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  1. Here's what I made: 2 large boneless chicken breasts minced roughly in the cuisinart About the same amount of leftover spiral ham also minced 1 tbsp sesame oil About 2 inches of ginger chopped 4-100 cloves of garlic minced 2 green chilies as many seeds and ribs as you can endure 1 onion minced 2-3 heaping tbsp hoisin sauce 1/4 cup low sodium soya sauce 1/4 cup dry-ish sherry 2 scant cups chicken broth 1-3 star anise combine in the c-pot and cook on low for 4-6 hours. cook some noodles I use singapore style noodles In winter I wok or flash fry green oni
  2. 4 day layered coconut cake red velvet cake. which reminds me. not wanting to start an insurrection but..what is the preferred icing for red velvet-cream cheese or boiled white?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for you assistance. My very young niece wants a "bunny" for her birthday (December). She actually wants a real bunny-no go with mom. A plush bunny (widely available will not do). I'm thinking something small and so soft and maybe even looks like a dwarf bunny. Any ideas? ps must ship to Canada!
  4. ok. but you should know it was a hipster musician\dj kid under 25 who tipped me to the PortaPro last summer. i'm just saying.
  5. lost them walking to work lost them to fuzzy sound lost them to tangled frustration 3 pairs of buds later.....i went Koss PortaPro. best fifty bucks i've spent in a long long while. i've never looked back i've never regretted it. forget the buds, they get gooey and they fall out alot.
  6. i just want you to know that I search long and hard for foodshow related talent with celebrity appearances. i'd like to say....enjoy. i'd like to.
  7. dammit i'm always late to the party! i haven't read the entire thread but here's my bit: my biggest complaint about persons in public office is that they seem always to have to operate with deception in the interest of the "public good"-and or to get votes, status, money, pension benefits etc. I must agree with something I think Wilfrid said earlier: to find agreement within the "gay " community about what "gay" means is a herculean task. identity politics have been dying a slow ugly death and confound issues such as those that Mr. Craig purportedly support. My concern i
  8. mmmmmm coconut cake. layers of soft cake made with coconut milk, split , drizzled with coconut rum and filled with fresh grated coconut mixed with a loose creme patissiere, and iced with a salty butter frosting-augmented by additional coconut milk. mmmmmm coconut cake.
  9. i like - i like very much. you have made me laugh two times!
  10. I completed my great big integrated paper and thus will be joining my peers at convocation-soon i will say, "yes i am an MSW". I can't believe that i'm not standing in a line somewhere trying to buy books or auditing classes!!
  11. GORGEOUS! Jaymes-that really is an inspired reciept. We veered slightly off the original. We used the oven cured black olives and finely mashed whole anchovies instead of shells we used spaghetti alla ghittara. In case anyone is wondering alla ghittara is square spaghetti. anyway 8 of us gathered and enjoyed a slurp-stravaganza! we loved it so much that the original 8 have branched off and started making it for others. I think it's just a matter of time before Mr. Flay will be hunting for you in order to challenge you to a throwdown? slapdown? smackfest?
  12. thanks fly! and of course it is pronounced 'cocaine' right? ok back to the fruit du jour. i grew up tossing sliced peaches into marsala al'uovo or a light fresh red wine with sugar, macerating overnight and eating them until you need to have a nap!
  13. I suspect many MF members don't seek validation of the crowd, or seek approval from some outside authority figure. The combative nature of this site attracts and retains people who are willing (eager?) to assert and argue their position. Yes, but I can't help but notice that the people who've so far fallen under the "idealism and autonomy" category aren't particularly abrasive and are generally open minded about listening to the other side. We're not exactly the baiting type. screw you commie pal!
  14. i suppose i could throw it into google but what the heck does "cockaigne" mean?
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