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  1. Chez Bruce opened in 1995 and is located on the site of Harvey's.
  2. Perhaps it's time for the US to be joined by the ROW players.
  3. Wilf, have you seen this story over the last couple of weeks?
  4. That's the last 2 days. He's either out already or as I suspect being wrapped in cotton wool.
  5. Are you sure? That was awful.
  6. ginger milk


    Can we assume you've eaten at every London restaurant similarly priced then
  7. ginger milk


    Apparently the Hatton camp want the fight. We'll see Mayweather looked terrific but I thought Gatti was awful. He just kept plodding forward swinging the odd haymaker. His stance was too wide and he was often unbalanced. And after all these years has no one yet told him that his face is not the best guard. Mayweather landed an enormous amount of clean headshots but couldn't take him out, has he the power to trouble Hatton? Hatton would've had Gatti out of there inside 3 rounds. I'll take Hatton to knock Mayweather out mid rounds
  8. ginger milk


    And another thing, Corrales is being touted as Hatton's next opponent. A perfect opponent for Hatton as Corrales will be stepping up a weight and Hatton's naturally big at 140. Another TKO IMO
  9. ginger milk


    I bit my tongue for a few months but I'm sure you'll now agree Hatton's the real deal
  10. http://www.campsa.es/bienvenidoalinfinito/...ante=489&Nivel= Try this link.
  11. It was the chef's tasting menu and to a person (party of 8) all agreed it was dull.
  12. ginger milk


    I think Judah's been stopped once, by Tszyu some years ago now, maybe 2001. As I remember Tszyu put him over and though he got up the ref stopped the fight. I don't think Judah was happy with the stoppage because I'm sure he got banned for a while for his reaction to the referee. He certainly looked the business at the weekend though I'd stress his opponent was out of his depth somewhat.
  13. ginger milk


    It was as one sided as that. Trinidad couldn't cope with Wright's jab all night and he couldn't miss with the straight left. Any time Trinidad tried to exert some pressure Wright covered up superbly and then came back with better shots of his own. He really was a different class on the night.
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