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  1. Some developers seem to be loving Passbook. As for Siri, well, Google's voice support just seems better to me.
  2. Yeah, you probably don't need to. If you do, you can just get the Migration Assistant from Apple to do it. If it isn't much, put what you need on Dropbox or whatever and then get it back later. That said, I am surprised you say you have an external drive that isn't compatible with Macs. Is it using a weird filesystem?
  3. I'll admit that I'm a Colman's man. I always have a tin of Colman's English mustard in my pantry and I use it like some would use French's.
  4. TheMatt


    For the first time in a long time, I decided to visit the cinema and saw Rian Johnson's "Looper". My verdict: I liked it. In fact, I think it might just end up being this decade's "why don't they make sci-fi like this?" movie a la "Gattaca", "Minority Report", etc. (Well, okay, "Moon" was probably that film, but "Looper" has more of a chance of being seen.) I can see that some won't like the tonal shift that comes in the middle of the film, which does lend some credence to the "two separate films" criticism, but it didn't bother me.
  5. Call me a heretic, but I do like Twenty20 cricket. Of course, that might be due to the fact that it's about the only cricket I can watch here in the US. Thank you, WatchESPN. ETA: That said, I could do with out the freaking mandatory powerplay. Just let the defense be what the captain wants.
  6. Yeah, I pretty much use VLC for all my video needs on my Air. QuickTime is just too simplistic.
  7. Yeah, they really are the best thing ever for dried beans and legumes. Just remember, no more than about 1/3 full and you might have to add some oil to prevent foaming.
  8. Well, Wired has you hooked up today as they just ran an article on window air conditioners. That said, I'm not sure you'll get 10000 BTUs with 8 amps. LG has a 10000 BTU unit, but it draws 8.5 amps; 8000 BTUs draws about 7 amps which might work with your wiring.
  9. Thanos isn't obsessed with death, he's in *love* with Death. I'm not too ashamed to know this as the Thanos arcs were some of my bread-and-butter as a teen.
  10. That video has been making the rounds, and it's fun. Parts I like: watching the Holy Roman Empire transform into the 1200, 1800, whatever number of states that made it up; the rise and fall of the Golden Horde; and the rise and fall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Friends I've known are always surprised to learn just how large and powerful the PLC was in the 17th Century since it seems to get rare mention in European history courses they've (and I've) taken.
  11. I suppose Sachin in the Rajya Sabha is no less odd than University of Dublin having seats in the Seanad √Čireann. Upper houses in the Westminster system are kind of fun (as an outsider).
  12. By trusting us modelers. We promise to never use our powers for evil. Bwa-ha-ha! Thing I also learned from that article: Dickie Bird is still alive!
  13. Maybe you had wi-fi syncing turned on, but now you don't? Or maybe you need to troubleshoot it?
  14. Hurling or curling? Because hurling is always fun to me. Every one has a hurley (stick) and they can use them in tackles!
  15. Association Football 12% of games scoreless in Ligue 1 In 2010-2011 EPL: 29.21% of games ending in a draw 2.80 goals per game (90 min): 1 goal per 1900 s New winner?
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