringe worthy & a shame. I did appreciate the irony of the Heat winning it in Boston, getting the "Bob Cousy Trophy" for doing it & having Jimmy Butler get the MVP "Larry Bird" award.
  6. Absolutely nothing. When my name is mentioned, I get full permission to respond even more tangentially than usual.
  7. Thanks. I knew I'd seen it written up not that long ago, but couldn't remember where. Its now on the short list.
  8. So, almost 2 years ago this pretty bad local place in my neighborhood was taken over by a new chef/owner with serious credentials (Tulsi, Brick Lane, Tamarind...). He's gradually changed the menu to more reflect his Goa upbringing. We've been going pretty regularly and it's been very helpful in weaning me off my Punjabi fixation. Just thought you'd like to know. https://indiantableny.com/menu#main-menu
  9. Bumping this up since the Somm. at Babbo said that this is his favorite Italian restaurant in NYC. Anyone have thoughts on this place almost 5 years after the above by Sneak?
  10. Went to Babbo last night for our anniversary & ate at the bar. We had a table reservation & decided to go ½ hour early to get a drink at the bar first. Wound up talking to a couple next to us who were eating at the bar, so we stayed & ate there, giving up our table. The Somm. (a Venetian by upbringing, currently living (of course) in Bushwick) came to us there and spent quite a bit of time going over what we would be ordering and what we generally like to drink. He then went off to find a couple of bottles he thought we might like &, while we waited, he brought us comp'ed g
  11. Hey, 2 of mine are in those cemeteries as well. Maybe they know each other?
  12. "I would like someone to explain the G to me" Blue collar line traveling through several underserved/unserved poor & immigrant communities, connecting them to each other &, more importantly, to every other line that would take them anywhere else the system served.
  13. "She responded that, when the subway was built, nobody had any reason to want to go to Williamsburg". Not to be picky about this but she's pretty incorrect. The subways were built around the same time as the Williamsburg Bridge. Williamsburg became an extension of the Lower East Side for immigrant Jews who walked over the bridge regularly. Its more that they had no reason to use the new subway system.
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    Lula Mae

    Although Ginny and I enjoyed the meal & I’ll stipulate that there were some good dishes, I cant give it an overall recommendation. The bread on offer was a cruller, similar to the churros (no cinnamon here) one can find around the city. At $8 each, the excellent butter didn’t make that work for me. The duck was not tasty enough & certainly not a $33 dish. The cucumber w/shallots was fine, but lacked much oomph & was cut too thick. Better versions of cold cucumber &/or the Bok Choy dish we had can be found at lots of places, with better dish prep. & portion sizes expected fo
  15. Thanks Seth. You move more quickly than we do. Our reservation is next week. I'll probably avoid the rabbit pasta.
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    Ditto from me & Ginny
  17. So, admittedly, I haven't watched much NBA action this year. However, that won't stop me from being opinionated 😇. I don't like Harden, have never liked Harden & won't stop not liking Harden after watching last night. There were just too many times that I thought I saw Embiid getting into good position and calling for the ball, with Harden dribbling around and then taking a long shot while Embiid had to figure out what to do. Maybe this was abnormal for him -- as I said, I haven't watched much this year -- but I know that he is good enough to have seen that the Celtics had no answer f
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  19. Totally agree. I'm not running back nor recommending it as a destination, but I wouldn't hesitate going back either. All was "good plus" & the staff were all friendly & attentive. They were packed & the only res. available had been for outside tables, but the hostess kept track of inside cancellations/no-shows and came out to first ask if we wanted 4 bar seats that had opened up (we declined) and then to move us indoors as soon as a booth opened up. And, at the end, when we were finished & just hanging out talking, the Manager came over to move us along & explain that h
  20. Yeah, the church probably has the best argument against a casino in Times Square, as it might serve to drag down the moral fiber of the area.
  21. That's the thing about the Jets. It can only get better. Even if they brought Brett Favre or Boomer back.
  22. Joey Chestnut put away 76 hot dogs this past year at the Coney Island contest. At $29 + tax/tip, it seems that if Grays Papaya was still selling them at 50cents each, it would be pretty much an even trade 1:76. I'm a sucker for idle math comparisons.
  23. Steve R.

    Mimi Sheraton

    Another Midwood H.S. alumni gone. My Physical Therapist is 52 years old (so... not young compared to the rest of the staff there) and graduated from Midwood. We laughed at the fact that he was born the year after I graduated. The rest of his staff gasped in disbelief. Well, Mimi graduated Midwood 10 years before I was born.
  24. I think it's becoming readily apparent that they shouldn't have started the generational identification sets so late in the alphabet. What to do after gen z?
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