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  1. Ack! Steve told us we were talking about 7pm. But now that it's 6, we're going to have to bow out. Cameron's has a brand-new job in Los Altos (about an hour south of SF proper) so he'd have to leave work at 3:30 to make it to Sonoma by 6 -- and that would mean the two of us taking separate cars. MR, we're truly sorry we won't be able to meet you and your husband. Please drop us a line the next time you're coming to San Francisco; we'd love to meet you for a drink or a meal. ~Anita
  2. I love Omni and Squeat's ideas!! LovelyNugget: She's not a friend at all; she's not even an 'office friend'. We're not even friendly. She annoys the crap out of me and I suspect she knows that, as I am not a subtle person. (I know you all find this shocking...) It's either a ploy for presents -- Miss Manners says I need only send a card, which I will -- or a seat-filling tactic. Either way, I feel used. Rancho, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We had 50 people at our wedding (including the two of us, the friend who married us, and our attendants). I didn't have to ask anyone for
  3. Thomas Keller argues in Bouchon that trussing the bird keeps the tip of the breast from cooking faster than the wide part. Not sure if I buy his argument, but...
  4. French toast meatloaf brownies graham crackers/smores saltines
  5. Quite right! [admin] I've moved into Elsewhere in Europe, leaving a link in Middle East and Africa for folks who might be planning a trip to other parts of Turkey (which are -- geographically at least -- in the Middle East) [/admin]
  6. One of my office friends mentioned today that she'd told a coworker that she was thinking of going to Cambodia, and the coworker said "What's Cambodia?" (We work for a travel company, so this is a little bizarre.) I told her to explain that it's a big festival, like Burning Man. On second thought, maybe I should have said it was a big store, like Target.
  7. Hey asshole co-worker, Thanks for the following note, letting me know I am a second-string wedding guest:
  8. [admin] Don't make me stop this car. [/admin]
  9. Well, Cameron and I are coming for a week at the end of June, but our dogs will be very unhappy if we stay. Edited to add: My sister-in-law is moving to NYC, but she lives in London. I guess that means we owe London someone instead...
  10. Oooh, how exciting for us Bay Areans! Do keep us posted. (Not that any of the Boalt students I know have any time to socialize, but...)
  11. Are you sure it's mexican, not brazilian? (Sorry, couldn't help myself)
  12. [admin] we've moved the off-topic discussion of bone marrow health issues to its own thread [/admin]
  13. Anything dried or in paste form is legal; the fresh produce/meat/dairy is what's not allowed.
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