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  1. I thought I read about a new restaurant opening downtown...Spring and 1st or 2nd ? Now I can't seem to recall. OK, maybe a senior moment. Any suggestions for something new in the downtown area for my weekend getaway? I think I've finally figured out Uber....
  2. Hollywood - I went last year (first time in about 40 years) and found it to be mostly an older Jewish crowd much like myself. It's a good place for a semi-quiet dinner in a comfy booth. For real food I prefer Animal, Ink, Trois Mec, etc. but conducting a conversation is a challenge.
  3. Well, I was all hopped-up to try a new restaurant, Tavern, when my friend sent an email with a change of location. She made a reservation at Lawry's which is about as old-school L.A. as you can get. I'm not complaining because I now have a 15 minute drive. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my quest. Tavern is definitely on my list.
  4. Bingo ! Thanks, Hollywood. I haven't been to Tavern but love, love, love AOC and Lucques. thanks !!
  5. Boy, I must be sounding like the most picky person...Been to new Spago (liked the original better) and Bouchon...snooty-snooty. Thanks, Hollywood, I know you're really trying (-:
  6. Going to Scottsdale this winter and could use a few suggestions. Haven't been there in about 10 years and I'm sure there are some new places to try. We like great food/casual to fine dining. Any thoughts?
  7. Yes, we go to Lucques every so often. Too far my-way. I feel like there is nothing halfway between. Waa Waaa Waa...such a big problem/I should be ashamed of complaining.
  8. Thanks for the help. I'll try AXE in Venice another time. For this dinner need something closer to 3rd/Fairfax... maybe up Melrose I was thinking toward the beach. I've been to CooksCountry twice. Kinda disappointing but gave it a second try. Going to ChiSpacca later in visit. I hear you need 4 people to finish-off one of their steaks..LOL Any other ideas? You guys are great/thanks!
  9. Will be in L.A. for the winter and may need some help here and there. Meeting friend for dinner - somewhere between Brentwood and 3rd/Fairfax. We both like 'farm to table' straightforward dinner/quiet atmosphere would be a plus. Thanks !
  10. Tighe ~ If you ever venture over to my 'hood you might like the pizza here: pizzeriabruciato.com
  11. I love Silaa on Robertson. Family from Talesai and Night Market. My spelling might be off...
  12. I too am a huge fan of Hitchcock !
  13. Hi Tighe, YES, that's the one. Don't be ashamed. I couldn't even recall the name
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