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  1. After driving past this place on Burnett a million times, I decided to go in this weekend. The Migas is among the best in the city... It is a tiny place with lots of charm and the people who work there could not be nicer. I need to go back and try some of their lunch items, they are not open for dinner. Their website
  2. Talking about trailers has anyone else been to Torchy's Tacos on S. First? I love this place, great breakfast tacos in the morning and phenomenal shrimp tacos at night. They also opened a second location on 6th across from the Star Bar. Rumor has it there might be a third location.
  3. Maybe the group should plan a run up to Walburg for Octoberfest.....good food plus an awesome beer garden in the back.
  4. What...to busy to even stop in and say hi..... The class was a breeze to work. Jim was an interesting guy, very nice. I ended up driving him back to his hotel. The class covered a lot of basics, I think folks had a good time.
  5. Anybody heard the buzz on the Austin Wine Festival? http://www.austinwinefestival.com/index.html It looks interesting and the event proceeds will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Austin Farmers' Market.
  6. I know the class is filling up fast, but there should be a few open seats left.
  7. Those classic Italian dishes....Rigatoni in Sunday Gravy, Meatballs, Beef Braciole w/ homemade pasta, Sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions....YUM! Our own NapaValley Phil will be teaching this mouthwatering class next week on April 19th.. There are still spaces available! http://www.centralmarket.com/pdf/LLSpring07-Austin.pdf
  8. Had an amazing 3 hour dinner at Jezebel. It is a small place on Congress that has an open kitchen staffed by just Chef Parind Vora and a sous chef. The setting is elegant...in an Austinish way. First course was a trio of sashimi topped with crab and micro greens. The entree was "surf and turf", scallops and ostrich. The portions was surprisingly big. Our desserts were Belgian chocolate mousse with a raspberry truffle sauce and crème brûlée. The crème brûlée was the best I have every had in Austin. The mousse was incredibly rich from what I could tell. My dinner companion ate most of it This is not a place to go for a quick meal. They encourage you to linger at the table. We were there for 3+ hours and could have easily stayed longer. I will go back again soon. Chef Vora and Jezebel is the kind of chef driven resturant you like supporting!
  9. I finally made to Uchi tonight...what an amazing experience. Wish I paid more attention to keeping notes of each course, but there were so many! My buddy knows Tyson so we sat by the sushi bar and put ourselves in his hands. The eel and Spanish mackerel courses were outstanding. Not sure what I thought about the foe gras pared with peanut butter...... The only miss was the duck dish, it was overcooked. Parsnip custard with almond ice cream for dessert was memorable.
  10. I was underwhelmed on my first visit last week. My expectations were probably to high based on my friends in Houston gushing about Specs. Nice selection of liquors Spotting wine selection but good prices. Not great prices, but good. The staff in that department were very helpful and knew their stuff. They only had 2 labels from Washington State....what's up with that??? Wide selection of gourmet packaged goods, but almost all the cheeses and such were pre-packaged. They have a small deli counter but no one was there. The only folks milling about were giving away samples and not very knowledgeable. Nice people, but limited product knowledge. Competition is good so I am glad they entered the Austin market, but do not see myself rushing back.
  11. It will be a great class! What a nice touch for everyone to receive a tin of cookies to go. I will see if the lawyer wants to go. It will be a good test to see how much of a foodie she is.....the fact that she does not eat red meat or pork already puts her on thin ice Phil - much to you disappointment, the musician has already left to spend the holidays with her family so I can not take her to your class.
  12. Is everyone going to to the Draught House afterward? I land around 10:30 and probably could use a beer. I might be a little loopy after the flight, but y'all probably wouldn't notice the difference.......
  13. Got an email about a free wine tasting Vino Vino is doing tomorrow night: vino tasting Wednesday, October 25 6-8pm GRAY MONK SIEGERREBE NELMS ROAD CABERNET SAUVIGNON DRAPPIER CHAMPAGNE CARTE d'OR Since I can walk there, I might need to go and check this out.
  14. You know you hit the big time when Kelso writes about you....... article COMMENTARY: JOHN KELSO Two gals are cooking and selling crepes out of a trailer in South Austin; What's next? Space aliens landing on Capitol lawn? AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Sunday, October 22, 2006 Your first inclination when you see the food trailer in the parking lot on South Lamar will be to walk up to the window and ask for salsa. Don't bother. Even though Flip Happy Crepes looks like one of those taco carts you see all over town, it isn't. What it is is two women selling French crepes out of a used silver '66 Avion trailer, parked in the lot behind Floribunda, a plant business at 2041 S. Lamar Blvd. Crepes, just a couple of doors down from Martinez Brothers Taxidermists? What's in those crepes, anyway? "My dad suggested we call it Euro Tacos," said Nessa Higgins, one of the partners in Flip Happy Crepes. "My husband suggested we should call it Full of Crepe," added Andrea Day Boykin, the other half of the team. Andrea describes the venture as "Paris in a trailer." This business is about as French as you can get when you're selling crepes out of a trailer in a Bubbaland parking lot not far from Mom's Tattoos. The business, which opened in April, even sells bottled Perrier, or what James White, owner of the Broken Spoke honky-tonk a few blocks south, refers to as "Pierre water." The two ladies have even invested about $1,000 in a couple of fancy Krampouz crepe griddles that they use in their cramped trailer kitchen. "And we play French music," Nessa said. "We have a variety of French CDs we do, especially on Friday night." There is dining al fresco, made possible by some colorful mix-and-match tables with a couple of big umbrellas set up in front of the trailer. Decorations include an old red wooden Coke cooler. Not that everybody around here knows a crepe from a Chevy. This being Bubba- land, some people walk up and ask for pancakes. And other things. "They always come up and asked for the slushy ice — what's that called? — the shaved ice," Nessa said. The place doesn't have that, either. But they do have pesto, goat cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomato crepes, ham and Gruyére cheese and green onion crepes, smoked salmon crepes and some sweet crepes, too, including caramelized bananas drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. But there is no chorizo in sight. Nessa thought about adding cole slaw. But that didn't fly. "Andrea said we're not doing cole slaw even though we're in Texas," Nessa said. I think they should do a smoked brisket crepe to fit the territory. This all started eight years ago when Andrea was at an open-air market in Ireland, standing in a long line for crepes being sold by a couple out of a trailer. It occurred to Andrea that if that many people were lining up for something, that something must be good. "I never got over it," she said. "So for eight years, I've been talking about selling crepes out of a trailer in South Austin." The two gals didn't want to risk making a big investment on a restaurant. So, they decided to find an old trailer instead. Nessa did the legwork and drove all over the countryside to hunt one down. When she found one parked out in the boonies near Lockhart that looked promising, she left a note on the door. Later, she got a call back from a guy she calls Cowboy Dan, who sold the gals his old trailer for $2,500. "You know, Cowboy Dan has yet to have a crepe," Nessa said. "He's an older gentleman, and he doesn't come into the city much at all. We need to take one out to him." Shoot, take him a burrito. He won't know the difference.
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