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  1. "Cranial Ornamentation..." I like that.
  2. I have tickets to the equestrian events at the Pan Am games :->
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    Thank you!!! That is very helpful!
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    Ok, I'm going to be able to spend a few days in Montreal while I'm up in CA this summer. I've already got ressies at Joe Beef, Le Club Chasse et Peche, and Le Chien Fumant. Seeking recommendations or replacements, I'm totally open. We'll be staying on the Plateau. Looking for fabulous grocery stores as well, as we'll be staying someplace with a kitchen AND we'll be taking goodies back to Toronto with us.
  5. This might need to be on my list!! Am thinking about Edulis again, and Bar Isabel. Are these two worth visiting again? Or should I hit up some new spots / places I've not yet experienced? :-)
  6. These kinds of things usually aren't my bag, but this one is happening while I will be in Toronto this summer. Worth it? Or no? I think I'd rather take my 250 clams to the resto of my choice...
  7. So Nathan, where is the good tex-mex in Austin? Everything I've had so far has been, um, boring.
  8. It's been awhile since I've written up a review... so I thought I'd indulge here. Had dinner at Qui tonight. Started with a cocktail called "The official drink of Austin" and apparently they won a contest with this and it truly IS the official drink of Austin, at least until next year when they hold the contest again and give the title out anew. I liked it, very refreshing: tepache (fermented pineapple), balcones rumble (a local rum), honey, thai basil and mint. Over ice. Went down quickly sorry no pic! 1st course: kinilaw, a filipino ceviche: hamachi, chile, red onion, coconut c
  9. Meanwhile Dean K. gives The Oasis 5 stars... but I'm not sure he understands what that means: (the last sentence is particularly poetic)
  10. TW f. doesn't like it either. Oh wait, LOVED the food, but the one star is for portion size.
  11. Itsa S. gives Second Bar & Kitchen one star:
  12. Ha! Well me too. Let me know if you want company for happy hour :->
  13. That sounds like you were in 2nd Bar & Kitchen, which is a different menu than Bar Congress.
  14. Ditto. Srsly. Referencing Jackson Pollack when it comes to food? Did they look at his paintings?!
  15. yes it would be RAWRRR ~ oh well. when I'm on vacation I pull out all the stops and completely indulge myself so YES I was ready to have marrow 2 nights in a row! What's wrong with that?! Thanks for the tip about the ravines, I'll pass it on to my Toronto friend ~ and thanks for all the other recommends!
  16. This: JS: So obviously the supply chain’s really important. But Austin’s food scene’s still developing, so that supply chain is also still developing. Do you ever feel like you’re limited by the supply chain here? PQ: It’s very limited. But at the same time, there’s an opportunity for it not to be. I’m constantly talking to the purveyors, pressing John Lash from Farm to Table, or talking to the farmers from Animal Farm. These guys want to make better product, they just need pointers here and there. I don’t know how to grow, but I can tell them that last week was better than this week, an
  17. Ok, finally getting around to my recap of my Toronto adventures: Friday: St Lawrence Market! Loved it, I had a lot of fun going through the shops there. Had the peameal bacon (why can’t we get this here?) and bought some maple cream cookies and some maple shortbread to take home. I’m kind of a freak about maple syrup so I also picked up a box of maple cream cookies with ice wine in the creamy part. I’m here to admit I ate that entire box by myself. Walked around that ‘hood a bit and didn’t make it over to Kensington L as we ran out of time and needed to head to Bar Isabel for dinner.
  18. He's an old fart, she's tired of his shit. End of story.
  19. I'm liking the idea of a small meal at Black Hoof, just because the menu sounded appealing to me and I was sorta sad it was being left out. I noticed a couple places have horse on the menu. (or potentially could while I'm there) ~ I would be willing to try this. What do you think of it? When you see it, do you always order it? Does it depend on the chef? (well I suppose everything does ultimately) ~ but I'm curious. Now, given that, I am a horse owner. Love them, have ever since I was a child. But for some odd reason, I'm not entirely opposed to them being food. Most people who love horse
  20. Itinerary as it stands right now: Friday: St Lawrence Market / Kensington area Friday dinner: Bar Isabel (got ressie, will travel) Saturday: Brickworks Farmers Market Saturday dinner: Campagnolo Sunday: Lunch at Edulis Sunday night...? still open (have ressies in place for all of those) Monday still open as well...this may be the day we go to Bayview and hit Cumbrae's, Rahier, pick up other essentials for dinner at home (is Roncesvalles close by where the green grocers are?) I thought cooking where I'm staying at my last night might be nice as I'm flying out the next day
  21. So here in ATX, I submit, for your consideration: The newspaper resto reviewers are also food bloggers. There are also many other food bloggers (they have their own org, check it out) who are not associated with any print publication but maybe a few digitals ones... They get invited to every soft opening. And they get free and/or discounted tickets to food/wine events around town. Take that as you will... but I have a hard time taking them seriously. AND not to mention, if you are a foodie of the 'old school' variety as are the former eG / MF crowd, reading 25 different blogs to figure out if
  22. Been awhile since I've been there as well but across the way from Drouhin is a lovely winery that has a great view across the valley. Italian style architecture... someone help me out here!
  23. Especially so as Edulis is closed from Aug 26-Sept 5. So far so good~ I arrive on the 5th and leave on the 10th. I'll check the others.
  24. Just a heads up depending on your timeline. A few of the places may be closed for the Labour Day weekend. I was doing some browsing as if I'm able to get some small projects finished and I can make the time, I would make a quick trip up myself. oh yes, very good. I had thought of that earlier. I'll verify what's open/what's closed & plan accordingly.
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