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  1. It looks great compared to mine. For some reason, every insect known to man feasted on my basil this year. I tried every safe treatment and nothing would get rid of those mutant bugs.
  2. I can so relate to this. I am so sick of trying to think of what to make, where and how to get the stuff to make it, then actually getting said ingredients and preparing it, that by the time it is done, I have no appetite. I have lost about 5 lbs. so far and still dropping. Despite having many horrible carb and sugar-laden foods because it was simply the easiest thing to eat.
  3. I'm sure she was ready at that age, but still sad.
  4. Gosh your herbs look nice. We had extreme heat, then a couple of major storms with 4-5 inches of rain in 2 days, then back to extreme heat. Mine are really struggling right now. Not to mention the insects we've had this year. And I won't even mention my pathetic tomatoes. As tasty as some roasted mushrooms with herbs would be, please don't use those mushrooms. ☠️
  5. The husband ordered one that got here a week or so. I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I need to check again to make sure I'm alive.
  6. He was great. Fernwood 2 Night was hilarious with the combo of Martin Mull and Fred. I love this episode with Tom Waits.
  7. I've gone round and round about planting the few herbs and tomatoes and flowers I bought. I finally planted most yesterday, but ran out of time. We're supposed to get another frost tonight, but then it starts raining and is supposed to rain for at least 7 days. I figured if I didn't bite the bullet and put them out, it would be June and they'd still be in the little seedling pots. I covered what I could last night. Will survey damage in a bit. I am going to hold off planting the elephant ear bulbs until tomorrow and then will try to cover them if we get another cold spell.
  8. I got one for my birthday a few years ago. Have used it twice.
  9. Ruth Gordon (at Anthony's Pier 4, Boston) Nicholas Cage (at Musso & Frank, LA) The actor who played Grandpa Munster--can't think of his name (at an IHOP in KCMO--LOL!)
  10. I made it to 3:21. As soon as I'm done watching this paint dry, I'll watch more of it.
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