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  1. Last time I was at CityZen, Thomas Keller was at the next table, digging into his protegee Eric Zieboldt's tasting menu. With the possible exception of "When Harry Met Sally," I'm not certain that there's ever been moment to point at the party next to you and say "I'll have what they're having."
  2. I've never understood the gushing praise Jaleo gets but I've always found it reliable and convenient. Also in that neighborhood, btw, Cafe Atlantico is a fun place to get some off-beat brunch and maybe a breakfast cocktail on weekends. Makes the art all the better. There's a snack bar in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden that serves food that is not inedible, and beer and wine. Another thought if you're down that way: hitting the Archives right at opening gives one a chance to see the Constitution without waiting in line. Richard's other place is Central, down around
  3. You might consider Ethiopian at Etete, Dukem or Queen Maketa in the general vicinity of 9th and U. If you're touring around Dupont Circle (The Textime Museum, an overlooked gem) and the Phillips Collection, Pesce is a fine, unassuming fish joint on 21st and P. Rasika (excellent Indian in a chic setting) and tapas at Jaleo are good options down towards the National Gallery.
  4. Thanks everybody for your warm welcome Friday night. Stephanie and I went straight home and crashed (must've been the Ouzo) but were rested enough to hit the market first thing and -- after too much dashing around all day -- cook ourselves a nice Seattle dinner with Dungeoness crab, salumi and meat, vegetables and cheese from Pike Place. Stephanie is jetting back but The Boy and I will be searching for some of the Asian joints you recommended for dinner, tonight. Thanks again, and if any of you find yourself in the other Washington, drop a line and we'll gladly return the hospitality.
  5. Do they have "Labor Day" in the southern hemisphere? Yes, but it's on May 1st, which would be fall down there, so the rule still holds.
  6. In my few days in Monaco I did find that most of the food there was appalling or appallingly expensive. Was my luck just bad? Next time on the Cote d'Azure, I will try to hunt up Le Cabonon. Where in the town is it?
  7. I will fight for Les Avave's virtue. Well, degusto may be right with his "quite ok" categorization. There are surely better restaurants on the Cote d'Azure. But for mid-priced, casual and relaxed, they hit the spot very well and when I was trapped in B-s-M for a couple nights they took me in as a regular and served me much better food at a much lower price than I was getting in the tourist places in Monaco (Cafe des Artistes, among others). I would go back. You are correct indeed that it is a slow town after 10PM, since I had not acclimated to French time when I was there, I spent a
  8. More to see if I can do this than anything else... This is the view from the bedroom in Vacqueyras: This was the highlight of the trip for the kids, leaping off the cliffs into the Camargue River near Pont St. Esprit: This view is looking across the harbor at Villefranche. Apparantly, all the quayside restaurants are overpriced and suck, ours certainly did. Get a seat for a bottle of wine at sunset, though. Breathtaking.
  9. My wife and I stayed in a charming house in the even more charming village of Vacqueyras. Vacquyeras, with a growing wine reputation of its own, is also located half-way between Gigondas, which is more heavily touristed, and Beumes de Venise, which has the local public pool, in addition to its famous wines. Speedos for gents, please. Vacqueyras is a tiny village, with two cafes, a hotel and several caves. If I could figure out how to post pictures, I'd show you the view from our bedroom window: the bell tower that also graced the label of the local pink we drank by the gallon, sorry, liter
  10. I've long felt (OK, long ago felt, I've been married for a while), that once you sleep with a woman you're grandfathered in, and moral, ethical and numerical considerations no longer applied.
  11. I knew a bright young man like yourself would come around to my way of thinking, eventually.
  12. Well, it's a minute of her life that she'll never get back again... Fly What the hell was my wife doing in that article?
  13. I went to Dupont last week and found, as I expected, nothing much of interest except some very tasty oysters from the oyster guy. Things are still very grim.
  14. Go to the Strand bookstore. Check out the new MoMA and get a hip appetizer at their new cafe. Score weed in Washington Square (can you still do that?).
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