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  1. Hey there-- Thanks for the kind words! No, for Shine, the "ritzy" new magazine you referred to, I'm not writing reviews -- and nor is that in the pipe. I'm writing a few feature stories about wine and cocktails, along with a chef-related piece. LM
  2. Yep, the original Tacos Y Salsas, on East Colfax, is a complete dive -- of the best kind. I'll never forget the first time I saw it. It was six or seven years ago, I was driving down East Colfax at midnight and saw a long stretch of people milling outside the door. Did a double-take to catch the name and went back the next day. I think I ate there every day for a week. They don't have a liquor license and the space would barely fit into a thimble. I think the food is better at the Federal outpost, but the salsas are the same. I also love the salsas at Las Carboncitos (6th and Sheridan or 38th
  3. As the author of the CITY story on Boulder, I'm just curious: Where is the substantiation backing up your accusatory -- and unfounded -- claims that the New York Times and other publications "get their palms greased" by PR firms? I would be very careful about making such rash and unsubstantiated generalizations about a subject that you clearly know nothing about. I've been a food and travel writer for more than 10 years, and NONE of the myriad national publications for which I write "get their palms greased" by PR reps or agencies. And for the record, neither do I. If you did yo
  4. Thanks...It is distributed free at all the "W" hotels, but CITY also has a wide national paid circulation and newstand base.
  5. Home on the Range Unfortunately, you've got to pony up $1.99 to read the story, which appears on page 72.
  6. Stirring the pot again! You are nothing but a troublemaker. Run, Robin run!
  7. I assumed as much. Still, I thought if anyone would have a nose for these, it would be you! If you talk to the guy at the Lafayette branch and he knows where I might locate these, please let me know!
  8. I know, aren't they so adorable? But, yes, I was wondering the same thing about the moisture issue. If I find them (my mission of the week), I'll let you know if that's a concern. Lori www.gastronaughty.typepad.com
  9. Sounds like you might need to kick this further upstairs. If they have used this photo in their promotional material, the firm their PR people used to do the photo know where they came from or can find out (via a photographer or food stylist). It is in My India's best interest to sell the jars or at the very least to be able to say where they came from. Push harder and get an e-mail address for someone in their communications/PR department who can find out. This is not a place that utilizes a PR firm. As for promotional materials, that barely-there Web site is all they've got. Lori
  10. Try to get them to tell you where they got them. Then take it from there. Oh, believe me, I tried. The woman with whom I spoke didn't have a clue. Not only does she not sell the jars at the store, but she couldn't give me any recommendations as to who might sell them. And while she didn't say as much, I suspect it's a stock photo that was pilfered from another site. Still, I am bound and determined to find these little suckers.
  11. Do any of you know where I can find these Spice Jars? I called My India's and they don't sell them.... Thanks! Lori
  12. No shit, I know it's a huge pain the in ass in terms of having to close your browser. I voted today and it took me forever -- almost as long as it took me to vote in the midterm elections a couple of weeks ago. I agree about the difficulty of the pizza choices. I crafted the lists well over a month ago, when Somethin' Else was still Somethin' Else, and while I've emailed my editor twice to ask him to omit it from the list, it's inexplicably still on there. You like Big Papa's more than I. When you have a chance, get up to Cabin Creek Smokehouse. -Lori www.gastronaughty.typepad.com
  13. Hello all-- The 2007 restaurant/bar nominees are live on the AOL CityGuide Denver page. Vote often for your favorites! The "restaurant" category is for best overall restaurants. Yes -- I picked the nominees, but because AOL has all but elimated restaurant coverage for the Denver/Boulder area (don't ask), the lists this year are fewer and less diverse. And there is no Chinese category, which means that Mongo will need to find something else to annoy him. Lori www.gastronaughty.typepad.com
  14. Bob! So, so happy to hear that your surgery went well and that you're on the mend!! My dad had a quad bypass a couple of years ago, and he's now as good as knew. He bitched about the hospital food, too -- for weeks! My thoughts are with you for a fast recovery. : ) -Lori
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