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    Le Crocodile

    Well, okay. Tonite. Bar seats reserved at 6pm. I guess that, if we did this in Paris, we'd be eating a late lunch. More time for my aged body to digest before bed.
  2. Yeah, I know.... if you have to ask, you cant afford it. But, can anyone tell me what the fixed price is going to be for the Compere Lapin tasting menu & is there an a la carte menu posted anywhere yet? It would be good to know before all the spaces sell out.
  3. Their website is glitchy. If you google them and hit "website" or "menu", you get the blackboard one I saw. If you hit "dinner", you get the large, enticing one Wilf saw. Seems like they need a website manager as well as a chef.
  4. If the one that Wilf saw is anything like the one being offered we'd be going there again. But I think that the one I saw is pretty much what they're doing these days and its not inspiring me at all.
  5. The one on-line has "Duck in a Pumpkin".
  6. Steve R.

    Le Crocodile

    IF it was 75%, we'd probably be regulars. Instead, we still haven't even gone. Its been several years since Sneak lamented that $100pp was the new norm for decent food in an ok environment, so I figure that a place like this can be worth 50% more, given that its a better than decent place and its been a tough time. But not 100% more. Of course, when I think that Balthazar, Minetta, etc would be even more $ for less content, I keep re-evaluating. But, then again, I did that with Frenchette as well and never convinced myself. Was Cercle Rouge, at its best, that unsustainable?
  7. For what its worth, we (who aren't cocktail people in general) also liked The Green Zone. Just be aware that its owned by a food board friend (mostly eGullet) to many of us (Hassouni), so there's definitely a bias. https://www.thegreenzonedc.com
  8. Steve R.


    Yeah, he saw the show at the stadium but that stadium was re-built maybe 10-15 years ago so its not the old one that the tournament used. I'm pretty sure its not even in the old space but I can be wrong on that.
  9. We were at the Open last Mon, Tue, Thurs and Sat. Grounds Passes, which we use to walk from court to court, watching whatever seems hot at the time. Nosebleed seats in a stadium are worse than watching on TV, with slo-mo, replays & commentary. So, we watched it on TV just about all the other times. The women's draw has been spectacular and today's final should be fun. And, although most of it hasn't been on TV, the women's doubles has also been pretty damn great. Gauff & McNally will be playing in the finals right before the Men's Finals tomorrow. Hope they show it. T
  10. Well, for Victor at any rate, there's also the point that these 2 guys are well known in the immediate area (both are originals at Buttermilk Channel, one still an owner at BC and French Louie) and draw a following. And that their specials might be linked to a broader buyer group.
  11. "...Many years ago, I was on the corner of 52nd and 6th and a German tourist came up to me and asked if I could tell him how to get to Carnegie Hall. (I didn't say it.)" I have no such restraint. At Dhamaka, when the rabbit was served to the table behind us, I asked the waiter if there was a soup course involved. He said "no" and I said "too bad... I would've loved to order it and point out that there was a hare in my soup". He didn't get it. And no one at our table laughed. But I did... inside.
  12. I think that it IS an extension of the small plates/large format thing that started long before the plague. Orik can weigh in on the economics of having only 3-4 mains to stock vs a large menu. My guess is that fewer entrees means that fewer advance prepared frozen product hits your table. At any rate, I agree and rarely eat at these places as I like me a large plate after a small plate & I want some variety to choose from. However, they've been everywhere and, in my neck of the Brooklyn woods (pretty near Victor), places like Colonie, Pips & Bar Bete have very few mains on offer.
  13. Yes, but let's go off on a tangent: I'd think its "Abba IS better..." (not ARE), as in "Jethro Tull is worse...". It's a band, singular. However, I cant convince myself that it would be "The Beach Boys IS better". Similar conundrum with "the Beatles ARE...", but "Cream IS...". Any clear correct answer to this?
  14. Many Sunflower & Surf's Up outtakes and leftover songs... the compilation Feel Flows (2021). Just sayin'.
  15. ABBA - just no. Although I watched Mamma Mia AND the sequel. Jethro Tull - worse. Beach Boys - yes. I still listen to Wild Honey, Pet Sounds, Smiley Smile, Sunflower & Surf’s Up as some here would listen to classical stuff. Mike Love should just go away.
  16. I knew the place well enough just by living in Bklyn most of my life but, about 15 years ago, I got a tour of the entire place. Unbelievable woodwork in some of the less often seen rooms, as well as antiques, catering equipment, bar backs, glasswork, etc. And the oldest elevator in Brooklyn. Lovely owners. I wish her well.
  17. My dear wife has likened injera to our kitchen sponges. I won’t repeat how she views the food presentation. We don’t go to Ethiopian places any more.
  18. Ok, I'll ask. Isn't Sun Ra dead? Like 25 years dead? His Arkestra is still out there? I guess I'll do some Googling. I say "go" there.
  19. If they had brains, they’d reach out to Wilf & offer him a discount on the rabbit.
  20. 1967-70 were my years going (did you expect that?). Pretty sure they didn’t. By the mid 80s, I had gone to college, married the ex, moved to St Louis, gone to Grad school, divorced the ex, moved back to NYC, met & started living with Ginny & was almost posting on CH. Youngsta.
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