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  1. All the fine print we ignore holds a wealth of reference.
  2. My 4th of July celebration was to do s serious job on the hood louvres (the easy part, just throw in dishwasher), 40" grease cup and its surrounds, not so easy and certainly yuckier. It really hurt me to grill a steak stovetop that night.
  3. Son and family are doing "stay at home" camp at our weekend place. I see they've imported shade and splash pools.
  4. No mention of his, to me, haunting Cinema Paradiso.
  5. voyager


    Over the hill mango with ewe's milk yogurt, Blenheim apricot vinegar Mississippi roast, mash, buttered beans
  6. Indeed. We have new neighbors moving in next door and Chuck has somehow become the block Mr. Congeniality. I am letting him have his fantasy while I wonder how we would serve such a group (20), no finger food, no passed tidbits, no open wine table, and certainly not least who would want to come! Boggles my mind.
  7. Interesting that these camps are still up. We underwrote out grand-kids camps and have been refunded fees. Actually, my Visa bill has been negative for two months!
  8. Great point. We always seem(ed) to learn something, experience something new, at our favorite, i.e., fun, places.
  9. We'd have to tell friends we bought them at a craft store!
  10. Have no idea. Whole Foods accepts them also, asks for them.
  11. What WE are drowning in is corks. Our drop off winery is closed. I hate to jettison them or simply dump in general recycle.
  12. voyager


    NIce. Chuck won't let me make meatloaf. My last one brought his response of "Don't quit your day job." I buy it at Bryan's, $13/pound raw. i think I skimp on the fat content.
  13. SF's masks in restaurants reg, effective today, 1 July
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