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  1. How did I miss meeting Wilfrid ten years ago?? Ah, Lark. Such a great place. And I miss Union. Still.
  2. And while you are there, stop by the Armenian market that is in the same strip mall, it's great!
  3. How about we meet at my place at 10:00?
  4. White lotus, since we're going during the day, does that mean you are out? So far we've got: Lauren and Paul croseattle Eden SeaGal Any plus ones?
  5. Lauren

    NFL 2014

    Yeah. I don't know, I kind of loved it!
  6. Sounds good to me. I prefer morning but really can go any time. eta: We should carpool for sure. I can drive if people want to meet at my house first?
  7. Sounds like a great plan. Where should we go on the 7th?
  8. I'm out the 10th for sure. I'm also out the weekend of the 27th.
  9. I read that article too. I can totally get on board with the idea of a Bob Kramer designed, Henckels manufactured, carbon steel santuko knife for $300.
  10. Lauren


    I have one dinner left to book for our three night stay in Montreal. We're going to L'Express on Friday night and ADPC on Saturday night. For Sunday night (thanks for posting the link to restaurants open Sunday and Monday nights btw) I'm thinking either Bouillon Bilk or Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins. I'm wanting to complement the two we have and I'm worried about going to three places with similar food and feel. Thoughts? Other suggestions?
  11. I was just posting to suggest we give the new Canterbury a try? That way those of us who are so inclined, can watch the last Seahawk preseason game. But I'm fine with changing the date too.
  12. The 7th is better for me. I think I've got a conflict on the 10th.
  13. Lauren


    Saw Jack White in Seattle last night. What a great show! Two and a half hours total with plenty of stuff from his new album, The Racantours, The White Stripes, Dead Weather and even a couple of covers. He's cut his hair and is even more hot than ever.
  14. Lauren


    I saw Minus Five years ago at a small club that Peter Buck owned in Seattle (Brandi Carlysle opened and Robiy Hitchcock was the headliner). They were fantastic and came back and jammed for quite a while with Robyn. It was one of those shows you never forget.
  15. It looks like it's Eden, da goose and I, should we try and pick another date when there are more available? I'm fine either way.
  16. I can also do the 7th and 10th, as long as the 10th is after work hours.
  17. If you don't mind waiting, how about October 10th, 13th or 14th?
  18. I goofed. I forgot that I'd made plans to go to the Puyallup Fair on the 8th. I don't have any work days available until October so I'm going to drop out of this lunch so I don't hold you all back. Take pictures and report back though!
  19. I keep my butter in a butter dish in the cupboard. And I don't refrigerate leftover pizza (which usually freaks people out).
  20. I'm in. Add Sebi's Bistro to the list.
  21. Another one to add Canterbury Ale House
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