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  1. Has anyone tried Table 52? I'm on the fence as to whether I should make a reservation. It sounds good, but I need some more reviews. Sorry if I missed a thread. The search function didn't like the "52" (needed 4 characters). Thanks!
  2. I'll second the recommendation for Prime in The Bellagio. The steak was excellent and there are some unique side dishes on the menu. Nice atmosphere, too.
  3. She looks mighty pretty in that last photo. Best start digging the pits with spikes in the bottom in the front yard now for the boys that'll be thronging around. That was my first thought !
  4. I've been quite a few times. I love the place. I have a huge fish aversion, but there's still tons of great stuff on the menu.
  5. If the SXSWers don't have time for a road trip and need to stay in town, here are my top picks. La Traviata -- easy access, tiny, great food, fun scene. Starlite -- again, downtown, great food, good people watching Uchi -- a cab ride, but worth it. The best Japanese food and sushi near downtown Vespaio -- Good scene, great food That's my list of hip and trendy places which are pretty easily accessible from downtown and serve great food. If you want to do the barbecue roadtrip and don't want to drive all the way to some tiny town nearby, I suggest Salt Lick. It's not as
  6. Bevo


    After some more research, I think we'll skip this one.
  7. Bevo


    Has anyone eaten here? The reviews seem pretty good and I like Amy Sacco, but our time in NYC will be limited.... Anyone been here?
  8. Bevo

    Stanton Social

    Eh, never mind. I just saw that the NYT gave it one star.
  9. Bevo

    Stanton Social

    Okay, we picked Centrico and are moving on to the second restaurant. Someone recommended Stanton Social. Any opinions on this place? THANKS!
  10. Bevo

    Rosa Mexicano

    You all have sold me on Centrico. Part of me feels a litte guilty going for Mexican in NYC when I live in Texas, but at the same time, I would love to compare the two. Plus, I just love Mexican. Is that so wrong??? Oh, we went to Chicago and ate at Frontera, so this sort of fits into our pattern.
  11. Bevo

    Rosa Mexicano

    Steven, thanks. I was hoping to hear from someone who had eaten at both Fonda San Miguel and Rosa Mexicano. In my mind, Rosa Mexicano is better, but that may be because I tried it in my early twenties and it was my first exposure to interior Mexican. So my memory of it might be slightly glorified. FSM is my girlfriend's favorite restaurant in town, so I thought it might be fun her her to compare. But if the conclusion is going to be "Oh, we should have just gone to Fonda before we left" then why bother . Helena, I never made it to Zarella's, but my co-workers use to love it. Have fun wi
  12. Bevo

    Rosa Mexicano

    Some girlfriends and I are coming to NYC in April and Rosa Mexicano is on our short list of restaurants. Is it still as good as it was 5 years ago? I'm trying to pick places that have excellent food, a nice atmosphere, but aren't necessarily new and trendy. My friends like Fonda San Miguel here in Austin. I've been touting Rosa Mexicano as just as good if not better, so I want it to live up to my hype . Should I keep it on the short list?
  13. Ha! No, I just need to get rid of some cookies .
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm helping with some PA work on a soon-to-be shooting film with a very low budget. Right now, the producers are looking for people willing to make food donations. If you have some extra time or just want to donate a big platter of something delicious, shoot me an email. There is no pay involved, but it's a fun project and you might meet a music legend or two. Send me an email if you want to discuss the details. anna@ginsberg.com Thanks!
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