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  1. I thought I read about a new restaurant opening downtown...Spring and 1st or 2nd ? Now I can't seem to recall. OK, maybe a senior moment. Any suggestions for something new in the downtown area for my weekend getaway? I think I've finally figured out Uber....
  2. Hollywood - I went last year (first time in about 40 years) and found it to be mostly an older Jewish crowd much like myself. It's a good place for a semi-quiet dinner in a comfy booth. For real food I prefer Animal, Ink, Trois Mec, etc. but conducting a conversation is a challenge.
  3. Well, I was all hopped-up to try a new restaurant, Tavern, when my friend sent an email with a change of location. She made a reservation at Lawry's which is about as old-school L.A. as you can get. I'm not complaining because I now have a 15 minute drive. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my quest. Tavern is definitely on my list.
  4. Bingo ! Thanks, Hollywood. I haven't been to Tavern but love, love, love AOC and Lucques. thanks !!
  5. Boy, I must be sounding like the most picky person...Been to new Spago (liked the original better) and Bouchon...snooty-snooty. Thanks, Hollywood, I know you're really trying (-:
  6. Going to Scottsdale this winter and could use a few suggestions. Haven't been there in about 10 years and I'm sure there are some new places to try. We like great food/casual to fine dining. Any thoughts?
  7. Yes, we go to Lucques every so often. Too far my-way. I feel like there is nothing halfway between. Waa Waaa Waa...such a big problem/I should be ashamed of complaining.
  8. Thanks for the help. I'll try AXE in Venice another time. For this dinner need something closer to 3rd/Fairfax... maybe up Melrose I was thinking toward the beach. I've been to CooksCountry twice. Kinda disappointing but gave it a second try. Going to ChiSpacca later in visit. I hear you need 4 people to finish-off one of their steaks..LOL Any other ideas? You guys are great/thanks!
  9. Will be in L.A. for the winter and may need some help here and there. Meeting friend for dinner - somewhere between Brentwood and 3rd/Fairfax. We both like 'farm to table' straightforward dinner/quiet atmosphere would be a plus. Thanks !
  10. Tighe ~ If you ever venture over to my 'hood you might like the pizza here: pizzeriabruciato.com
  11. I love Silaa on Robertson. Family from Talesai and Night Market. My spelling might be off...
  12. I too am a huge fan of Hitchcock !
  13. Hi Tighe, YES, that's the one. Don't be ashamed. I couldn't even recall the name
  14. Hi All, I've been out--of-the-loop for quite a while. I know I've read about a nice place to stay with great food on one of the small islands near Seattle but I'm drawing a blank. I'm already planning my 'medicare-birthday' and want to celebrate the end of sky-high medical costs. What better way than a great-food-related self-indulgence. Also, MY favorite chef, Brendan McGill won the Food and Wine Best New Chef award. HITCHCOCK is an incredible dining experience on Bainbridge Island. Well worth the ferry-ride over. We were one of his first guests when he opened in 2010 and knew he wa
  15. Been to the Jewel Box dining room of Mistral Kitchen twice. 4-course tasting menu at $60. (no menu, just whatever they send out) is plenty of food when you add the amuse and two desserts. Excellent experiences.
  16. Between me and my husband we must have called about 15 kosher markets, delis, etc. The delis want to sell their own chopped liver, of course. I can get a bag of chicken fat but I still have to render it. Maybe no one makes it in a jar anymore. The last time I bought it was probably close to 20 years ago. Canters used to sell it years ago. It's making me think no one makes chopped liver with schmaltz anymore. For me that's what gives it the great taste.
  17. Thanks everyone. I'm going to check Farmer's Market tomorrow. Happy Holidays everyone !
  18. Yes, (Hi Lauren !) Canter's was one of the first calls. No time left for a drive to the valley. I never imagined this would be so difficult.
  19. Once a year I make Jewish-style Chopped Chicken Liver Pate' and once a year I make a huge mess in the kitchen as I render chicken fat from the pieces of skin/fat I've saved up over many months. I'm in L.A. for several months and I was sure I could find some ready-made. No luck. I'm close enough to the Fairfax area where I would think someone would have it. I've called about 10 Kosher groceries but no luck. Years ago it was available either frozen or in jars.... Any ideas ? THANKS !
  20. Lots of good options and many are very close. I've been to Gjelina for lunch and will try dinner soon. Thanks for the drinkin' drivin' warning (-:
  21. thank you both for the ideas. Yeah I was really happy to see In 'n Out !!
  22. I'll be living in Playa Vista for the next several months (escaping winter weather in WA this year) and could use a few nearby ideas. Venice is very close and I've been to Joe's, Lily, Chaya Venice so far. Other ideas? I have a limited night-driving radius and am looking for some neighborhood gems as well as high-end places. Thanks ! ~ Char
  23. Been to BOKA and Matt's at lunch only and they were pretty loud. I'm thinking TASTE...the museum crowd is pretty tame....
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