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  1. Paul and I are in! Actually, Paul is a maybe depending on his schedule. I've been thinking about that guacamole ever since we had it - yum!
  2. I drove by there late last week and the paper was back down so hopefully they've sorted things out... As of last Thursday (March 2nd) the paper was still up.
  3. I'm in at 8 PM too. I am sooooo looking forward to this!
  4. Paul and I are in! Hmmmm, cocktail food and cocktail attire - lots to plan for between now and then........
  5. This dinner lasted around 3 1/2 hours. We met in the bar before, than went to the table around 6:15 or so. The meal was over around 10 PM although we all hung around a while after. Of course I say this about each one I go to, but I think this was my favorite. We all had a really good time and I'm glad my friend, Rose got to celebrate her birthday at such a great meal. My favorite dishes were the foie (of course), the wild boar ravioli, the braised rabbit leg, the pommes anna and the haricot verts. I was so full at the end of this meal! Ethan and his staff outdid themselves. See you all
  6. What a great time we all had in Snohomish. I hadn't been there in years! I'll be going back for sure! And Fred and Ed's house is fabulous! Rural life (or semi rural life) obviously agrees with them! As for the burger, this was not my favorite. The bun was fantastic but the meat itself was flavorless. This may be because they will not cook to order and mine came medium well. Also, I ordered cheddar cheese and, as you can see from the photos, it came with a bland tasting shredded blend of some sort, probably colby. The fries were good and the bisque was good after a good douse of salt. They
  7. Hmmm, a mystery. After I could only find Pasilla's, I looked them up in Mesa Mexicana by Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger which said "Poblanos....are a medium-sized thick-skinned wide-shouldered sometimes spicy chile....In some parts of the country they are mis-labled pasillas, which are lighter green and skinnier." I did a google search and found instances where a recipe called for either a poblano or a pasilla chile, so I gathered both Poblanos and Pasillas were a fresh, green chile. The pasillas I bought in Seattle (at Whole Foods, QFC and Larry's Market) were all fresh green chile's.
  8. Here's my recipe for the Green Chile Mac and Cheese. Paul and I had this at The Roaring Fork restaurant in Austin, where it was served in the little Staub roasters as a side dish to their rib eye steak. We loved it so much we bought the restaurants cook book (American Western Cooking from the Roaring Fork by Robert McGrath) so we could make it at home. I could tell just by reading the recipe that the one in the book was nothing like the one in the restaurant. Don't you hate it when that happens. After much trial (and a few errors) here is the final version. 2 T Corn Oil (I used unrefined
  9. I wanted to bring this to the top to be sure we are all on board for our burgers on Saturday! In re-reading the thread it looks like we have eight people definites and two maybes: Definites: Fred and Ed little ms foodie rockdoggydog Lauren white lotus and Dance malarkey Maybes: talldrinkofwater Paul Fred, do you think we will need to make a reservation for this large of a group (and let them know we'll all be ordering burgers)? I'd be happy to do that. See you Saturday!
  10. I'm up for lunch at Andaluca too. I have been to 67 a number of times and just find it odd. The food is okay, nothing great, but I can't get over the bizarre "trees" they have as decoration. They look like something out of the Wizard of Oz. Oh, and it always seems really cold (temperature) to me.
  11. Rockdoggydog, Malarkey, Paul and I went to Moxie for Happy Hour last night. It's nice to have a place that opens early for drinks (4:00PM) but, on the downside, their HH runs only until 5:30. They have a decent selection of their menu items offered at half price. We had the lamb burger, the special - a flank steak sandwich with grilled peppers, the leek tart, mussels with Pernod and tarragon and an order of pommes frites. As Malarkey has said before, the lamb burger is fantastic. Even when it came medium (we ordered it medium rare) it was still juicy and tasty. The pesto mayo on it is perfect.
  12. The 25th is the only day that works for me. But, like Eden, don't make your plans based on my schedule, I can catch up next month.
