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  1. I'm going to have to pass on this event. I have tried to wrap my mind around "food as art" and I don't think I have the plating talent to pull it off. I'm very much looking forward to seeing all of your works of art so be sure to take tons of pictures!
  2. I've definitely decided on the gnocchi and tomato sauce. I'll bring wine too, of course. See you all tomorrow.
  3. Paul's not going to be able to make it (darn workload!) but I am looking forward to it. At this point, I am thinking of making swiss chard-ricotta gnocchi with a tomato-vegetable sauce. Don't hold me to that, that's just my current thought process. As I look at the list, I'm thinking there will be around 18 people, is that right? I'm trying decide if I need to double or triple my recipe. See everyone tomorrow!
  4. Thanks Vince. That's just the nudge I needed to wrap my brain around this.
  5. "The Bins" (Bin 941 and Bin 942) are always favorites of mine. They are great for late night bites. And I second Tojo's. The omakase I had there was fantastic.
  6. See, I don't get this. I mean, if great taste isn't your #1 goal, what is? Avante-Garde food confuses me. I feel like a bumpkin.
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the Saturday lunch! Thursdays are okay with me. The 12th or the 19th are best but I can make the 26th work too.
  8. Weekends are tough for me. Is anyone interested in meeting for lunch during the week?
  9. So, December is almost over. Just a few more days for folks to try the burgers at Market Street Grill. For January, our BoM torch is being passed to........Leslie! I'm looking forward to trying the next selection.
  10. Welcome MySiuMai! I'm looking forward to meeting you. Lauren
  11. Hi Sue! He's still posting on eG but he's using the name chefturnedbum now. It sounds like he has a new venture planned, you should check out his posts........
  12. I was going through my recipes this weekend and came across the mac and cheese recipes that I gathered last year. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to pass them on. I have David Rosengarten's, John Thorne's, Patti La Belle's etc. Della's right, it does look like a lot of mac and cheese! But I know we are troopers Besides, it only takes a bite or two of each to compare!
  13. Is he the same guitarist that plays at Olives in Edmonds?
  14. After spending in week in Santa Fe in September, I'm excited to make a green chile mac and cheese that we had there. Yum.
  15. Paul's out of town, but I'm sure we're in. He is the sauce king! Thanks Kim, I'm looking forward to seeing your new house!
  16. Bummer Jason, we'll miss you. Be sure to post about it if you and Amber go! See the rest of you tonight. The list again: Lauren rockdoggydog white lotus white lotus' friend, Andy SeaGal Eden little ms foodie Malarkey
  17. The updated list is now: Lauren rockdoggydog white lotus white lotus' friend, Andy SeaGal Eden little ms foodie Fay Jai Malarkey I have changed the reservation to reflect this. There is still time to get in on the fun so let me know if you'd like to join us! Lauren
  18. Thanks for the review, creepygirl. I'm looking forward to this. I have made a reservation for 8 people on Tuesday, December 13th at 7:30 PM. The list so far: Lauren rockdoggydog white lotus SeaGal Eden little ms foodie Fay Jai Malarkey scarlett, maybe If you can join in the fun, let me know. The more the merrier. There's been talk of also hitting the late night happy hour at Matador following dinner
  19. I am going to call later today and make a reservation for 7:30 on Tuesday, December 13th. The attendees so far are: Lauren rockdoggydog white lotus SeaGal Eden little ms foodie Fay Jai Scarlett - ? Malarkey - ?
  20. It's been requested to change the time to something later. Will 7:00 or 7:30 work for everyone?
  21. Tuesday it is! I'll call in a couple of days to make a reservation so, if anyone else can join in, post here or let me know so I can add you to the list.
  22. Gee, better late than never I guess! To recap our past BoM choices: Palace Kitchen- Anita The Maple Leaf Grill- Jan Jaks- Rocky Bad Alberts- Reese Sterling Café- Reese Collins Pub- Tighe Hi Life- FaiJai Sport- Wendy 35th Street Bistro – Eden Blue Moon - Margaret And December's selection is......drumroll please......... Market Street Grill in Ballard They offer a kobe beef burger which is 10 ounces and ground in-house. They are only open for dinner, so I hope that won't be too prohibitive for anyone. If anyone is open next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday we can go as a
  23. The play on words sounds very French Laundry to me.
  24. I would avoid Troiani as well. I hadn't been there since they kicked everyone out, so I decided to try them for lunch this week. Ack! Big mistake! They have dumbed down the menu so it reads like a ubiquitous chain restaurant. They don't make any of the pastas anymore, in fact they use only dried pasta. Nothing we had was extraordinary or even worth mentioning. I won't be going back. I don't know about Happy Hour specials, but I like Sazerac. They have interesting food and well made cocktails. See if they can make you a Dammit Janet. It's off the menu now, but the recipe is still floating a
  25. The seemingly doomed location at 5th and Wall (Fernando's Hideaway/Madrid 522, etc) has a new sign up for El Portal. I couldn't read anything more than that.
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