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  1. Here are a couple of places for your longer visit over the 4th of July. The are both on Lake Union, just North of downtown. One is on the East side of the lake (my favorite neighborhood) and one is on the West side.


    East side with a view to the West:



    West side houseboat with a view to the East



    Belltown is fine to stay in. It's just not the epicenter of activity it used to be. That would be Capital Hill or Pioneer Square as tighe mentioned. If I were to pick one of those places to stay, it would have to be Capitol Hill as it's more central to Ballard, Fremont and Queen Anne. Actually, Queen Anne might be a good place to stay. I've not seen the rooms at the MarQueen but I've had drinks in the bar. It's a great location. http://www.marqueen.com/

  2. I'm here and will post a more thorough and thoughtful response soon but I wanted to say, for your 9 night stay over the 4th of July, it would be really fun to find a place with a view of Lake Union so you can watch the fireworks. Try looking for places in these neighborhoods: Eastlake, Westlake, South Lake Union, Northlake or Northwest Capitol Hill. I'll poke around HomeAway, airbnb, etc and see if I can't find some examples.


    And can we get together while you are here?????

  3. I'm hooked on it. I tend to believe Adnan is innocent but I really have no idea.


    I assume we can talk spoilers here? If so, read on.


    The phone call where he gets really upset with the interviewer (Sarah?) because she says she might think he's innocent because he seems to nice to have done that was interesting. It tips me a bit to thinking he might actually be innocent. The only thing I believe for sure is that his attorney sounded crazy! If I was a juror listening to her, I'd tend to side with anyone who wasn't her. It's interesting that the Innocence Project team took an interest in Hae's boyfriend Don.

  4. if you do go to green leaf (which i'd recommend, based on a recent visit), don't get the pho, which is better elsewhere.


    if you want good pho, go to pho bac, which has as good pho as you'll get, in a rather funky setting. i have a good picture - let me see if i can find it.


    Good point, thanks for bringing that up. My favorite things at Green Leaf are the bahn xeo and the fresh rolls. They have a piece of fried wonton running through the spring rolls that gives it a great crunch.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to add, yes the Hotel 1000 is downtown. Pioneer Square is just South of the hotel. It's one of Seattle's oldest, most crusty, neighborhoods and has been having quite the resurgence lately. There are tons of new places open and I've been to only a couple of them. The neighborhood can be a bit sketchy after hours so be sure to cab home if you decide to check out the area at night.


    Here's the Eater archives for the neighborhood.

  6. Absolutely you need to go to Walrus and the Carpenter. It's a short cab ride away in a neighborhood called Ballard. If you can, get there right when they open and sit at the bar. Even if you can't, as a solo, the wait shouldn't be too long. They have opened a bar next door called Barnacle so you can put your name in there and have a cocktail while you wait.


    When are you coming? If the weather is good, Westward is a great place too. It's also a short cab ride from downtown right on the shore of Lake Union. Seaplanes fly overhead, you can see the space needle and houseboats. It's very Seattle.


    Closer to your hotel is Matt's in the Market. It's right in Pike Place Market and has great food.


    Two really good Vietnamese places are both in what we call the ID (International District) other would call Chinatown. Tamarind Tree is more upscale with a nice decor and good cocktails. Green Leaf has a more utilitarian dining room but has equally good food. Green Leaf has a second location just north of downtown but it's underground and kind of funky.

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