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  1. Phil - Need a sous chef for the short ribs? If not, I can find another dish...
  2. All y'all can start giving me grief right now since I'm coming home early because I miss my significant other (and vice versa)... Is there room for me?
  3. I thought y'all knew I go to Colorado in the summer, although having to leave my significant other does add a bit of a twist. Unfortunately, his Dad passed away on Thursday so I'm going to Martha's Vineyard for the funeral. The logistics are amazing--you really have to want to get there--first fly to Boston, then take a bus to Woods Hole, then take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. It's going to be a very, very long day.
  4. Tyson Cole (and I almost always recognize you, too, Phil)
  5. If I'm back from Colorado by whatever date you eventually land on, I'd like to come....
  6. Hey David, this afternoon I picked up my grad school-going goddaughter at ABI and took her immediately over to Home Slice. We had the Marguerita pizza and both of us loved it. The crust was not too thin, it had just enough sauce, and the folks there were really nice. I'll try Insalata Caprese next time. They have a couple of good beers available too. I like the atmosphere and there is parking (yippee), a real plus on South Congress. Thanks for the recommendation...
  7. Here, I'm here, really, and I'm coming for the dogs.....Are there enough already on the menu? My hot dog expertise is limited but I can try OR should I just opt for bringing potato salad?
  8. You know, seeing the constant headline on the Weather Channel that "Rita is enormous and dangerous" is starting to hurt my feelings......
  9. Didn't do Slide Rock, Jaymes but I managed to stumble a lot hiking up to some ruins... And, while on a Pink Jeep tour I was forced to pee out in the bushes. Yuck, I'm way too old for roughing it....it's just too sad for words....
  10. Just got back from 5 days in Oak Creek Canyon/Sedona AZ--FABULOUS! And, I'll be there with a shrimp dish that I promise will be Austin Weird....
  11. I take that as a compliment Phil..... Be afraid, be very afraid - I AM ALREADY BACK!
  12. Thanks Phil, I miss you, too! I'm getting terribly homesick for Texas and seeing as it's getting so hot (relatively speaking) here, my mantra of "it's 95 degrees in Austin, it's 95 degrees in Austin, it's 95 degrees in Austin" might not work through the end of August. Alaska was FABULOUS! Jaymes--sorry I didn't get to the hotel to check out your future employment but I loved Juneau and wished we could spend more time there. We went on an absolutely outstanding whale watching tour with a company called Orca Enterprises (http://www.orcaenterprises.com/). We saw tons of humpbacks, a pai
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