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  1. Beginning Sunday September 11th, Sommelier Arnie Millan will be offering an in-depth look at Italian wine with three classes, each organized by region: 1. September 11 - The South (Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Sardinia) 2. September 18 - The Center (Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, The Marches, Emilia-Romagna, Molise, Abruzzi) 3. September 25 - The North (Piedmont, Valle d¹Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto, Alto Aldige/Trentino, Friuli-Giulia-Venezie) Each region, its history and wines, will be discussed in depth. Classes will include tasting regional wines. The classes wil
  2. I love Market House Corned Beef and have been going there for years. Don't let it freak you out, reese, it's just like entering a time warp
  3. It sounds like fun to me too. Wasn't Steve saying he could do it at his place? I'd offer mine but we're going to be gone a lot in September so I have a feeling I'm going to miss out on this one too. The only open weekend I have is the 9th or 10th.
  4. I actually like DQ's Blizzard's
  5. Welcome Carolyn. Looking forward to meeting you!
  6. A CELEBRATION OF ANGELO PELLEGRINI on AUGUST 30th The COOKS AND BOOKS series invites you to celebrate the re-publication of Angelo Pellegrini's out of print classic, THE UNPREJUDICED PALATE. First published in 1948, THE UNPREJUDICED PALATE is one man's exposition of "the good life": a life of cooking well-prepared food, growing your own vegetables and serving homemade wine to a table full of family and friends. Under the editorial direction of Ruth Reichl, Random House is republishing the book as part of the Modern Library: Food series, and with a new introduction by Mario Ba
  7. I'll be at the Mariner's game that night. Bummer.
  8. I finished Delicious last week and thought it was a great summer read. Wow, is there a lot of sex in that book! It's the kind of book that I have to hold close to my chest when I am reading on the bus because I'm just sure that those words are jumping off the page so everyone can read them! It was fun to read about the history of Hawaii and how the locals wrestle with their heritage. I have a friend who is a haole and speaks pidgin and I couldn't help but think of all the stories she told me about going to school there, some of the locals in the book sounded a lot like the kids she grew up
  9. Thanks for planning this Wendy, I had a great time. I really liked my crab cakes and Wendy's salad was.....fantastic. I thought the menu was written awkwardly. It was tough to visualize what the dishes were going to look like by the way it was written. Luckily our waiter was great and could help there. I was thinking it was on the expensive side too, until I remembered that it included cocktail(s) and a few bottles of wine
  10. We'll be in town Friday (the 23rd) through Wednesday (the 28th). We get into town around 3 PM on Friday and we'll be at the festival on Saturday and Sunday. We leave around 4 PM on Wednesday. So....... I would say Friday night, Monday or Tuesday any time or Wednesday morning works for us
  11. I will - thanks! I'm just reading through all the threads now and will probably be back for some guidance on my restaurant choices soon........
  12. If a gathering does come together, my hubby and I would love to join you. We're going to be in town (from Seattle) for ACL and will be staying 9/23 - 9/28. Hope to meet you all!
  13. Paul would like to come too, if that is okay.
  14. Lauren

    Dim Sum

    I'm getting back into town this weekend just in time for Darren's Proscuitto-fest. Darn, I'll have to join you next time.....
  15. I actually really like Red Mill burgers Me too. I love their verde burgers (and onion rings). Now, would I have put it as one of the top 20 in the states? No. Thinking back on the places we've had burgers for this thread and I wouldn't even put them on the top of that list. I tried to find what sort of criteria was used. Does anyone know?
  16. Any day but Friday works for me. I'd love to try it.
  17. I picked up my copy of Delicious at the library today. I'm looking forward to "discussing" it next week
  18. I spoke with the owners of Belle Epicurean at the U District Farmers Market on Saturday. They are going to be opening a shop in the Fairmont Hotel in October - going into the space next to Shucker's. They'll be selling thier usual pastries (both sweet and savory) as well as having soups and a few other things. The financial core of downtown is sorely in need of something more upscale than Briazz (I mean Organic-to-go). I'm very excited about this!
  19. Actually Carla did in an earlier post.
  20. My suggestion would be to go with the "month" thing. Maybe because this is new, and it's towards the end of July, we could say that Delicious is our August selection and pick the September selection at the end of August?
  21. Carla, what a great idea! What about including novels that include food, chefs, restaurants etc. as a theme? For example Stanley Park was a really fun read.
  22. Turns out my friend Mary will be in town for a concert that weekend. Rocky, is there room to add her to the list as well?
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