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  1. At UCSF undergoing tests and if I pass I'm on the list for a new set of Lungs. Hope to be transplanted and outa here soon. Then the hard work starts. I'll be on as I can here. Bruce
  2. A surprise visit in the Hospital with some friends from San Diego, Fresno and Martinez, with an enormous card signed by all my friends attending Emperor Norton birthday party at the Cemetery. http://www.knauer.org/mike/discordia/norton.php
  3. You get to match your decor when you buy the seat.
  4. Get out the checkbook and do it right. It's my least favorite job in construction,because it all depends upon matching toilet flange height.
  5. Oh, Bruce, I hope you recover quickly, and that you're not in too much pain. I feel good just short of breath, very short of breath. May move to SF for a week for some tests, then back here. It's up to the doctors.
  6. It appears I may start trading in body parts. Oh Joy. I hope for the best.
  7. At Amphora winery, Dry Creek Valley, as you enter the underground tasting room there is a duck over the doorway. Some folks get it and some sadly do not.
  8. winesonoma

    Candy Barr

    Candy Barr stripper and Blue movie star at 70 years old. http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-...home-obituaries
  9. A friend is bringing boullbaise tommorow and I'm fighting with the doctor for wine with dinner. It's allowed only if she says yes. Trying to get the network name and password so I can have my phone line back, the joy of dailup was forgotten.
  10. Currently eating at the local Hospital. Not impressed butn when they get off the special holiday menu and let me order off the menu it might not be to bad.
  11. Happy New Year from Somona Ca. I'm currently doing a survery of Hospital food and it's not promising, at this time
  12. More rain today, it's pretty bad in a lot of places. GF had water 6" from coming in and she's about 1/2 mile to the creek. Our worry here in the valley is the tide. Tide come in water goes up,reverse also true. Truly a New Years to remember.
  13. Porn theaters used to have them. Saw them on my way to work years ago.
  14. I'd say use what you like the iPod works with both. I'm not a Mac shill I just like the way it works. As they say whatever blows yer skirt up.
  15. Bunch of kids, wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the ass.
  16. I don't understand what you mean when you say you find Apple culture unpleasant. We who use Apple find it to be superior, That's why we use it. I had to use windows at work, no thank you.
  17. I have one of their hats that says CIA on the front. I once got saluted by an old guy in a mall.
  18. Please tell me your not going to see this jerk anymore.
  19. Angele has a new chef. I've always enjoyed the food there.
  20. Kenwood Shiraz. Got it at the half price sale $6 a bottle, not bad at all.
  21. Yes, working on the tan in January and February in Brooklyn must appeal to some people. I'm not one of them.
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