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    I know the scheduling conventions dictate that the super bowl champion gets to open the season at home but it didn't really make for compelling television this year.




    I don't know, I kind of loved it! :P

  2. I have one dinner left to book for our three night stay in Montreal. We're going to L'Express on Friday night and ADPC on Saturday night. For Sunday night (thanks for posting the link to restaurants open Sunday and Monday nights btw) I'm thinking either Bouillon Bilk or Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins. I'm wanting to complement the two we have and I'm worried about going to three places with similar food and feel. Thoughts? Other suggestions?


    Saw Jack White in Seattle last night. What a great show! Two and a half hours total with plenty of stuff from his new album, The Racantours, The White Stripes, Dead Weather and even a couple of covers. He's cut his hair and is even more hot than ever.




    Appearing was The Baseball Project, with openers the Minus Five (which is BB Project minus Mike Mills), and both bands with the addition of Peter Buck. They all sounded great, and played from a little after 9 until a little after midnight. I have seen BBP a few times and this was definitely one of their better efforts. And my can Mike Mills play a guitar. Lurking at the bar, right next to us: Ivan Julian and Andy Chernoff. And an unidentified Stroke who wasn't Julian but I get the other guys mixed up.



    I saw Minus Five years ago at a small club that Peter Buck owned in Seattle (Brandi Carlysle opened and Robiy Hitchcock was the headliner). They were fantastic and came back and jammed for quite a while with Robyn. It was one of those shows you never forget.

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