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  1. Thanks for pointing that out Leslie, I hadn't seen that! So let's plan to meet at 7:00 on Wednesday and go someplace with a few locations near by so that sparrowsfall can meet up with us as soon as he is available. It looks like the 1st Avenue, 4th Avenue or Queen Anne locations would be best. Any preferences?
  2. That's a great idea. When I look at the list that way, there are some obvious groupings: Jasmine/Sazerac/W Hotel all between Seneca and Spring on 4th Avenue. Another grouping is along 1st Avenue: Bada Lounge/Belltown Bistro/Frontier Room There's Queen Anne: Tini Bigs/The Mirabeau Room/10 Mercer Ballard: Hi Life/Matador Capitol Hill: Garage/Chapel Pike Place Market: Pink Door/Il Bistro The Triple Door and The Bookstore are pretty close to each other too. Let's put Wednesday on the books. Where should we start?
  3. Thursday doesn't work for me but Wednesday does. I can do just Wednesday or I'm with Rocky, I can do both! Where would you like to go?
  4. There are only thirteen days left for us to participate in Seattle Shake, so I figure we better get to it! Who's up for meeting after work tomorrow night? I'm up for anywhere in the Seattle area.
  5. I'm sorry to say that Paul and I are going to have to miss this event as well. Have a great time and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather.
  6. Lauren

    nba playoffs

    For some reason the Sonics have had the Kings number this season. We (I'm a lifelong Sonic fan) went 3-1 with our only loss when everyone was injured. What do you all think about the new divisions now that the playoffs are here?
  7. Wow! What a great feast. Pat and Vince, you are so generous to have all of us in your home. I hope it wasn't too much of a mess to clean up! I have to say that I am a Sheiks fan. I like the more dry and smoky ribs and I didn't mind the texture at all. The sauce on the Jones was just too much for me. It masked the great taste of smoked meat. I had some leftover Jones last night and while I thought the smoke was more pronounced than the first day, it was still overwhelmed by the sauce. Vengroff and Rupa, thanks for the great pictures of the food. Boy, there was a lot of it. I loved it a
  8. Shucker's is open before 5 PM and they make these incredible smoked oysters and a mean martini.
  9. I feel really bad. Paul and I liked this place a lot and the owner (who's name escapes me right now) is a really nice guy. Obviously we needed to go more often.....
  10. Thanks Wendy, Jan and Steve for coming out to play last night. What a great evening. Steve was the lone HV alumni with three newbies. We sort of jumped around the menu ordering one or two things at a time. Unfortunately I didn't grab a menu so I don't remember all the details . Let's see what I can come up with. We started with foie gras pate with armagnac, sherry and one other ingredient. It was dubbed drunken foie as the taste of alcohol was very prominent. I didn't care for the dish. I missed the taste of foie. Another dish I wasn't wowed by was the white asparagus with bechamel and s
  11. Steve - it's been forever since I've seen you! It will be great to catch up.
  12. Harvest Vine it is! I'll be there as close to 5:00 (that's when they open) as I can. I'll see both of you, and anyone elso who can join us, there.
  13. I did it last year and didn't sign up this year for the same reason as Reese, too much for two people. The fruit was fine, we were able to go through that in a week, but there were too many vegetables for us, even eating two types with each meal. We never had a problem with quality - but we picked ours up at the Seattle drop location. I also agree, skip the flowers.
  14. I do! I do! Should it be HV or Crush...........decisions, decisions.
  15. I have an appointment that will end around 5 PM on the 14th. Since I am rarely in that neighborhood I thought I would take advantage of that fact and have an early dinner at either The Harvest Vine or Crush (places I've never been). HV opens at 5:00 and Crush opens at 5:30. Can anyone come out and play with me?
  16. Lauren


    Either day is fine. And, if there is room, Paul would like to come too.
  17. Lauren


    I'm available any of those days.
  18. Paul and I had lunch at Sterling Cafe yesterday. What a truly strange place. The menu talks about everything being all natural, filtered water, etc. They even purify the air! But the wife of the owner/chef operates the salon next door and they are open to each other on the inside. As I ate my lunch I watched a woman having a manicure. What's the point of purifying the air if you are going to have it open to a salon? Anyway, on to the burger....... I ordered my burger medium rare with cheddar cheese, all burgers come with grilled onions. The food took a really long time to come out and, whe
  19. I love the idea of a side-by-side tasting. Great idea Scrat! Paul and I (and Kathy and Rob) can pick up the Jones order if you'd like. I think ambrosia salad sounds perfect, I think my kitchen can handle it In the words of Cartman, this party is going to kick ass!
  20. Lauren


    I haven't been to Tulio's for dinner in YEARS. I would love to join you guys. Late May, early June sounds good.
  21. I hear that Nonna Maria has closed. There are signs up saying something about an Indian restaurant coming soon.
  22. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed JM Cellars. I worked with John many years ago and he and his wife Peg are great people.
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