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  1. My family (Kansas City) has been making it for decades. I began making it in California and turned on a whole new crowd to it. We had friends visiting from England one year in late November. We bumped up our Thanksgiving dinner that year in order for them and their then-young children to experience an American holiday. They loved the "soofle" and now make it back home in the UK.
  2. We've had a lot going on here for the past year or two and I haven't gotten to see many games. I was happy to see my beloved Celtics win the season opener. Will definitely be a different sort of season for them.
  3. Ouch! I hope you are back on your feet soon. I suffer with hip (and other joint) osteoarthritis and tendinitis, but so far no dislocations. It sounds dreadful.
  4. We really enjoyed the first episode. As long as the story and acting continues to be good, I don't care what she wears. I've noticed a lot of TV shows with women wearing ugly cropped pants this year. I'm not buying into that trend myself.
  5. She was wonderful. Such a versatile actress.
  6. Our area recycler won't take any aluminum foil, clean or not.
  7. It was a sad end. Too many people suffering mental disease without getting proper care. And fame and money don't seem to have anything to do with getting that care.
  8. A wonderful tribute by Rick Reilly in Washington Post.
  9. A true champion and gentleman. RIP.
  10. Started out slowly and gets better. We watched all. Not what I would call an outstanding show, but not a waste of time. I found some of the Native American ceremonies and traditions interesting. Not sure how authentic the portrayals were, but was interesting nonetheless.
  11. The husband and I got our Real IDs this past year. Both of us look like corpses in our photos.
  12. Thank you both for recipes. I am well-beyond 7 with bad hands and will see if I can do it. 🙂
  13. I can easily see this going to 7 games unless there is a serious injury on one team or the other before.
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