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  1. I ditto all of the above. The pork belly hash was fabulous and the bites of other's dishes especially the bene were fine, but the shared foods were all not quite good enough. Particularly the gougeres were weirdly mushy. The company, however was splendid. I'd like to find a way to go to Artisinal w/o going to Bellevue. Ah, NYC.
  2. heyjude

    Dim Sum

    Richard and I would love to join in.
  3. I could pick a few superlatives from the previous dozen posts and still not cover what a great party this was. All thanks to Fred and Ed who are the best hosts and to everyone for the fabulous food. The coffee ice cream kept me up late thinking about all the other food. Iris loved the garden for which there really are no words. Perfect.
  4. I'll make a simple syrup and Richard will squeeze lots of lemons which, when combined, will make lemonade. And something else to be decided.
  5. 9/14 sounds perfect to us.
  6. I'm so glad this was one of the happier BoMs. We'll go back. What's next?
  7. I told you I was new at this. I would pick the August burgerphile, but I don't know who's ready for another turn. Could someone please volunteer?
  8. Richard and I went to Boka yesterday afternoon with some friends from Portland. We had 3 burgers and 1 salmon burger. I changed my truffle fries to the sweet yam julienne fries, having discovered at Canlis that I just don't like the truffle flavor that much with potatoes. We all paid intense attention to our meals and really enjoyed them, but with some minor negatives. The burgers were cooked as asked, but were a little dry. I loved the bun and it went well with the salmon burger, too. The garnishes were tastier than expected. The heirloom tomato actually tasted like a tomato. My biggest complaint was that the yam fries are almost impossible to eat. As soon as I dipped them in the aioli, they fell apart. Eating them one by one is too slow and frustrating and a handful just makes a mess. The service was fine and we'd go again, but not if Quinn's was a possible 1st choice. Anyway, I was sad that Richard left my half burger doggie bag in the car.
  9. I just stuck my toe in the water and Lauren hits me with a sneak wave. I'm happy to suggest BOKA downtown at 1010 1st Ave. for the next BoM. Last time I had a burger there was over a year ago when Seis was still the chef. It was a delicious, well cooked burger on a good roll. I'm curious to see what the change in the kitchen has wrought. Check the lunch and bar menus at www.bokaseattle.com and try to plan a visit. I'll probably do lunch next week.
  10. It was a lovely, long evening with delightful friends. I agree with most of what the others said. The short ribs were the best savory, the view fantastic, the service excellent and all the desserts were my favorite in consecutive order. There wasn't one I wouldn't have again. The plating is beautiful. I think I did the best with cocktails by ordering a Tom Collins. Thanks, Neil et al. And next time we should all come in one car.
  11. Quinn's was not my first or last burger, but my only BOM, so far. I could happily order it every time I go and even give up ever ordering one elsewhere. It came exactly as I ordered it, rare. Usually, I am not believed when I ask for rare. The beefy taste was fabulous, the heft perfect, the bun held up well for me and added to the flavor of the whole package. And I got two meals out of it. Even reheated it was better than most burgers in town. The French fries were also fabulous and dark the way they should be. I'll certainly keep a place in the rotation for places like Red Mill based on price, but for now, Quinn's is number one.
  12. We hope you are all having a fabulous time. You're lucky we didn't come and sit on your collective laps. We went out with the Portland friends. We won't let that happen, again. Judy and Richard
  13. We'll be in Portland, but nothing short of cardiac arrest (does that tempt the fate that I don't believe in ?) will keep us away from the Winter fete.
  14. We have an out of town guest, but we'd definitely do it before it's winter.
  15. Ditto to what Eden said. The garden couldn't be more wonderful, the company brilliant as always and the food better than most picnickers had anywhere. Thanks Fred and Ed. Judy and Richard
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