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  1. Song of Women by The HU & Lzzy Hale
  2. I wanted it to happen so badly, but never in my wildest dreams, did I think it would happen at the last nano-second! Holy cow! The Celtics are going to give me a heart attack yet!!
  3. They did an amazing job with it considering what it looked like before. What a great day it was when we all met at @monkeymay's place, had lots of absinthe and then walked down to what was to become Nickel Diner.
  4. Go Celtics!! If they can play again like they did last night, they can clearly do it!
  5. Not sure anyone has played less like the Celtics in the last 2 fourth quarters than the Celtics. I hope they get their act together today.
  6. One of the very few shows I really enjoyed. Crap.
  7. I got some Purple Haze in my Misfits order last week and it was a huge hit this weekend. I just put more of it into my order cart.
  8. The Celts were stellar! It was a great game but have to say there were a couple of fouls that were among the strangest I've seen. Now we take on the Heat. I can't recall how the Celtics did against them during the season, so will just have to wait and see how we handle it.
  9. Joel Embiid was back in the game for the 76ers in game 2 last night, but the Celtics absolutely hammered them with a 121-87 win. I guess they didn't get the memo that Joel was chosen as MVP of the season. The Sixers played well, the Celts just played better.
  10. Celtics are still looking good in the East. Not every Hawk is handling loss well.
  11. Right after I posted, I pulled up the NYT to read and spotted this.
  12. I think the starters/stars are playing longer and pushing themselves harder. And it seems like it has gotten a lot more physical on the court.
  13. I continue to mask up and make the spouse do the same. It has been wonderful to not suffer any colds/flu for 3 years and I'd like to keep it that way. We were pretty isolated during most of the first 2 years. During this time, my husband has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and it is declining pretty quickly. I find myself wondering if the isolation had anything to do with the onset and progression. He does enjoy going out and seeing people, but getting him to get ready for it and actually getting him moving (It causes fatigue, dizziness, falls, etc.) is exhausting for me and I tend to pu
  14. Since RG/Steve have gone above and beyond to work with small farmers in Mexico and spend so much time there, I can't imagine how they might be deemed discriminatory against Latinos.
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