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  1. It may not be what you had in mind but why not take them out to the Napa Valley. I'm notoriously sanfranophobic but enjoyed my one trip out there. Lunch in Yountville? great idea! we could totally rent a car for the day!
  2. fabulous ideas as always, please don't shut up!! I am absolutely taking them to Beuna Vista! and Canteen sounds delish! will get on the ressies now. I generally do Hog Island for oysters + view, is Swan's better? Carrie we are absolutely cocktail people and luckily I have quite a few friends who bartend around town so B&B, heaven's dog, Rickhouse, Alembic, etc will be on our hit lists!
  3. I'm taking some friends from Europe to SF next month. I need to mix some high end stuff, traditional SF stuff and touristy stuff. One meal will be at Boulevard. I've had suggestions to go to Salthouse, Nopa, Sociale? What do you think of these? I've never been to Zuni Cafe. Also need some ideas for lunches. thanks!
  4. We went to South Africa a couple of years ago- did a self drive safari in Kruger then spent some time in the winelands and then Cape Town. It was during the holidays, so their summer. There are write ups on my blog and I'm happy to answer any other specific questions about our experiences- and yes, it was amazing! travel blog
  5. since coming home from cuba we have been all about comfort food- mac and cheese with a green salad the first night back french onion soup for lunch yesterday pot roast with garlic bread tonight
  6. Finally made it to Frank's last night (couldn't find a thread of it's own?) with Della and her hubby. Started with a few cocktails in the bar, both were ok but I wasn't blown away and the cocktail waitress was annoying with a capital A. Moved into the resto and started with the housemade potato chips and dip, quite yummy! Also go the crab lettuce cups which was good too. We passed on the oysters as they have them for $2.50 each??? seems a bit over priced. I had the cheese burger which was very good but not cooked med rare as I requested upon the waitress asking. fries were good. I as
  7. Carolyn, unfortunately I have a full schedule those days entertaining some friends staying with me from Europe otherwise I totally would. It's a bit of a wasteland over there but Artisanal at the Bravern, Monsoon East and Cafe Juanita in Kirkland are all good choices. And don't worry- you won't find any dining opulence in Bellevue!
  8. LOL!! thanks Suzanne (normally I would enter emoticon here!)
  9. heard around town: GORDON RAMSAY AND THE PRODUCERS OF THE BIGGEST LOSER ARE NOW CASTING AMATEUR CHEFS FOR A NEW INSPIRATIONAL COOKING SHOW! Can you cook well despite never having been formally trained? We are currently searching for budding chefs from all walks of life - amateur chefs, passionate foodies, the ultimate dinner party host/hostesses… Now one of the world’s most acclaimed chefs, GORDON RAMSAY, is giving you the opportunity to become a MasterChef! MasterChef is a show that celebrates great people who make great food. The show will give contestants the oppor
  10. tonight- tartiflette!!! yeahhhhhhh!
  11. anytime the PNW'ers go up we always stock up on their sausages!!
  12. braised lamb shanks in red wine last night, served on a bed of mashed potatoes and a spinach/apple salad on the side chocolate chip cream puffs for dessert
  13. a group of us had a good meal at Spinasse but it was before the original guy left. Salumi is open from 11 till 3 Tues- Fri. You just go and wait in line. I like Bastille, Boat Street, Matt's, Le Pichet, Union, Anchovies & Olives, Le Gourmand, Moshi Moshi, Tilikum Place Cafe We have had drinks at the new Petit Toulouse but haven't eaten there yet (will remedy that on Monday)
  14. I had the half chicken broth half pork broth with fat noodles done medium and it was perfect! such deliciousness in a big bowl!! mmmmm! still haven't tried kushi bar but will!
  15. Lauren you guys never reported back!
  16. Last week when I made chicken and dumplings I was left with some extra stock but no room in my freezer so it's been in the fridge, I'm making a soup today- do you think that stock is ok after a week? I was thinking I'd bring it to a boil for 5 mins or so?
  17. I might start at Spur or Shea's Lounge mains at Union or Matt's dessert at Dahlia (for the coconut cream pie!) or Le Pichet (for chocolate chaud!)
  18. I booked Topo on Open Table violet hour doesn't do ressies and yes they get busy- everyone is seated at tables so sometimes you have a bit of a line to wait in.
  19. Besides Alinea which is awesome I have always enjoyed Tru, Topolombo (sp), Blackbird and have Avec & Pelican one my "next time" trip
  20. it's a great time to go! everyone strolls the bridges and the champs with bottles of champers, very fun- we had a ball! As we do a big NYE trip every year this year we are off to Cuba!
  21. Margaret says she saw them at DeLaurenti's the other day. I've seen them at Central Market. Rocky we did end up getting them at DeLaurenti's
  22. I made chicken and dumplings for the first time last night, actually neither Dayne or I had ever even eaten chicken and dumplings! oh lord we are hooked!!! It was sooooo good. Thank goodness it's early in the winter cuz we are going to be making that a lot over the next few months!!
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