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  1. I was hoping you would say that - which is why I made it for 8 people!
  2. Yes! I made a reservation for 8 people for Sunday, July 27th at 12:30 at Miller's Guild. I had to reserve this under my credit card so if there are any changes, let me know.
  3. Pras, that's really sad. I'm sorry to hear that.
  4. Sunday the 27th for lunch at Miller's Guild it is. I'll make a reservation. So far we've got: Lauren and Paul Eden and Bill croseattle SeaGal Anyone else?
  5. Miller's Guild has burgers at lunch only. Should we do that on Monday, July 28th? If we want to go someplace else, let's plan to go on the 27th.
  6. Rover's? Gone. Le Gourmand? Gone. Book Bindery? Gone. As Paul and I tried to figure out where to go for our anniversary dinner, we realized there aren't a lot of special occasion places left. Of course it must have perfectly prepared food. But I also want a wine list which includes some nice old bottles or things I'm not likely to find in my own cellar. I'm looking for a beautiful dining room, above average service. Someplace where you get dressed up. What do we have left? Canlis of course. Il Terrazzo Carmine, sure. Aragona maybe. Although I've heard the tables for two are in an aw
  7. I've sent a message to girlchow about doing a road trip to Fife but haven't heard back. So I'm thinking that we should get our July BoM on the books. I'm available: Sunday, July 13 Monday, July 14 Wednesday, July 23 Thursday, July 24 Sunday, July 27 Monday July 28 How about the rest of you?
  8. Lauren

    Wimbledon 2014

    It was a great match. I like Nole too but was rooting for Federer this time.
  9. Did I miss something? Are you leaving New York??? Yes, I'm off to California. N got a teaching job in Santa Cruz; she'll be leaving in September, before the start of classes, and I plan to follow sometime next summer (or perhaps sooner). Congrats and welcome to the Left Coast. Maybe we'll get to meet soon then!
  10. Her - I thought it was great. An interesting sci-fi cautionary tale. The acting, costuming, sets, were all perfectly done. In a World - I love those kind of inside Hollywood types of films. It was quirky and fun.
  11. Did I miss something? Are you leaving New York???
  12. We started out with a bunch of apps. Lambs tongue served on a frisee salad, roasted marrow bones, a charcuterie plate of a foie gras torchon, chicken liver mousse, smoked beef tongue and lamb terrine. all were served with grilled crostini, pickles and mustard. Yum. The chicken liver mousse and the smoked beef tongue tasted particularly good to me. I also liked my burger. The bun was a sort of firm potato bun and grilled so it really held up. Someone noted the cheeses was sort of lost and I think part of the problem is that the cheese was not melted on the meat, but melted on the tomato, so
  13. Lauren

    Casey Kasem

    So did I. It was always so dramatic to see what would be the top five for the week. Sigh.
  14. I scrolled through the recent posts and updated the list of places we have noted to try. Sadly, I had to remove Dot's from the list: Pick Quick - Fife (girlchow, perhaps you could plan this for July or August?) Tallulah’s Lost Lake Café Miller’s Guild Brgr Bar Babirusa I'm adding Old Sage today because this made me drool! I also updated our list of places we've been: Palace Kitchen- Anita The Maple Leaf Grill- Jan Jaks- Rocky Bad Alberts- Reese Sterling Café- Reese Collins Pub- Tighe Hi Life- FaiJai Sport- Wendy 35th Street Bistro – Eden Blue Moon - Margaret Mar
  15. I don't find it creepy. But then again, I pretty much live my life on the internet so, there ya go. I'm not a very private person I guess. That said, it depends on how they use the information. It still wouldn't creep me out but I would probably not be pleased if they didn't use it with finesse. Years ago, I went to a work party at one of my husband's co-workers house. There were maybe a dozen people there. I guess the wife of the co-worker had asked what each of our favorite foods are and my husband said that cheese was mine. She put out a huge cheese plate on the buffet and, as I was loo
  16. This is a really good point. One assumes that if they are good at Googling, they will know that I like to try new things?
  17. It's not to be liked, it's to provide good service. I was just adding a personal story of how I used Google to find out more about a person I was dining with. I place a value on knowing my diners likes and dislikes. If I can glean that from Google, great! If a restaurant can find out what kinds of wines I prefer, and then their wine steward can have the knowledge when making recommendations, how is that a problem?
  18. I agree with this completely. I take pride in knowing the likes and dislikes of my friends who come to dinner, why wouldn't a restaurant want to do the same? And, just recently, I went to a dinner party where a member of our City council was attending. I couldn't remember much about them so I spent a few minutes on Google so I would know if I liked them or not and to know whether or not to bring up the new $15/hour minimum wage Seattle just enacted!
  19. I love Orphan Black! Did you notice in the most recent episode, in the scene with Sarah and Alison in Alison's room at rehab, that there was a mirror reflecting the two of them speaking. It was amazing!
  20. That's a really nice scale, thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to put that on my ever lengthening wish list. SLB - thanks also Same here. It looks like exactly what I want in a scale. My current scale only goes to 5 pounds and I find that frustrating.
  21. Lauren

    China Trip May 2014

    Daniel, thanks again for sharing your trips with us. This was another fantastic read.
  22. We got ours last Friday. I'm buying my first filet tonight. I heard it was going to be a bit cheaper than years past. Fingers crossed!
  23. Okay, we're in for Red Cow on Monday, June 16th at 6:30 PM.
  24. I am so sorry to hear this. The picture of Kitty with her paws over her nose brought tears to my eyes.
  25. Let's shoot for Monday, June 16th. I checked and Red Cow has availability that evening so I'll go ahead and make a reservation. What time and who's all in? So far we've got: Lauren and Paul Eden and Bill Cro I'm totally up for lunch at Miller's Guild. I can do weekends or Mondays. And we've got our summer field trip to Fife with girl chow to plan too!
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