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  1. It's been a while since we did a weekend dumpling run. Does Sunday Nov 1st look like a good day for folks? We could try Hong Kong dim sum up in Lynnwood?


    Sunday, the 1st doesn't work for me. What about this Saturday, the 17th? Or the following Saturday or Sunday, the 24th or 25th? Also, when I was at the new Asian Mart at 132nd this past weekend, the Hong Kong dim sum place was open so we won't have to drive all the way to Lynnwood to try it!

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  2. Dinner at Dom Polski was fantastic! If you haven't been, go! It's not all about dumplings either, although we had our fill of them! We also tried:

    Dill pickle soup - not as good as I've had elsewhere. Not very pickle-y.

    Beet soup - this was fantastic. So clear and flavorful and had mini dumplings in it.

    Hunter stew - also fantastic. Very hearty and meaty.

    Pork hock - I'd give this a pass. It was boiled or steamed and I didn't like that the skin wasn't crispy. It would have been better if they had finished it off under a broiler.

    Pork schnitzel - this as really good. Not dry at all.


    The two pork dishes came with mashed potatoes (just okay) and a couple of different sauerkrauts. For dessert we had cheese dumplings in a brown butter sauce (yum) and cheese crepes (pretty good) and a cheesecake (good).


    All that and a cocktail too came to $32 per person, including tip!

  3. http://www.dolcetta-sweets.com/about/


    Are you guys familiar with this? Do you know her? She's on one of the food boards that split from CH and sounds interesting - especially her history with dumplings. Just asking.

    I've never even heard of Dolcetta Sweets, although I'm not a sweets eater so that's not saying much. Where did you find out about her history with dumplings? She sounds like someone I should get to know!

  4. Let's put October 9th on the books for dinner at the Polish House.


    I can do dim sum this week on either Thursday, the 10th or Friday, the 11th. If it's Thursday, I need to be a bit flexible. I'm meeting a window repair person in Stanwood between 8 and 10 AM. I should be done no later than 11 and maybe earlier...

  5. I ordered the Stuffed Pig burger which was supposed to be stuffed with bacon as well as having bacon on the burger. I was half way through the burger when I remembered there was supposed to be bacon stuffed in it. If there was any, it was not noticeable at all. They charge $2 extra for the "house bun" which they told me is just like the regular bun but without the sesame seeds for those who are allergic. I opted to not pay the extra but got it anyway. It was a fine bun but not worth an up charge. The burger was medium well (they didn't ask for a cooking preference) and too small for the size of the bun. I'm glad I asked what their Awesome Sauce was because it's curry mayo and it would have been a bit of a shock to have curry flavor when I wasn't expecting it (I subbed for regular mayo). Like Eden said, the fries were good. My burger and fries were $12.20 before tax and tip. It would have been $14.20 if they had charged me for the house bun.


    I don't feel the need to go back.

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