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  1. The Restaurant Workers of America have sought to roll back various laws which raised wages for restaurant workers. The group argues that workers did better under the old system, with a low tipped minimum wage. The Daily News has a version of the standard RWA article tailored for NY wages. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/tipped-wage-good-waitstaff-article-1.3774951
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    Dairy farms can do well culling their pasture raised, grass fed calves for veal. Adjectives like humanely raised or pastures are money in the bank.
  3. Sounds like fun. 400 members, two restaurants each month http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/lifestyles/food--cooking/celebrating-newark-one-supper-time/IqWA29Spc2IXMNmyj0bidN/
  4. Thank you for the spectrum of comments from a range of members. The NO POLITICAL DISCUSSION rule has been part of MouthfulsFood since the beginning, and there seems to be a consensus this includes innocent comments. By this time, most of us know where each is on the political spectrum, and which buttons will get the most response. I'm not aware that members want a change to this rule, we have not seen any requests for a change. The admins are considering imposing restraining orders against several members, in lieu of mod-q as an initial response. If you see a post which you feels violates the terms of the NO POLITICAL DISCUSSION rule as you understand it, report that post. We review each reported post, and discuss a course of action. That isn't always immediate, but we try to reach a decision quickly. Do not respond to an offensive post with another post. Thank you
  5. Might we hear comments from other members, if they have opinions on the matter? The admins have been discussing the issue, and the opinions of members are highly valued.
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    Good job! These are big steaks, don't know ow that I would be up for cooking one.
  7. Rail Paul

    Paul Bocuse

    And, he found time to cook? (Maybe he went to work to get away...)
  8. Florida has very generous laws for litigation arising from auto accidents, slip and fall events, product liability, etc. And generous rules on lawyer advertising. Most television stations are blanketed with ads from law firms ("Get Your Share" and "We Fight for YOU!!!"). So, the newest batch of ads are for sexual and gender based harassment / discrimination. A coach stands over a young woman athlete, and puts his hand on her shoulder. In another ad, a manager type gives a female employee a two handed shoulder rub as she looks uncomfortable. Within a few days most firms will have their version on TV.
  9. Yes, except for the last half mile or so into the downtown Miami Central Terminal. The Florida East Coast Railroad, BrightLine's corporate cousin and current landlord, "founded" south Florida in the early 1900s. The rail line runs through the center of the downtowns all the way down the coast. Amtrak and Tri-Rail, the local commuter line, operate on a different track a mile or two farther west, well away from downtown.
  10. A Palm Beach Post writer enjoyed the wine tasting, crab beignets, etc http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/local/commentary-wine-tasting-cooper-hawk-hits-mark-for-mall-future/xFON91xbPPydOPyDXj2ByK/
  11. The new BrightLine train is now in partial operation here in South Florida. It presently operates between West Palm Beach downtown and Fort Lauderdale downtown. Although the distance is only about 40 miles, the highway time is often an hour or more, depending on traffic. The train does the distance in about 32 minutes, over a slightly shorter course. Much of the trip is done at 79 mph. I rode the train last week, it was very comfortable. Very European, would be recognizable to anyone who has been on a TGV, ICE etc train. Siemens built the trains. Two by one seating in first class, with some tables. Outlets at each seat, good wi-fi. Free soft drinks. Lots of space. Coach was two by two seating, no free drinks, lots of space. High tech toilets. The train is expected to go on to Miami downtown in 2018, the station is nearly done. That will be about 50 minutes from WPB, which will be a huge advantage over present travel. The rail company also owns large swaths of real estate around the new high tech stations. That's part of the mix. The downside of this is that the locals continue to get themselves killed at an alarming rate. People routinely duck under the crossing arms and walk across the tracks in front of trains. Push baby carriages or shopping carts across, etc. Or drive around the crossing gates, Most of the time they make it. BrightLine has nailed two people in Boynton Beach this week. One was crossing with friends in front of the train, gates down, lights flashing, etc. The other rode his bike around the gates and ignored the flashing lights. I think part of the problem is people / gate runners have become accustomed to 45 mph freights, and are not calibrating for a 79 mph passenger train. Going around the gates is against the law, and stupid, and many people don't look good as hood ornaments on trains. It is also extremely difficult to estimate the speed of on an oncoming train A few placed deputies with ticket books and warrant checks would probably save a few lives.
  12. yes to the reasonable fee, and often assisted by a museum docent or instructor
  13. I decided to put something in a shit hole today. Money. There's a well respected charity called Solar Electric Light Fund which works with local craft people and industry donors like NRG to install solar electric power panels and batteries in remote places of the world. They've completed several solar projects in Haiti, lighting schools, powering wells, putting up street lights in villages, etc. They also work in Honduras, Benin, Guatemala, mostly in very rural locations. It's a very good feeling. SELF.org scores an 89 on Charity Navigator, which is pretty good.
  14. The general topic of "the poor" might also overlook meaningful differences. On visits to the Morgan Library, I've noticed diverse groups of kids with assignment sheets. Discussing various exhibits in the Library, and framing their thoughts. While it is likely their parents may not regularly visit the Morgan, the Met, MOMA, etc, I suspect children from poor families may visit more than is generally thought.
  15. I'm not sure, the Kindle Fire tablet is downstairs right now. It's probably about three years old. I plug a stereo wire into the audio output of the Kindle, and plug the other end into the auxiliary port of the tuner. That way, I can listen to WNYC, WBGO, WHYY, etc on good speakers and get my membership's worth. When I use the "screen mirror" feature of the Kindle to watch TV on the big screen, the sound runs through the sound system speakers via that same audio work-around. I believe the mechanics of the process use my wifi to deliver Channel 13 WNET to my tablet via their Member Passport. When I select screen mirror, the TV set then picks up the Kindle (via BlueTooth?). The new TV allows direct access to YouTube, etc so I don't have to use that work around anymore
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