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  1. more eating to report- yesterday was a very tasty day!! Lunch with a girlfriend at Dishoom near Covent Gardens. We decided to splurge on the big lunch feast and all was delicious. They also make really nice drinks. yum!! Dinner at St John's bar- Roasted marrow bones, welsh rarebit, duck hearts w/ white beans, roasted shallots w/ goat cheese & mint. All excellent!
  2. Hello! Hubs and I are heading to Brugge from London this weekend for our anniversary. We're not planning on doing much but walk around and enjoy the town. I haven't really seen any info on dining except den dyver & 't brugs beertje for pints. If anyone has some recent experiences I love to hear them!
  3. Thanks Nancy! Dinner last night at Roast was good. It's got that big chop house menu and portions but the space is bright as it's 3/4 glass which is pretty. We even had a vegetarian with us who found lots of things to order. I'd say if you go though maybe look online at the menu as there are set daily specials and we saw a few things we would have loved to try. Buy my buttermilk fried rabbit, mashed potatoes with roasted bone marrow and beef gravy were delish as was our Scotch Egg and hubby's Roast fillet of Welsh Beef.
  4. oh my it really is delish! we took the 65E Carte Blanch for lunch, started with champagne and ended with a little sauternes. Each dish was really inventive and presented with such care and finesse. the space is very modern and hip, quite casual at lunch. the bathroom with it's awesome japanese toilet is an amazing use of tiny space. the staff could not have been nicer. this was a great recommendation and I'd absolutely go as well as send others even if it is a bit on the spendy side. Also inthe neighborhood is the Maison du Whiskey which has a wonderful selection of spirits from around th
  5. hubs and i are here for 10 days, he's working so we are out in the docklands but certainly don't mind traveling around for good food. So far we have ressies at Hedone and Pied Au Tere. Other places (a mix of casual and nicer) that I'm thinking of hitting are Hawksmore, Roast, Golden Hind, Gigi's fish and chips. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  6. had lunch today, excellent! yes, each dining party gets something different- I watched around and there were different dishes going to different people. but it was all delish and the chef and head waiter were both very awesome. full report coming but I was super happy with it all!!!
  7. As it is the summer holiday in Paris many of the restaurants are closed including Passage 53. But we went to Septine last night for dinner and it was fabulous! everything from the interior to the cute waiters to the food! I just loved it and so did my friends. we took the Carte Blanch and for 55E had 5 courses which I thought was really good. Also of note so far is a new very casual spot call Au Passage (1 bis passage Saint-Sébastien 75011 Paris Metro: Saint-Sebastien Froissart ) A set market menu gave you the choice of the plat for 9, plat and entree or dessert for 11 or all 3 for 13E
  8. Just curious, where have you reserved? Hi Nancy, my friend in Paris is making the ressies so I'm not sure what is booked just yet but this is the list she is working off of (keeping in mind that many places are closed in Aug) Au Passage Passage 53 Septime Frenchie wine bar le Crillon le dauphin Violin d'ingres Racines Square Marcadet Chamarre montmartres Mon Oncle Agape Substance
  9. btw I'll be in Paris Sun the 21st thru Sun the 28th so if anyone else is there and wants to meet for a bite or a drink let me know!
  10. Thanks all! We've got calls in for ressies, will report back
  11. Heading to Paris in 2 weeks and thinking of doing one or two starred lunches. Have been to Taillevent, Astrance, Bristol & Meurice (but it's been a few years on all of them) and looking for new recent input and recommendations. Who's been? What did you like? What didn't you like? Thanks!
  12. I have to say that I really enjoyed my pizza at the new Serious Pie but I like that style pizza. I thought the one at the new local had a salty crust. mmmmm. Also my fried chicken, egg, sausage gravy and biscuit at the Workshop was delish. I tried Teng Momo yesterday and really liked it but I do agree i think TD always charges just a few too much for most of his stuff.
  13. Ah orik I see now that Bradstreet is the cocktail bar at Graves601!
  14. thanks all! mmmmm octopus tacos!! the market sounds really great! We'd heard rave reviews on HauteDish & Bradstreet Crafthouse but no one's been? And will stay away from La Belle Vie!
  15. Hello, Husband and I will be in Minneapolis next weekend, we've never been but have some family business to attend. Staying at the new Kimpton. Where to eat and drink? How is HauteDish? Bradstreet Crafthouse? We are looking for good cocktails and nice but not a Michelin style meal. Also any good brunch/breakfast spots you'd recommend? Thanks!
  16. add your 2 cents http://seattle.eater.com/archives/2011/04/22/eaters-burger-week-begins-monday-and-we-need-your-help.php
  17. Hello! I'm in the process of writing up some of our experiences on the blog- www.luggagetag.blogspot.com Only about half way done though. Links to pictures too. It was gorgeous, short days were no problem but being there over the Christmas holidays was a little tougher. Seems just about everything is closed It's didn't really get dark until about 4:30 which isn't that much different that in Seattle but the dawn and dusk lasted hours which was so pretty! It was expensive, sometimes shockingly so. We spent $25 on 2 beers one day, yikes! Average lunch of 2 beers with 2 soups $100. But hu
  18. thanks!! I spoke to some of the wineries at Taste this weekend and there is a new restaurant called Brassier 4 that most seem to really like. I've got a call in to see about reservations.
  19. Any new places to hit (wine or food) in Walla Walla? we are heading over in 2 weeks. Saffron is booked up but they open at 2 with small plates now so we'll be doing that for lunch one day. I've got a vm for T. Maccarone Is Jimgermanbar still good, should we make the drive? What else?
  20. Hello! we are off to Norway next month for xmas and new years. We'll be in Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondheim and Bergen. Any and all recommendations for eating (and other things) are appreciated!
  21. I am doing some recipe testing for a new Indian inspired cookbook and need a bunch of ingredients- what is the best market to go to?
  22. heading to Victoria for a little weekend getaway this month. Our friend works at Stage so we'll be having dinner and drinks there but are looking for good places for brunch/lunch on Sat & Sun near the Hotel Grand Pacific and the waterfront. Also any great shopping in that area? Thanks! p.s. have made a note of tsquare's places
  23. Dayne and I went here last night and had a great dinner of small dishes (they have full entrees too). pork belly rillettes, duck mousse with cherry butter, braised octopus with harissa chick peas, wedge salad with pancetta and toasted onion ranch, duck confit that was incredible. They are opening for lunch next week. It's a great spot and Matt was running the pass. The open kitchen was really fun to watch and the service was very good. They brought all our plates at the same time which was the only thing that I commented on. Oh and the pickled carrots served with one of the dishes was horr
  24. I had a great lunch with a girlfriend the other week on the patio at Browers in Fremont. Also had brunch with some friends on the deck at Maximilien in the Market. And Bastille has little tables set outside the Back Bar door, not under the patio roof but out in the open. Maybe the last nice sunny day to sit outside today!
  25. The Ballard Market has a small selection of them- in the back of the store on some shelves between milk and yogurt sections
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