  13. I'm up for going to Snohomish too. Fred - how does your schedule look the rest of the month?
  14. Oh my, what a cheesy, rich, fantastic evening that was. We had six different types to try and all were very different in both taste and cooking method. We had one made with a custard base, one with bechemel, one with just cream, one overnight version, one stovetop version and one which contained only made-made products! It was very close between "Wendy Stewart's" version and Patti LaBelle's but I think Patti LaBelle's came through with a few more votes as favorite all around macaroni and cheese. A very good point was made that some of the others would make better side dishes and Della was
  15. Are you ready for some carbs?! I believe we now have a definitive menu for Saturday (5:30, just as a reminder). What we've got going on: Folks bringing macaroni and cheese: Lauren & Paul - green chile mac and cheese Rockdoggydog - chili mac Gourmetlight$ & Bob - Blue Onion Bistro's mac and cheese little ms & mr foodie - Martha Stewart's mac and cheese girlchow - Cook's Illustrated's mac and cheese heyjude & Richard - Guy Savoy's Overnight mac and cheese Seagal & Gary - Patti LaBelle's mac and cheese Folks bringing things other than macaroni and cheese: wh
  16. Awesome! I can tell I'm not going to be eating for days after this.
  17. Nevermind. (For some reason, I thought I read back there in the thread somewhere that someone was bringing Patti LaBelle's. ) Have hope, someone still might make it - there are a couple of people who are undecided as to what they are bringing. I had mentioned in an earlier post that I have the Patti LaBelle recipe so that's where that idea came from! Have you had it before? What are your thoughts on it?
  18. First the Super Bowl then the Mac and Cheese party! Will the fun never end? It seems like things are coming together for this - and we are at capacity for the number of folks my house can hold. We've got a good selections of mac and cheese to taste - I hope you'll be hungry! According to my notes here's the what we've got going on: Folks bringing macaroni and cheese: Lauren & Paul - green chile mac and cheese Rockdoggydog & Dani - chili mac Gourmetlight$ & Bob - Blue Onion Bistro's mac and cheese little ms & mr foodie - Martha Stewart's mac and cheese girlchow
  19. Some friends and I went to Moxie last night. Wow! What a great place! We started with a cocktail in the bar then moved to a table to wait for one more to join us. When I was in the bar, I asked if they had a cocktail list and was told they don't but they could make anything. When we got to the table, we were handed a list with cocktails and wines by the glass. I wish I had seen that before. I don't know why I like seeing a cocktail list, I guess it just reminds me of what my options are! All of our cocktails were very well made (too well made said one of my friends as she ordered her second co
  20. Oh, great. Now I'm going to have to add Fernet Branca to my liquor cabinet. At least I have the Falernum! Maybe I should just go visit Murray.......
  21. Over on Chowhound, a poster from Washington DC is coming to town and Seven Stars Pepper was recommended to him. He has asked if people would like to join him for dinner and, because we know how Chowhound is, I thought I'd post about it here to see if anyone is interested....... Here is the link to the CH thread.
  22. You bet! We can figure out what's needed to round out the menu in the next week or so. At this point, until we hear from the maybe's, we're at capacity. I'll put anyone else who wants to join in our mac and cheese fest on a wait list. I can hardly wait!
  23. Wow! We are going to have a lot of mac and cheese to compare! Originally I was thinking I would do this as a sit-down dinner but now, given all the folks who love mac and cheese as much as I do, I think we'll do it as a buffet. I figure I can seat 28 around the house (as comfortably as possible given you'll be eating from plates on your lap)! By my count we have 21 confirmed and 6 maybe's: Confirmed: Lauren & Paul white lotus and Friend Rockdoggydog & Dani Fwed & MG Apicus Gourmetlight$ & Bob little ms & mr foodie Della & Greg girlchow MySiuMai Artzyg
  24. I've stayed at The Sylvia. It's a fun old hotel, with emphasis on old. The rooms are funky and have their own idiosyncracies. The room I stayed in had the hotel plumbing running through it and, when it was time for showering, the room got very, very, very hot.
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