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  1. Paul, Mary, and I are in. I believe Sparrowsfall is also. 7:00 works for us.
  2. Just a reminder that we have BoM tomorrow night. Paul, Mary and I are going to check out their upstairs bar, Bitter/Raw first and will plan to get there between 5:00 and 5:30 if anyone wants to join us. See you tomorrow!
  3. Paul just reminded me that the nachos we had at Some Random Bar were with pulled pork, not crab. I can see where it wouldn't be great with crab. I don't usually like crab and cheese together.
  4. Did you go to Some Random Bar? I was also there the night I went to Black Bottle. I had the nachos you mentioned and they were great. But there was some sporting event and there were crowds of people watching the game. It wasn't the feel I was expecting from the space.
  5. I was at Black Bottle a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. We had a cocktail and some nibbles and the shishito peppers were the highlight. Sauteed perfectly with just the right amount of salt.
  6. I really like Roux. The original chef lefta few months ago but I've been a couple of times since then and the quality hasn't dropped. Medusa is okay but not noteworthy, imo. I haven't been to La Carta in eons so I have noa what it's like these days.
  7. Yay! Sorry, I've been remiss in my email. We just went to Matt's in the Market last week with a friend visiting from Cleveland. It had been a couple of years since I'd been and I HIGHLY recommend it. We all loved what we had and our visitor especially liked her crab and shrimp sandwich. I'm off to LA until Monday and will email you when I get back. Sorry it's raining today!
  8. Let's go on the 10th. Mary will be her then too. Do we need to make a reservation?
  9. I love pickle soup, I'm in! Do they serve dinner on Friday only? I can go tomorrow if that's not too soon. I can also go July 3rd or 10th.
  10. I liked the pierogi and pezy quite a bit, the potato being my favorite. Which is surprising because I usually don't like the starch-on-starch of potato dumplings. The cabbage rolls were great! I really liked the tomato sauce on them. I think the meat pierogi with some of the tomato sauce would be fantastic. I'd go back and try some of the rest of the menu items too.
  11. Thanks Eden - see everyone tonight!
  12. Well this works out perfectly - my friend, Mary, is visiting from LA then too so we can have Brooklyn and LA represented! I made a reservation for 9 of us on Monday, July 6th at 6:30 PM. They know we are all having burgers so they are prepared. We are: Eden Bill da goose Sparrowsfall Lauren Paul Mary Steve R +1
  13. Over on the Burger of the Month thread, our plans to have burgers at Lark on Wednesday, June 17th were foiled when Lark was full that night. Rather than lose a date that we are all available, we decided to do Lark another night and have dumplings on the 17th instead. Is anyone else interested/available to join us that night? How about we give Sebi's a try?
  14. I like Eden's idea of sticking with the 17th. Let's do dumplings that day - I'll post something in that thread. Sorry da goose's trip got canceled - boo! But taking advantage of having her around, I checked Lark for dates going forward. The following dates (to save time, I put only the dates I have available) have availability at either 6:30 or 8:00. All other dates are either 5 PM or 9 PM and later: Monday, June 22nd Thursday, July 2nd Monday, July 6th Tuesday, July 7th Friday, 10th Clearly we need to jump on this so the sooner we can nail down a date the better. Once we have con
  15. The only opening Lark has for a party of 6 on that night is for 9:30. It's not too late for me, but I'm guessing it might be for the rest of you? They do have 9 PM openings on the 14th, 16th, or 18th if that makes it doable. Otherwise we can shoot for after Naomi gets back.
  16. Let's shoot for the 17th. Who all is in? I'll make a reservation when I have the final number.
  17. At this moment in time, during the 7th through the 21st the only night I'm not available is the 13th.
  18. The 1st sounds good. I'm open any night the following week if that is better...
  19. How about next week? I'm open Sunday 31st, Monday the 1st, Tuesday the 2nd or Wednesday the 3rd.
  20. Okay, how about Eastern Pearl at 10:30? http://easternpearlredmond.com/site/
  21. I'm fine with going to Lynnwood or to the Eastside. I'd still like to try Foo Lam myself but I can save that for another time.
  22. Rocky's in too as long as we go around 10:30.
  23. We were going to try the dim sum place that BJC recommended (Foo Lam) but overslept so I vote for trying that on Saturday. So far we've got: Lauren & Paul Mary (visiting from LA) Eden & Bill Sparrowsfall da goose I'll text Rocky to see if he's in town. Anyone else? I see they take reservations. Maybe that is the way to go?
  24. I was at Lark last night and see they have a burger on the menu: St. Helens beef burger, smoked mayonnaise, cheddar, duck crackling bun 14 I totally want to try that - anyone game?
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