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  1. I just spent the day in Napa last week. Elyse was great as Lauren posted- they are mainly doing French Rhone styles and Petite Syrah. Also went to Miner which is quite good, great Cabs IMHO. Sparkling on the patio at Mumm wrapped up our day. Last time I was there Goosecross & Paradigm were favs.
  2. introduced Abra and Shel to TPC today for lunch, everything was awesome! My grilled cheese sandwich paired with tomato alphabet soup was a big thumbs up!!! Great to see Pat also!
  3. Uli's sells an andouille. Sometimes available at QFC. Tasso, I think I used to get at Central Market. Rocky Thanks, I found Hempler's andouille at Uwajimaya. sounds like gumbo at SeaGals! Tasso is at Ballard Market as is Andouille
  4. Lauren, Jan and I tried Sun Ya last week and most things were pretty good but others were just meh. It was really a matter of temp on most items I would say but the roasted duck was really delish
  5. Dayne and I checked out Po Dog on Cap Hill today. YUM!! fried pickels even! their dogs are served on brioche rolls from macrina. and the dog selections are great! open till midnight on weekdays and 2a on weekends
  6. does anyone in Seattle carry RG Beans? I just realized I'm out of white beans and need some!
  7. Della and I had lunch here today, it is pretty good. I had the elk meatball sandwich and she had the creamy chicken salad- both done like bahn mi a bit. we shared the egg noodles dumplings which are like spazle on greens, also good. The owners were having a little family lunch at the communal table with their infant who screamed pretty much the entire time. It's their biz so who am I to say but thinking about your clients who are paying to sit there and enjoy lunch- you may want to take said child to the back room/office/ etc until they calm down. Just my gripe. I'd go again but may
  8. now you have to try Thundering Hooves and give us the verdict! found some leftover ribeye in the freezer and made beef stroganoff- yum! that is going into rotation!
  9. it was good but didn't blow me away. I thought the famous cinnamon roll was a bit dry. but my sausage gravy was quite good. I would go there while in the area though.
  10. We ended up having breakfast at the Maltby Cafe where I hadn't been before. Since their entrees are HUGE I didn't need lunch.
  11. I'm going to be in Snohomish on Monday and need a good place for lunch- any suggestions??
  12. fettuccine with leeks, peas and lima beans in a cream sauce
  13. I found some cubes of ham from the holidays in the freezer so put together a gratin with gruyere, parm, cream, potatoes and said ham. served with a bitter salad with blue cheese dressing.
  14. When Batalli's orange book came out 4 or 5 years go, I cooked a couple of things from it.. I found the porchetta to be very underseasoned in the recipe.. I almost tripled the amount of fennel and added some pollen and it turned out much better than it would have. it's funny you bring up the Batalli book as I cooked 3 things from it a few weekend's ago and every single recipe needed fussing with!
  15. you could also have pressure cooked it for 10 to 15 minutes and experienced the same voila! the lentils will take longer to get tender if it was salted in the recipe, yes they freeze well and freshen up nicely with microwave. sprinkle a bit of water and zap for 2 minutes until the rice and lentils are tender again. zap again if not. you can even dress up the mixture in other imaginative ways. great idea, i don't have a pressure cooker though. Pat- you are a sleuth! thank you for that info, just knowing they added water makes more sense! Suzanne- especially with recipe boo
  16. threw in 2 cups of water today, put it on simmer and after an hour- viola! eatable, tasty rice and lentils. had to salt it and now have enough for 3 families- does rice and lentils freeze well?
  17. Last night I attempted to make Perfumed Rice with Lentils and Lamb out of Jeffrey Steingarten's The Man Who Ate Everything. It takes quite a while and when all was said and done it was completely unedible- crunchy rice and lentils, ick. Has anyone else made this? I felt that there wasn't enough/any liquid in the rice mix to really work but figured he is published and all! anyway I've now got the pot on the stove with added water and am trying to save the rice mix and cook it slowly to see if it will soften up
  18. had a few MF'ers over for dinner last weekend chicken liver crostini, fried pearl onions, Iberico Jamon w/ cocktails; amuse of bacon lentil soup; endive, apple, pear and blue cheese dressing; cheddar thyme twists; braised oxtail lasagne, parm w/ aged balsamic; Italian trifle 98 VC Grand Dame 02 Owen Roe Dubrul Vineyards Cab 05 Mark Ryan Dead Horse
  19. I know it's a smash patty but Dayne and I had Red Mill for lunch yesterday and I'm still thinking about it!! mmmmm.....mill sauce!
  20. I just realized that I didn't report back!! Bars we visited were Bourbon and Branch, Alembic, Smugglers Cove, and The Clock Bar. The last was ok and I'd go when in the area but wouldn't make a special point of getting there. I've been to B&B and Alembic before and will continue but the real gem here is Smugglers Cove. awesome! no food so we grabbed pizzas at Beretta which was great! Dinner at Boulevard was very very good. I wasn't expecting too much but honestly it was some of the best service I've had in years! The food was great and it was a perfect location to take my Eur
  21. I drove by Willies Taste of Soul on Rainier S today and it was closed even though the hours say they open daily. Are they still in biz?
  22. Is Columbia City considered South Siyeed?? Sorry, I'm a Ballard girl so rarely go south of the ID but today had lunch at Island Soul which was really tasty! They have all their lunch options for $7.99 or less- a shrimp po'boy , green salad and Red Stripe put me back $13 and was excellent!
  23. great to know Cathy, I really should go and give it a go again!
  24. we went to Mistral Kitchen last night with Lauren and some others. It was very quiet (sunday night) but chef was in the house and Dale Chihuly stopped by with his wife! The menu isn't just small plates or entree sizes which makes it a bit tough to either do a regular dinner or share a bunch. Some of the things we had were the potatoes Joel Robluchon (sp) which were fantastic, blue fin tuna crudo which I will dream about forever and this roast chicken which was really the most flavorful I'd ever tasted. I had the duck breast with lentils which was very nice, not rock star but very goo
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