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    No, can you hum a few bars?
  2. Well, given our Le Crocodile experience, Ginny sure aint gonna follow your duck info.
  3. I first smoked pot in ‘67, when I was still 14. Although it was far from mainstream around my neighborhood, it wasnt a new thing either. My High School was/is across the street from Brooklyn College so it was easily found and smoked. By ‘69, it was common amongst at least 50% of everyone of our age and, when I hit college in ‘70, anyone who hadnt gotten stoned yet was weird. I am not sure that, even back then, this “dish” would’ve appealed to me. I was too busy going to Wo Hop for greasy lo mein and congee.
  4. Yes. That’s why I’ve had it without having ever been to Brooklyn Hots.
  5. Unfortunately, a too often experience for us and, more unfortunately, two times accurate in the past 2 years. One of Ginny’s long time friends & an ex-coworker of mine who both had lived (unrelated & unknown to each other) in Seattle. We were there to visit other friends and celebrate a retirement, so we got to see both of these folk while we were there. Both were over 90 and we were pretty sure we wouldnt be back in Seattle for awhile, so the visits had a mutually understood undertone.
  6. I’m in Montreal as I write & might eat poutine before we leave (I’ve had it before… not my favorite combo, but ok). We did go to a place called Foie Gwa (connected to Atwater Cocktail Club — physically so, as well as ownership) that had twice fried potatoes topped with a bechamel sauce, some non detectable truffles and had some cooked onions underneath. That was pretty damn good. And, the “Trash Fries” that Mitchells posted about seem perfect for me (not the DGC). But, really, Brooklyn Hots’ dish is a no go. Mac salad & hot dogs, with the glop sauce described. Nope. Gotta be pre
  7. No. Just no. As many of you know, I’ll eat almost anything. And I’ve been upstate NY enough to have eaten this “dish”. And, no, I havent been to Brooklyn Hots. It is stoner food and what it goes perfectly with is the new NY legalization of marijuana.
  8. You wouldnt. And, even if you did know, it wouldnt matter as this variant seems to enjoy re-visiting. Aside #1: I’ve had this argument with several well intentioned relatives who wanted me to test before we came over for dinner. I declined. They were appalled. I asked them how many times they thought I should test, since I was socializing with others every day (tennis, restaurant dinners, etc). Or, were they only concerned about when I was with them (I would’ve been fine with that answer if they’d have been honest about it and didnt try the “follow the science” guilt trip). At lea
  9. I re-defined “uptick” for myself quite a while ago. If consequences of testing postive (like hospitalizations, serious illness or even death) rise, then that is an uptick of concern to me. Testing positive is not. So, yeah, you wouldnt know there’s a so called uptick from monitoring my behavior.
  10. We used to go there relatively frequently. Most memorably when Ori, Ginny & I happily watched Sivan down the plate of durian that we had ordered. Even after Joe Ng left, it was good for a couple of years, then eventually closed.
  11. Just about every young couple who has bought into our co-op during the past 10 years have had their own incomes that have exceeded (by far) anything Ginny or I had ever dreamed of earning during our time working. And every one of them has gotten a $500,000 or more gift from their parents to “help” with their purchase. Then they have a kid or two, sell for a profit and move out of NYC. “Next”.
  12. Bottom of the article says: Brooklyn: Pennsylvania and Flatlands Avenues, East New York; 516-738-6796 That's behind Starrett City if you're coming off the Belt at Pennsylvania Ave exit by car About an hour by train from Downtown Bklyn Or 2.5 hours, if like Sneak, you choose to walk it.
  13. No. Does his grandmother have a Haitian restaurant in Montreal?
  14. Just checked, since we're heading up there in a couple of weeks. "Closed permanently".
  15. Oh, I fully get that its almost impossible to eat in NYC for $50pp if you have even one drink. I just don't think that a plain pie and a drink is what I'd consider a restaurant meal.
  16. I know that I'm just getting older, grumpier and more out of touch, but really? $50pp for a drink and a pie with no extras?
  17. Huh. Didn't know he went to Madison HS. I went to Midwood, home of Woody Allen. Years before me of course.
  18. Steve R.


    Its not about them being more or less progressive. Its about expecting them to exist outside the structure & to base their decisions solely on classless/raceless ideals. We all might try to be our best selves, but we live within an economic structure that we participate in & cant stand outside of. I might direct my "investment counselor" to funnel my funds into certain types of companies (& stay away from others) & thus I might not maximize my potential gains. However, to live my life in this system, I need an investment counselor & I need to participate in the market.
  19. Steve R.


    Of course it is. We live in a class based society, with racism, sexism and many other isms. But it almost seems like Sneak is expecting The NYT to step apart from it. Never has, never will. When I was in grade school, there was actually a lesson given by one of my teachers in how to read the NYT. How to fold it, how not to expect comics, how to understand the high falutin' language used, etc. It was assumed (rightfully) that the majority of us only had exposure to the Daily News or NY Post and that we needed to be exposed to what the folks above our parents' pay grade thought if we were
  20. Yeah, I thought I'd try again to dangle the bait. We rented directly across the street for a month & sat outside a total of once. And that for a not bad salad. It was raining and we didn't want to go indoors. However, I did speak to them about their logo and pointed out that I live right where it left off in Brooklyn. It didn't get me any comps. All for the best, I presume. Very nice wine store across the street on the corner though.
  21. Just wondering.... since you're in the neighborhood, have you tried this place yet? On Blvd Beaumarchais, only a block or two up from the Bastille.
  22. Ok, be sarcastic. But, in their defense, did you ever think that maybe its exactly because everyone's buying the lamb for Easter and Passover that poor Le Gigot cant get a supplier?! Huh... did you? At any rate, I'll bet that if Dave calls them, they may well find a way.
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